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Computer Weekly – 28 June 2016: The most influential women in UK IT 2016 Summary
In this week's Computer Weekly, we unveil our annual list of the 50 most influential women in UK IT, and talk to this year's winner – TeenTech CEO and TV science & technology presenter Maggie Philbin – about the challenges of delivering a more diverse workforce in tech. Read the issue now.

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The Advantages of Hadoop Storage Systems Summary
Vendors like EMC, IBM, NetApp and SanDisk offer Hadoop alternatives via data center-grade storage systems with built-in data protection, integrity, security and governance.

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Tools to Simplify Mobile Application Development Summary
There are many approaches and tools for mobile app development that companies can deploy to support devs and admins in their quest to enable mobility.

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Deployment Series for Hybrid Cloud Summary
Hybrid deployments are one of the most common Amazon Web Services (AWS) scenarios as they extend your on-premises data center. This white paper provides guidelines and recommendations addressing common questions that arise during hybrid use case deployments, specifically using the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewall.

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Spotlight Opens Up New Web Channels Summary
When one fabric, craft, and home interiors chain assessed potential e-commerce solutions, they faced number of key considerations. Learn how Spotlight Pty Ltd was able to implement a scalable strategy that helped them enhance the customer experience and drive revenue.

sponsored by: SAP
Reaching into the Toolbox Summary
Using software automation and orchestration tools is necessary for many when it comes to open source cloud management. But each tool has its own characteristics that should be known by admins.

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The Transition to Cloud Security Summary
In this guide, we provide channel partners with an overview of the cloud-based security and security services, as well as an example of how one MSP evolved its security practice.

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Optimizing Database Storage Optimization for Dummies Summary
Examine the market trends that are driving the demands for better database performance, how to drive business value with database storage technologies and innovations, and key performance optimization capabilities to look for in a storage solution. Access now to discover how to improve your database performance and response times.

sponsored by: NetApp
EMC Unity: Right-sized Storage for the Midrange Market Summary
SMB buyers in the midrange market are getting shafted by storage hardware options supposedly designed with them in mind. Access this white paper to discover the real storage needs of SMB buyers and learn about one storage platform aimed to truly meet these needs.

sponsored by: EMC
Popular Technologies Enrich Customer Experience Strategies Summary
To improve customer experience, companies need to tune into the different platforms consumers use, unify data silos, integrate information systems and plan thoughtful strategies for engaging customers.

sponsored by: SearchCRM
Optimizing DB Storage Optimization for Dummies Summary
One of the most effective ways to address database performance and cost challenges is to modernize the underlying hardware infrastructure. Learn more in our free eBook: Optimizing Database Storage Performance for Dummies.

sponsored by: NetApp
The Benefits of Monitoring AWS Performance Summary
AWS may be a public service, but with AWS performance monitoring, you can ensure it's properly servicing your business. Using AWS monitoring tools, crucial information can be gained on what's going right and wrong.

sponsored by: SearchAWS
A Case Study For: Loud & Clear Summary
Learn how digital agency Loud&Clear were able to attain high-performance site infrastructure, flexibility, consistent uptime, and a speedier multi-cloud deployment by partnering with a support provider for AWS.

sponsored by: Rackspace
A Case Study For: Q4 Inc. Summary
Find out how Q4 optimized its processes by partnering with an AWS support provider, ultimately ensuring consistent uptime for their platform, data security, compliance, and better engagement with customers while lowering costs.

sponsored by: Rackspace
The Emergence of Data Gravity and Why You Should Care Summary
Data planets and their gravitational pull has it benefits, increasing application performance and reducing network latency, but when the data core of these planets become too big, your efficiency is worse than before. Access this white paper to learn about data gravity and how a hybrid cloud infrastructure may help better manage your data.

sponsored by: Equinix

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