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Amazon Web Services: An Overview Summary
This whitepaper provides a comprehensive explanation of Amazon Web Services and shows you how it can help your organization.

sponsored by: Global Knowledge
Amazon Web Services: Risk and Compliance Summary
This comprehensive guide will assist AWS customers with integrating AWS into their existing control framework supporting their IT environment. Read on for a risk and compliance overview, and follow along with the AWS risk and compliance program that includes: risk management, control environment, and information security.

sponsored by: Amazon Web Services
Behavior-driven Development and BRMS Summary
View this informative white paper for an in-depth look at behavior-driven development (BDD) and learn how to leverage this framework for iterative software development and testing in an Agile environment.

sponsored by: Red Hat
Loud in the Cloud Customer Spotlights: Recruiting Summary
The following white paper examines the importance of having an end-to-end recruiting solution to help drive better hiring and business results. Hear from 13 big-name businesses and the solution they used to build the talent force capable of bringing them to the top of their game.

sponsored by: SAP
Make one-to-one computing a reality Summary
In order to bypass the costs of adding PCs, the typical route for enabling 1:1 computing, more schools are turning to desktop virtualization to achieve this goal without straining existing resources or budgets.

sponsored by: NComputing
Big Data Analytics Infrastructure for Dummies Summary
Read this book to learn how big data analytics is critical for competitive advantage and why infrastructure matters. It also provides the tools you'll need to choose a BD&A infrastructure that will benefit your business.

sponsored by: IBM
The new reality of mobile solutions: Everything you’ve been told about mobility is wrong Summary
This white paper breaks down four huge misconceptions about mobility that is scaring organizations away from going mobile. It also provides ways to easily overcome any barriers to mobility across your organization by objectively matching the best mobility strategy to your unique IT requirements, business goals and user group needs.

sponsored by: Dell, Inc.
Top Common Reasons for VM Restore Failure Summary
In this e-guide, learn from the experts the top ten most common reasons for VM restore failures such as corrupt backup, exceeded storage quotas, and critical VM components missing from the backup. Examine why these roadblocks occur as well as how to determine if this is the source of your VM restoration failure.

sponsored by: Symantec Corporation
Secure Border Computing Summary
This important whitepaper covers the emerging cloud virtualization market and details how to keep your information secure.

sponsored by: Zentera Systems Inc.
The Digital Front Office: Enabling Customer Self Service with Enterprise Content Management Summary
This paper outlines the changing nature of the workplace and the customer experience and explains why a robust enterprise content management system (ECM) is an essential part of enabling the management processes and access to resources required to keep up.

sponsored by: IBM
Managing Complex Decision-Making Processes in the Financial Services Industry Summary
In this whitepaper, you'll learn what strategies and technologies financial institutions can adopt in order to attain new levels of efficiency and competitive differentiation.

sponsored by: IBM
Make Onboarding a Smooth Transition for New Hires and Your Staff Summary
Find out about one industry-leading vendor's onboarding solution that utilizes content management technology to automate and streamline the new employee onboarding process.

sponsored by: Perceptive Software
Balance End User Satisfaction and Business Productivity: Making the case for COPE Summary
Read this white paper to find out why your business should implement COPE and learn how to cut down device chaos, reduce costs, tighten content control, and more!

sponsored by: CA Technologies.
The New VDI Reality E-Book Chapter 2: The Promise and Reality of VDI Summary
This e-book chapter digs into the reality of VDI, including where it works, where it doesn't, and some of the challenges it faces along with how people are using VDI in the real world (including scenarios where people are not using VDI).

sponsored by: SearchVirtualDesktop.com
Key Issues in Healthcare Compliance and Cost Containment Summary
This white paper explains key issues in healthcare compliance, and how a HIPAA-compliant hosting provider can help healthcare organizations in reducing overall costs.

sponsored by: Logicworks

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