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3 Insider Tips for Building a Complete Hyper-Converged VDI Solution Summary
Learn how to deploy an all-flash hyper-converged solution in this exclusive webinar on April 8, 2015.

sponsored by: Citrix Ready and Atlantis
The Future of CPM Software Summary
This expert guide explores the shifts taking place in today's corporate performance management (CPM) software landscape, including the growth of hosted cloud and SaaS deployment options; the mounting need for user-friendly analytics; the importance of enabling the software to handle rolling forecasts; and more.

sponsored by: Adaptive Insights
Best Practices for Developing Secure Enterprise Mobile Apps Summary
Access this white paper now to learn the 7 best practices for developing secure enterprise mobile apps that can boost employee productivity and satisfaction.

sponsored by: Accellion, Inc.
Evaluating all-flash storage arrays and converged infrastructure offerings Summary
Access this eGuide to learn about new developments in converged infrastructure and all-flash arrays. Read on to find out how to decide if an all-flash array fits your needs, as well as new converged infrastructure offerings.

sponsored by: Pure Storage
Seeking the Elusive 360-Degree View Summary
Even with the best CRM platforms, many companies have a long way to go before they offer a true 360-degree view of the customer.

sponsored by: SearchCRM
Enterprise Hybrid Storage Array Buyer’s Guide Summary
ccess this white paper for a guide to purchasing hybrid flash arrays. Explore this resource to learn how to compare different vendor offerings based on features.

sponsored by: Tegile
5 Trends That are Reshaping Information Technology (IT) Summary
View this informative white paper to absorb just how the role of IT is in need of transformation. From enforcement to empowerment, and efficiency to efficacy, learn the areas in which IT needs to change such as visualization, big data, and the cloud.

sponsored by: Qlik
Ultra HD Display Advantages for Surveillance Applications Summary
To ensure that you get the most out of your surveillance systems, the displays on which images are imbued must be as clear and functional as possible. This solution brief explores a display solution that can make all the difference. Read on to learn more.

sponsored by: ViewSonic Corporation
A closer look at VMware VVOLs and all-flash arrays Summary
Access this expert eGuide to learn about the advantages and drawbacks of both VVols and VM-aware storage. Read on to find out if all-flash arrays fit your virtual storage needs.

sponsored by: Tintri
Data Discovery: Strategies & Quantifiable Benefits Summary
Find out, within the pages of this white paper, how an analytics consulting group staked out what top organizations are doing to better their data engagement. Learn how they benefitted their bottom line with these fascinating findings.

sponsored by: Qlik
Emergence of Data Governance Strategies Summary
View this white paper to unearth viable and innovative new strategies for IT to focus on enablement, rather than enforcement. Read on to fully understand governance, how it applies to discovery, and the myriad ways it can balance the needs of IT and business.

sponsored by: Qlik
Expanding your Virtual Infrastructure: An Equation for Achieving Optimized Control Summary
Research has shown that more than half of SMBs could deliver 50% greater ROI from virtualization. This white paper explores the steps necessary to do so. Access now to find out more.

sponsored by: VMware
Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms 2015 Summary
Within the pages of this informative white paper, you'll find explanations as to how IT keeps up with these demands without sacrificing governance. Learn which qualities are assessed to determine different solutions to this quandary, such as governed data discovery.

sponsored by: Qlik
Big Data for Big Industries Summary
View this informative white paper to understand how research consultants brainstormed the finding of new tools and methods to help companies use big data to its full potential. Learn what is possible in creating a richer model of your organization and how to maintain your competitive edge.

sponsored by: Qlik
Creating a Connected Cloud Service Summary
As more and more customers rely on cloud computing, providers need to be prepared to tackle the challenges that are inherent to widespread cloud adoption and optimize their service performance. Read this white paper to find out what they are and how to overcome the various obstacles associated.

sponsored by: Equinix

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