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Security Solution Trends 2016 Summary
In this report, analysts talk about five trends in the security industry. Uncover details on important changes occurring in the enterprise security space, and platform offerings that have been developed as a result.

sponsored by: Juniper Networks, Inc.
Best Practices for Dealing With Phishing and Ransomware Summary
There are steps you can take to address phishing and ransomware. Discover how to best mitigate these tremendous threats to decrease the likelihood of infection and the subsequent consequences that come from them.

sponsored by: Trustwave
The CFO Guide to Budgeting: 10 Key Elements Companies Should Look For Summary
SMBs need the same financial visbility as larger companies without the same expensive overhead and current tools like spreadsheets just aren't up to the task. Access this white paper to learn the 10 must-have features every CFO needs to look for when deciding on a financial planning tool.

sponsored by: Centage
Streamlining Security Incident and Vulnerability Response Summary
Discover vital shortcomings in the way IT defends itself from incidents and breaches, and how to shore up your own defenses. Learn how to integrate security and IT tools while coordinating incident response, reducing time-until-response, and remediate issues quickly.

sponsored by: ServiceNow
Designing a Multilayered, In-Depth Defense Approach to Authentication Summary
This white paper details the logical and administrative layers of security that you should implement to improve your authentication and authorization security posture. Uncover features you should look for in third-party solutions to supplement native security mechanisms.

sponsored by: Dell Software
Performance And Flexibility Serve The Enterprise: Research Reveals Path To Maximize Linux Performance Summary
This study of 150 North American application developers, IT architects, and strategists found that while these companies are very cautious about making a major ecosystem change, they recognize the increasing demand for better performance. Learn how to move past x86 and gain a better, more robust, performance-oriented architecture.

sponsored by: IBM
Discover what can be done to steel a website to malware and data breach attacks with comprehensive website security. Also uncover a breakdown of notable security events in 2015, and analyze key takeaways from real attacks on systems just like yours.

sponsored by: Symantec
A Capacity for Containerization Summary
Container deployment will likely require system admins to reconsider their data center's capacity-management plans.

sponsored by: SearchITOperations
Building a Better Office 365 is Easier Than You Think Summary
This article discusses embracing and enhancing an Office 365 deployment with cloud based content management, collaboration, and security.

sponsored by: Box
Double Down: When Backup and Archiving Beat as One Summary
Data backup and disaster recovery have grown closer, thanks to backup software products, storage system replication, software-based replication, cloud backup and DRaaS.

sponsored by: SearchDataBackup.com
Gathering, Organizing, and Presenting Your Data Summary
In this expert-eguide we walk you through the best way to organize and present your data, and explain how you can access large amounts of information rapidly. You'll learn how to create a collaborative data governance program, implement data visualization techniques, avoid inconsistent analysis by removing the need for data sampling, and more.

sponsored by: NEC Corporation of America
Cloud Ecosystems: Chart Your Course Summary
Participating in a cloud computing ecosystem is a complex undertaking. Learn about overcoming the challenges, examples of growing networks and ways to verticalize your offerings.

sponsored by: SearchCloudProvider.com
Protected to Innovate: Securing Your Hybrid Cloud Summary
Discover how to remove the risky barriers to digital innovation by determining the right mix of hybrid cloud for your IT infrastructure strategy. Access the freedom and flexibility cloud offers by learning 3 security-first principles that will ensure your hybrid cloud is as productive as it is secure and compliant.

sponsored by: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
The Definitive Guide to End-User Computing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions Summary
In this definitive guide, you will find everything you need to know about creating a successful EUC experience and virtual desktop infrastructure. Read on to learn about architectural principles, infrastructure alternatives and more.

sponsored by: Nutanix
Risk and Reward: Are You Still Using Spreadsheets for Budgeting and Forecasting? Summary
91% of organizations are still using spreadsheets, but they are about to be replaced by budgeting and forecasting software. Access this white paper to learn about the risks and rewards of spreadsheets and budgeting and forecasting software, discover why Excel is not likely the best option for your organization, and more.

sponsored by: Centage

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