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Global Information Security Workforce Study Summary
There will be an estimated shortall of 1.5 million in the global information security workforce within five years, this study from (ISC)² predicts.

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Spreadsheets or PSA? A Self-Assessment Guide to Your Professional Services Automation Decision Summary
Access this self-assessment tool to discover if your professional services organization is ready for automation. Discover how you can manage resources, plan and track projects, monitor project cost information, and more with this flexible scalable application.

sponsored by: FinancialForce
Wide-ranging Business Objectives Demand a Wide Range of Flash Solutions Summary
This report from ESG examines why there have been so many misperceptions about the nature of flash-utilization within an IT environment and explains how organizations can successfully counterbalance their lineup of solid-state options, types, and deployments for optimum service delivery.

sponsored by: Arrow + NetApp
Transforming Your Customer‘s Infrastructure and Accelerating Your Profitability with Converged Networking Summary
Access this white paper now to discover the best ways to use software defined networking (SDN) to handle security threats and device management at a fraction of the cost and without any headache.

sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company
Choosing an EMM strategy Summary
In this expert guide, you'll learn the pros and cons of BYOD and COPE programs and discover one potential solution to your EMM woes.

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How App Modernization Can Boost Business and Reduce Costs Summary
This helpful resource provides answers to your frequently asked questions about application modernization. In addition, read on to learn how a growing number of businesses are leveraging SOA principles for app modernization.

sponsored by: DLT Solutions
ArcelorMittal - Deploying a Seamless Global B2B Network Summary
Discover what system helped ArcelorMittal achieve a single seamless B2B network solution, increased efficiency, ability to connect to more customers more quickly, increased global visibility, and more. Read now to learn from ArcelorMittal's success and devise your own B2B management strategy.

sponsored by: OpenText
Modern Sales Absolutely Requires Enterprise Collaboration Summary
Watch this webinar to see how with the right collaboration tools, your sales team can be kept appraised of all aspects of the delivery process.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
Hyper-Connected Enterprise Infrastructure Summary
In this white paper, you'll learn about a mobile-first IT infrastructure approach that enables employees to use powerful apps on any device.

sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited
2015 Report: Profiling Infrastructure Leaders Summary
This report, based on findings from a December 2014 through January 2015 survey by Coleman Parkes Research on behalf of HP, examines who can be considered the leaders, mainstream players and laggards in modern digital asset management by taking a close look at the most successful (and least successful) management practices.

sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Limited
Big & Fast Data: The Rise of Insight-Driven Business Summary
To learn about big and fast data and to discover what it takes to be an insight driven business access this exclusive white paper. Find out how insights at the point of action are redefining competitiveness in today's market.

sponsored by: Platfora
The Secure Mobile Enterprise Summary
Access this white paper to learn how to build a secure mobile enterprise. Learn the four essential components that provide complete security coverage for mobile workspaces and explore the key steps and solutions that can help to deliver each of these areas.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Big Agendas for Big Data Analytics Projects Summary
In the following expert e-guide, heed consultant Lyndsay Wise's advice on what to consider, and how to get started, on a big data analytics plan. Discover the questions businesses should contemplate when deploying a big data analytics system and identifying the technology that will best support it.

sponsored by: Lavastorm analytics
Oracle Field Service Cloud Service Summary
Check out this data sheet to find a cloud solution that is built on time-based, self-learning, and predictive technology.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
Big Data Governance and Metadata Management Summary
View this webcast to learn how you can step up your data systems and manage Big Data effectively.

sponsored by: Oracle Corporation

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