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5 Critical Aspects of BI Reporting for Modern Organizations Summary
Why does analytic reporting fall short of expectations? There are many complications that can cause it: From the report types to the BI tool itself. Today, modern analytics technology to make it easy for all users to produce and distribute analytics reporting. Learn the 5 critical aspects of a successful BI technology.

sponsored by: Pyramid Analytics
Deloitte Tech Trends 2017 Summary
Deloitte's annual Tech Trends report identifies the critical developments that are likely to disrupt UK and global businesses in the next 18 to 24 months

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
TRC Companies, Inc. Engineers Effective Information Management Summary
Read on to discover a way to handle data integration, backup, archiving, and more, during business mergers and acquisitions. Find out why one company with over 120 international offices used a cloud platform based on AWS and how they redesigned their backup structure.

sponsored by: Druva Software
Become GDPR-Ready and Data- Driven with an Expanded Information Management Portfolio Summary
Discover the growing importance of changing data protection regulations — in particular, the GDPR and how it takes information management out of the IT room and into the boardroom.

sponsored by: Veritas
BI Data Governance: The Secret of Successful Business Decision Making Summary
As data becomes more voluminous and data sources more various, the opportunities to fail in BI become ever greater. Fail even once, and a business loses trust in the BI service. Comprehensive BI data governance is thus vital to any modern decision-making support system. Learn about the 3 cornerstones of quality BI data governance.

sponsored by: Yellowfin
GPDR: How the Data Privacy Revolution Can Work For You Summary
Learn how the GDPR will affect your organization. Discover how to take advantage of the opportunity by taking a holistic view of information governance and turn the huge amount of unstructured backup data into available and usable information assets.

sponsored by: Veritas
Analytics Drives Healthcare Data Storage in the Cloud Summary
In this e-guide, explore how new data-driven and analytics initiatives like population health and precision medicine are forcing many healthcare organizations to rethink how they store data – specifically by turning to cloud computing.

sponsored by: Pure Storage
CIO Trends #4: Middle East Summary
In this e-guide, we look at some of the exciting technology developments being tested or already in use in the Middle East.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
Simplifying Your Database Migrations and Upgrades Summary
For DBAs embarking on a new upgrade or migration project, risk and downtime is a dreaded thought. Discover how to simplify the migration and upgrade process so you can avoid the risk, downtime and long hours normally associated with it – particularly with database upgrades.

sponsored by: Quest
Why Data Modeling Is Still Relevant Summary
There are those who think data modeling is passé or irrelevant. But data modeling offers a unique value not found in other techniques. Inside, learn what data modeling offers, how you can use it, and why it's still very much a relevant technique today.

sponsored by: Quest
Learn When Public Cloud Can Boost Your Business, and When you Should Be Wary Summary
What can the public cloud really provide you, is it robust enough to reliably store your data? Find answers to these questions and more in this expert guide, where you'll learn about a new hyperscale expansion for google cloud storage, why you should be wary when using the public cloud for data archiving, public cloud backup options, and more.

sponsored by: Zadara Storage
Invisible Documents: A Serious Risk to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Summary
Learn about invisible documents and how to tackle the challenge they represent with technologies like optical character recognition (OCR). Discover how to take enterprise content management (ECM) to the next level and remedy compliance issues before they can negatively impact your business.

sponsored by: Microsoft
The Unrealized Promise of Analytics (And How Data Governance Can Help) Summary
Discover how businesses can succeed with analytics by leveraging data governance. Learn how to create effective BI and analytics strategies and uncover 3 big data housekeeping measures you can't overlook as well as how to overcome 5 challenges to manage data overload.

sponsored by: Collibra
Artificial intelligence creeps into business applications Summary
In the battle to transform massive amounts data into valuable insights, artificial intelligence apps might just be big data's sought-after equalizer.

sponsored by: SearchDataManagement
Saratoga Hospital Implements PCI Summary
In this article, learn how Saratoga Hospital was able to implement a PCI program (effectively reviving their cardiology program) by leveraging GE Healthcare's suite of solutions.

sponsored by: GE Healthcare

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