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Every Move You Make: Pros and Cons of Location-Based Services Summary
Many organizations are experimenting with location-based services (LBS), from sports venues to movie theaters and even major hospitals too. Discover early, yet creative, LBS applications that organizations are deploying, and learn how LBS can improve worker efficiency and streamline operations.

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The Practitioner’s Guide to Data Profiling Summary
Access this white paper to discover how you can clarify specific analysis process and techniques that use data profiling technology to establish a well-defined scope with specific, achievable goals for your organization.

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A Guide to Security and Privacy in a Hosted Exchange Environment Summary
This white paper will assist you in choosing the right hosted Exchange environment for you, with top-notch provider security. Access this white paper to improve your Exchange experience and get exclusive access to a checklist comparison of hosted Exchange providers' security offerings.

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Hacking as a Service,' and Other Emerging Threats Summary
The emerging security threats to data and networks range from hackers with a Facebook account to nation-states stealing corporate data. Learn what InfoSec pros are up against.

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Use Case On-Demand Webinar:  How West Virginia University Reduced Its Sensitive Data Footprint Summary
In the following webinar, chief information security officer Alex Jalso discusses best practices for reducing your sensitive data footprint. Tune in to learn how to identify a sensitive data footprint within your security environment.

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Solution Review: Migrating PST Files to Exchange and Office 365 Summary
This review offers an inside look at a data management solution that takes a professional approach to migrating PST files into Exchange and Office 365. Read on and you'll discover how this strategy works for both distributed and centralized PST migration.

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A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Big Data Appliances Summary
In this 12-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how enterprises are using SAP Hana for in-memory data marts and SAP Business Warehouse implementations; why a big data appliance should be chosen carefully to ensure its value to the business; and why simplicity & big data are driving appliance adoption.

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Optimizing the Multi-Channel Customer Experience Summary
In this e-guide, readers will find best practices for tackling these multi-channel challenges, as well as learn why it's important to focus on business objectives before technology when creating a CEM strategy.Read on to learn how to create clear goals in your business' quest for omnichannel customer experiences.

sponsored by: Microsoft
How to Select the Right Asset Management Tool Summary
This white paper provides expert tips for selecting the right software asset management (SAM) tool to effectively manage your software licenses.

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Performance Optimizations in a Cloud-Centric World Summary
This e-book sets out to inform the inevitable transition to the cloud. Cloud deployments have much to offer, but if you go about it improperly, your network performance, even its security, is at risk.

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SAS® Data Governance: Give your data some guidance – and make it work for your business Summary
In this white paper discover how one data governance platform can help your organization build the set of policies, processes and boundaries you need to holistically manage your data. Read on to learn how data governance can allow you to establish how you want your data to behave.

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Why You Need a Dedicated Time and Attendance Solution: Functionality Not Available in Your HCM Suite Summary
In this white paper, learn how a dedicated time and attendance tool can provide HR managers with advantages over human capital management options with high ROI, utilization, flexibility, and better migration and autonomy to choose the right tools.

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The Switch to DevOps: Speeding Deployment With Better Collaboration Summary
Agile methods have boosted development team productivity, but unfortunately, deployment and operations can still be stubborn bottlenecks. To combat these challenges, some teams are looking to DevOps to improve outcomes. Explore some of the key aspects of DevOps in this expert handbook.

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Improving the Customer Experience: Why Integration is Key Summary
In this e-guide, experts provide best practices and tactics to help overcome customer data integration challenges. Access and learn how to create a social media strategy to drive connection, in addition to leveraging your social CRM approach with the right company culture.

sponsored by: Microsoft
Know the Difference: HP Functional Test Solutions Summary
This resource outlines the difference between unified and lean functional testing. Read on for a side by side comparison of their different features and decide which is right for your business.

sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited

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