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Customers Share Their Success With Red Hat Virtualization Summary
In this short resource, learn what five Red Hat Virtualization customers had to say about their experiences with this virtualization platform.

sponsored by: Red Hat
Computer Weekly – 23 May 2017: Global ransomware attack could be a security wake-up call Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the global WannaCry ransomware attack that spread over 150 countries – will it be the wake-up call to take cyber security seriously? We find out how Moscow is leading the way in smart city digitisation. And our latest buyer's guide examines customer experience management. Read the issue now.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Cyber Security in the Era of Industrial IoT Summary
Discover how to define, identify, and contextualize security needs in a connected enterprise as IoT becomes a more pervasive and important facet of today's business.

sponsored by: Bayshore Networks
How to Become a Data Governance Expert Summary
The end-game is no longer about a better data warehouse – it's about the value that data can deliver to the business. And for that data to mean something, it needs to be consumable by everybody in the organization, not just the data whizzes. Learn how to take the first step to becoming a data governance expert.

sponsored by: Collibra
Continuous Improvement Requires Continuous Innovation Summary
Rapid decision-making is critical in a dynamic digital environment. Learn how to move to a cycle of continuous delivery and improvement, adopt methods such as agile development, and more to keep pace.

sponsored by: Contino
Out of Order! The Risks of Being Out of Compliance Summary
Discover common regulations and how compliance risks evolved across the enterprise, the top 6 consequences of failing to comply with industry or government regulations, and the role of data management in helping facilitate or maintain compliance.

sponsored by: Globalscape
Making the Business Case for Analytics: 5 Best Practices for Getting Approval Summary
Business analytics help decision makers understand and improve their business. But it can be hard to make the case for investing in analytics technology. Learn 5 best practices for assembling a business case to secure funding for your analytics initiative.

sponsored by: Birst
Boost Business Returns with Faster, Smarter Data Lakes Summary
To realize the value in organizational data, it is imperative that organizations align forces; choosing the right data lake approach to support business strategy and growth. Learn about Kylo, an open-source data lake management software platform, and how it incorporates data quality, governance, monitoring and more.

sponsored by: Teradata
Gain a Clear View Into Securing Your Public Cloud Summary
In this infographic, learn the benefits of gaining pervasive visibility in your AWS cloud. Discover how you can aggregate, filter, & optimize traffic to multiple tools, centrally manage your network data, both in cloud and on-prem, and more inside.

sponsored by: Gigamon
Modern Infrastructure E-zine – May 2017 Summary
Cloud computing is influencing data center strategies, as lessons in efficiency are increasingly being applied to on-premises IT environments.

sponsored by: SearchITOperations
Your Data in the Cloud: Steps to a Seamless Migration Summary
90 percent of organizations are looking at moving away from their legacy systems and into crafting a cloud strategy. Making a move to the cloud is a shift forward in many ways, and can empower organizations to accomplish much more with less. In this eBook, you'll learn about several cloud migration strategies.

sponsored by: Globalscape
The 6 Essential Capabilities of an Analytics-Driven SIEM Summary
Collecting and analyzing security data is no longer enough, today's business needs to be able to use a security event management (SIEM) platform to derive actionable intelligence from this information. Read this white paper to learn the 6 capabilities every SIEM needs to succeed.

sponsored by: Splunk
10 Companies Share 33 Best Practices for Creating Smart Analytics Products Summary
Creating analytics products is a journey that takes time and strategy. In this 4-part e-book, learn what 10 leading companies across different industries identified as best practices for designing, building and launching successful analytics products.

sponsored by: Birst
Getting Closer to Your Customers in a Big Data World Summary
While it might be easier than ever to collect data about your customers, it needs to be complete and accurate for it to help an organization. Inside, learn more about the different sources of this data, which data points are critical in obtaining, and tips for customer 360 success.

sponsored by: Trillium Software
Planning is paramount for a private cloud environment Summary
If you're thinking about building your own private cloud environment, planning ahead is integral. In this handbook, learn helpful steps towards easy private cloud implementation, 10 platform tips to help make launching your environment painless, and more.

sponsored by: SearchCloudStorage.com

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