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Visual Discovery: Perceptions and Market Trends by Claudia Imhoff

It's no secret that power users, BI specialists and casual users are turning to visual discovery for analysis, typically sharing their results in the form of interactive dashboards. This free TechTarget Benchmark Report is supported by a survey of BI professionals. Authored by Claudia Imhoff, the report defines visual discovery, looks at the business benefits, and explores the perceptions and challenges of this approach.
How to Mine Scientific Business Intelligence in the Cloud

Open Sesame: The Gaining Acceptance of Open Source


Today, open source solutions are not only being considered, they are being implemented by large and small enterprises - at rates that are mind boggling. In this on-demand webinar, Dr Claudia Imhoff examines the challenges faced by organizations today regarding their BI, data integration and data warehousing environments, why traditional solutions fall short and the rise of upstart open source companies.

BeyeNETWORK Research

Research: Using Business Intelligence to Improve Business Performance and Reduce Costs

Researcher Colin White examines ways for companies to use business intelligence to improve efficiency, reduce costs, gain competitive advantage and maximize return on investment.
An Evolutionary Approach to Master Data Management

Business Intelligence and On-Demand: The Perfect Marriage?

Reinvent the Data Warehouse with Column-Store Databases and Appliances

In this article, Doug Henschen talks about data warehouse appliances and column-store databases.
The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)

TDWI provides in-depth, high-quality education and research in the business intelligence and data warehousing industry.
Business Intelligence Resources

The latest resources and sources on an ongoing basis from the Internet for business intelligence.