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Eliminating Gaps in Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Summary
Examine the leading trends, challenges and emerging options for companies seeking complete disaster recovery and data protection. Learn how you can use cloud computing tactics to overcome these top DR challenges.

sponsored by: Recall Corporation
Rapid Recovery, Live Recovery: Recover From a System Failure in Minutes Summary
This white paper highlights "live recovery," a recovery solution that instantly runs or resumes physical or virtual machines on any virtual platform, directly from the backup file. Read on to witness a demo of this recovery solution that shows how you can recover a sever failure in a few simple steps,

sponsored by: Dell Software
Research Report: Digital Transformation in Australia and New Zealand Summary
Many organizations are implementing new digital technologies to transform business models and processes, but this won't result in greater productivity unless the workforce is prepared. Learn the biggest challenges that enterprises in Australia and New Zealand have faced on their digital transformation journeys.

sponsored by: SAP
How to Succeed in the New Age of Data Quality Summary
Businesses need accurate, easy-to-access customer data to make important business decisions. But enterprise data is not always reliable. Discover how a data quality program can ensure accuracy for more effective business decisions.

sponsored by: Trillium Software
How Shannon Medical Center is Scaling VDI Summary
In this webcast, Mike Russell, Assistant IT Director at Shannon Medical, explains how VDI has enabled them to boost IT efficiency and patient care. Watch now to learn how to utilize flash storage to overcome the VDI I/O challenge and secure provider access to your desktops, clinical apps, and patient information.

sponsored by: Pure Storage
Best Practices for Managing Unstructured Data Summary
It can be difficult to extract value out of unstructured data, and even structured data often uses inconsistent languages and business definitions. This expert e-guide provides best practices for managing unstructured data. Discover crucial tips to help you add structure to unstructured data, combine structured and unstructured data, and more.

sponsored by: IBM
Compliance Beyond Email: Navigating the Complexities within Healthcare Summary
This white paper explores how you can provide doctors and patients diverse communications coupled with strong compliance and data protection. Uncover 5 ways to mitigate legal and security risks in your healthcare organization.

sponsored by: Actiance
Risk or Reward? UC, IM, and Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry Summary
Discover how you can overcome the negative compliance and security side effects of deploying new communications and social channels in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn 6 ways to adopt these technologies while mitigating legal and security risks.

sponsored by: Actiance
Addressing HIPAA Requirements for Electronic Communications Summary
Access this white paper and learn how you can enable seamless electronic communication in healthcare while meeting stringent compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, with 3 best practices.

sponsored by: Actiance
Big Data in the Real World Using the Power of Amazon Redshift Summary
In this webcast, learn the key benefits of moving to a cloud-based columnar database like Amazon Redshift. Explore the real-life implications of these benefits as well with a customer case study.

sponsored by: Matillion
Real Estate Company Sets New Industry Standards with Enterprise Content Management Summary
In this case study, discover how DDR Corp gained an integrated view of information, accelerated operations, and fostered collaboration using enterprise content management. Also learn additional benefits they experienced such as propelling growth with industry-leading processes.

sponsored by: OpenText
AIIM Whitepaper: Harness the Power of the Cloud to Amplify the Value of Enterprise Content Management Summary
In this AIIM Research report, explore the results of a study that point to a number of trends in cloud enterprise content management adoption. Discover cloud ECM benefits, opportunities, recommendations, and more.

sponsored by: OpenText
Traditional Backup Vs. Modern Data Protection Summary
From this resource, you will compare traditional backup versus modern data protection, and discover a holistic, single platform approach that will protect your company's vital data. Read on to examine the advantages modern data protection offers over traditional backup.

sponsored by: Commvault
Ensuring a Sustainable Architecture for Data Analytics Summary
Access this white paper to get an in-depth look at why metadata is so important to bridging the gap between useful content and business value. Also, discover how a meaningful, managed, collaborative environment can enable data professionals and business users to identify, track, and manage data to foster a solid foundation for business practices.

sponsored by: Idera
Must-Knows About Cloud Computing in Healthcare Summary
In this exclusive e-guide, health IT expert Trevor Strome reveals the must-knows about cloud computing in healthcare. Discover the pros and cons of using cloud services in healthcare to determine if it's the right step for your organization.

sponsored by: Salesforce.com

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