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Application-Aware Network Performance Management for Dummies Summary
This resource reveals how to keep your business running smoothly by maintaining performance and focusing on the end user's experience.

sponsored by: Fluke Networks
Get the Most Value Out of Network Security Summary
This resource introduces a Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) to keep cyber threats at bay and protect your organization's sensitive information, by reducing cost, frequency and impact of attacks.

sponsored by: HP and Intel
Getting Over the Cloud Adoption Hurdle Summary
Data security, risk and compliance are among the many issues that must be addressed in a cloud adoption strategy.

sponsored by: SearchCloudComputing.com
Technology and Innovation – Enterprise Mobility Summary
Mobile solutions can transform an entire business. This requires a comprehensive strategy and mobile solutions to meet the breadth of an organization's needs. Most companies make data mobile in response to specific problems, while leaders leverage enterprise mobility to fundamentally change the way they do business—find out why in this report.

sponsored by: SAP
A Guide to HR Analytics Summary
In this expert e-guide, you'll learn how HR analytics can benefit your organization, and what to measure when it comes to implementing a program.

sponsored by: IBM
Mobile Content Management Summary
The following solution spotlight explores the key elements that point to significant ROI with mobile enterprise content management. Additionally, Holly Group consultant, Steve Weissman, sheds light on security concerns that come with enabling mobile ECM.

sponsored by: IBM
Human Capital Management 101: Best Practices, Tips and Definitions Summary
This expert e-guide outlines fundamentals of HCM, and offers best practices and tips for how to leverage dedicated HR applications to achieve the best results for your organization.

sponsored by: IBM
Identity and Access Governance Buyer's Guide Summary
This Identity and Access Governance Buyer's Guide is designed to help you define requirements for an Identity and Access Governance solution for your enterprise.

sponsored by: Courion Corporation
A Buyer’s Guide to Enterprise Performance Management Suites Summary
Uncover the 7 key requirements to evaluate in an EPM as you consider various options.

sponsored by: Host Analytics, Inc
A New Measure of Sales Success Summary
New tools and technologies -- lead generation software and geolocation technology -- are changing the ways that companies measure sales analytics and CRM success.

sponsored by: SearchCRM
4 Steps to Security Intelligence Summary
Download this brief whitepaper to find out the four steps to security intelligence.

sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Company
The Technical and Operational Values of Barium Ferrite Tape Media Summary
This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at Tape media, and its essential values to organizations.  Read on to learn more.

sponsored by: Barium Ferrite
The Business Value of an Enterprise Data Hub Summary
Learn how to tackle big data with the help of an enterprise data hub.

sponsored by: Cloudera
Insider Edition: Seeking Security in the Cloud, through STAR Summary
Improved capabilities for logging and reporting cloud-based activity are now available, as are new ways for cloud providers to certify and communicate their security postures. This Insider Edition looks at efforts such as the STAR certification and the recently announced CloudTrust protocol.

sponsored by: SearchSecurity.com
Mobile Security: Are You At Risk (Yet)? Summary
This exclusive white paper takes an in-depth look at the changing enterprise mobility landscape. It offers a look at current mobile security strategies and the evolution of them in years to come. Read on to learn more.

sponsored by: Zimperium

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