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How Data & Operational Intelligence Drive Public Sector Mission Success Summary
Operational intelligence is the key to building a truly secure IT environment in the digital age. Use this e-book to learn about the challenges facing operational intelligence in the public sector, a system designed to help you find patterns in your data and put them into context, and more.

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The 6 Essential Capabilities of an Analytics-Driven SIEM Summary
Collecting and analyzing security data is no longer enough, today's business needs to be able to use a security event management (SIEM) platform to derive actionable intelligence from this information. Read this white paper to learn the 6 capabilities every SIEM needs to succeed.

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A Great Use of the Cloud: Two Journeys to Cloud Disaster Recovery Environments Summary
In this white paper, learn why many organizations are adopting a hybrid cloud approach to help their backup scale to meet growing data demands. Discover 3 factors driving data management projects to the cloud, 2 case studies of businesses beginning their hybrid cloud journey, and more.

sponsored by: Teradata
CW ANZ – May 2017: Machine thinking Summary
In this month's CW ANZ, we look at how artificial intelligence and machine learning is improving the way businesses fend off cyber attacks and better predict how customers react to marketing efforts.

sponsored by: ComputerWeekly.com
The Need for a New IT Security Architecture: Global Study Summary
In this Ponemon Institute report, discover an analysis of the risks created by cybercrime, employee negligence, and organizational dysfunctions. Uncover the tech your peers believe are most effective at dealing with these risks.

sponsored by: Citrix
Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Database Summary
Access this white paper to uncover 6 reasons to change your database, including opinions from industry analysts and real-world companies.

sponsored by: IBM
Data Governance and Data Integrity: What's the Real Cost of Bad Data? Summary
80% of insurers identified as having issues with customer data in a recent survey. Inside this research report, discover the impact of poor or inconsistent data, the priority of these issues amongst your peers, and some potential strategies for taking steps to better data integrity.

sponsored by: Infogix
AWS and Data Warehousing: Extending Your Data Analytics With The Right Tools Summary
Amazon Web Services (AWS) sets a standard for delivering customers a wide range of innovative cloud services. Learn about Amazon Webshift, which extends the power of AWS by providing a high-performance data warehousing tool and data management for today's new analytics workloads.

sponsored by: Looker
Why Should Organizations Use Business Process Management? Summary
Business process management (BPM) can be a vague term with no set definition – so what is it and how exactly does it benefit your organization. This white paper defines BPM and explores its different parts. Find out how to get a single, centralized view and management platform for all of your processes and operations.

sponsored by: Microsoft
Tackling the Disrupted Customer Journey: A Customer 360 View for Financial Institutions Summary
Why do 63% of customers feel their banks don't understand their needs when 70% of banking executives claim customer centricity to be highly important? Access this report to get a 360 degree view of the disrupted customer journey, and learn how to close the customer expectancy gap.

sponsored by: DataStax
Kodak Alaris 2017 Partner Playbook Summary
Disruptive digital transformation trends touch on every area of technology – including document capture. To keep up with exploding data volumes, complicated by a mix of paper and digital resources, find out how to make sure you have the right partner and hardware in place – from printers to scanners and fax.

sponsored by: TechData - Kodak
Enable Multilayered Printer Protection with Dell Summary
Access this resource to learn about the variety of security features offered by Dell printers to guard against both internal and external threats like unauthorized access to documents, hacking, and suspicious user activity.

sponsored by: TechData - Dell
CIOs See Cloud as Cure for Computing Ills Summary
Plagued by one-time issues of data security and value-based care, healthcare cloud computing is now seen as a panacea for many process and storage ills. In this issue of Pulse, we examine these issues through the eyes of hospital CIOs who are learning to embrace the benefits of cloud options.

sponsored by: SearchHealthIT.com
New Frontiers in Solid-State Storage Summary
There are three innovations in solid-state storage technology that are changing the game for data centers. Access this white paper to learn about these areas of innovation and the impact they are projected to have on data centers and hybrid clouds.

sponsored by: NetApp SolidFire
Reduce the Complexity of Managing and Securing Mobile Deployments Summary
As enterprise mobility expands, so do are the resources required to support and manage it. Determine the best way for your organization to implement an EMM strategy and find out if and why, you should consider managed mobility services.

sponsored by: BlackBerry

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