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Data Integration: Looking Beyond ETL Summary
Daniel Teachey explains why some organizations are now looking to the extract, load and transform (ELT) method, data federation and real-time/near-time data integration as alternatives to ETL.

Topics: Data Integration, Real-Time Enterprise, ETL, Data Federation

by Daniel Teachey | 0 comments
A Journey to Adaptive Master Data Management Summary
Many organizations need to adapt their master data management (MDM) deployments to address new and wider sets of business requirements, and enable different deployment and implementation architecture options. MDM will also need to expand beyond customer and product data into other data and relationships and provide access to information-rich systems for broader use.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM)

by Rick Clements | 0 comments
Real-Time Data Feeds: Too Much for Conventional RDBMSs? Summary
Whether it’s millions of RFID tags in Walmart’s supply chain, a network of sensors monitoring the nation’s water reserves or – over the next decade – sensors that control cars and traffic, huge volumes of streaming data on the real world create interesting and powerful new applications of analytics, but will be utterly crippling for conventional relational databases or RDBMSs.

Topics: Information Management, Analytics

by Charlie Silver | 0 comments