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Book: Constructing Data Warehouses with Metadata-driven Generic Operators by Bin Jiang

The Unstructured Data Website

Take a look at Bill Inmon’s new website dedicated to managing unstructured data in the corporation. On this website you will find a wealth of information including free white papers, a description of textual ETL, a description of textual disambiguation and information about how to have a FREE proof of concept done on your text.
Avoiding the pitfalls of deploying packaged data warehouse systems

Lyndsay Wise reviews the business and technical challenges that organizations need to address when implementing a packaged data warehouse system.
New Book: Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse

Because 80% or more of the data in the world is not structured, 100% of business decisions are being made on the basis of the 20% of the world's structured data. Corporations are missing out on important data found in emails, corporate contracts, insurance claims, medical records, and many other forms of text. Now you can build a data warehouse consisting of text and expand the horizons of your corporate decision makers. Let Bill Inmon and Krish Krishnan take you through the issues of design and implementation in this new book.
Suggested Reading: Agile Data Warehousing

This book distills more than ten years of research conducted at Ceregenics, Inc., on creating development teams that can quickly and effectively develop business intelligence applications. Given that building and deploying data warehouses can cost millions, Agile Data Warehousing not only offers practitioners financial savings but also shortens delivery times and improves application quality.
Suggested Reading: Data Warehouse Project Management

Data warehouse development projects present a unique set of management challenges that can confound even the most experienced project manager. Data Warehouse Project Management addresses these challenges and provides a comprehensive roadmap to managing every aspect of data warehouse design, development, and implementation. Drawing on their extensive experience in the field, Sid Adelman and Larissa Moss point to critical success factors, reveal the many pitfalls to watch out for, and offer proven solutions that will enable you to put a successful data warehouse project into place.
Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g: Getting Started

A new book, Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g: Getting Started, will assist readers in the planning, building and deploying of a data warehouse using Oracle Warehouse Builder. Written by Bob Griesemer, the book is an easy-to-understand tutorial that covers Oracle Warehouse Builder from the base level and taps into the author's wide experience as a software and database engineer. This book is ideal for those who want to become skilled at Oracle Warehouse Builder and expand their knowledge of the tool and data warehousing. The book is available now for order from Packt.
iLuminate 4.0 Overcomes Data Warehouse Hurdles

Data Modeling for the Business

BeyeNETWORK Research

Higher Education Data Warehousing Forum (HEDW)

The Higher Education Data Warehousing Forum (HEDW) is a network of higher education colleagues dedicated to promoting the sharing of knowledge and best practices regarding knowledge management in colleges and universities, including building data warehouses, developing institutional reporting strategies, and providing decision support.
Reinvent the Data Warehouse with Column-Store Databases and Appliances

In this article, Doug Henschen talks about data warehouse appliances and column-store databases.
The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)

TDWI provides in-depth, high-quality education and research in the business intelligence and data warehousing industry.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Data Warehouse


Information about the implementation methodology deployed, data policies developed, testimonials from campus users, and documents and presentations related to the DW implementation in Higher Education.

An Introduction to Data Warehousing for OR Professionals

Provides vendor independent information, practical advice and extensive resources to help members of the Operational Research community, or anyone else, gain a good basic understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of data warehousing.