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Big Data in the Operational World Requires a Different Mind-Set: A Spotlight Q&A with James Taylor Summary
In this interview by Claudia Imhoff, President of Intelligent Solutions and founder of the Boulder BI Brain Trust, James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, talks about how big data has changed operational analytics.

Topics: Analytics, Operational Business Intelligence, Big data

by Claudia Imhoff | 0 comments
Bridging IT-Business Divide: A Two-Way Street Summary
The eternal gap between IT departments and business units bedevils many organizations. But there’s a way to get them on the same page, and business intelligence has a role to play. (This article was included in a recent issue of our BI Trends + Strategies e-zine.)

Topics: Business Intelligence, Information Management

by Claudia Imhoff | 0 comments
Collaborative BI Sets Stage for Collective User Action Summary
With users working together on business intelligence processes, organizations can make better decisions. And you don’t need to go all-in to get started. (This article was included in a recent issue of our BI Trends + Strategies e-zine.)

Topics: Business Intelligence, Collaboration

by Claudia Imhoff, Colin White | 0 comments
Split Personalities Put Data Scientists in Play Summary
This article by Claudia Imhoff and Colin White explores the characteristics of data scientists and looks at why they are in such high demand. (This article was included in a recent issue of our BI Trends + Strategies e-zine.)

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence

by Claudia Imhoff, Colin White | 0 comments
BI Trends + Strategies: Data Scientists, BI Performance & BI for SMBs Summary
The May edition of BI Trends + Strategies is now available. The issue includes three great articles about data scientists,BI performance and business intelligence for SMBs.

Topics: Business Intelligence
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by Jean Schauer | 0 comments
Business Intelligence without Complexity - A Spotlight Q&A with Scott Opitz, CEO of Altosoft Summary
This BeyeNetwork spotlight features Ron Powell’s interview with Scott Opitz, President and CEO of Altosoft. Ron and Scott discuss Altosoft’s business intelligence philosophy and touch upon Active Intelligence, an Altosoft offering to be announced in 2012.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Big Data Analytics: A Spotlight Q&A with Mark Troester of SAS Summary
Ron Powell interviews Mark Troester to learn the impact of big data on analytics.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Business Intelligence in the Cloud - A Spotlight Q&A with Dwight deVera of arcplan Summary
Dwight deVera of arcplan talks with Ron Powell about whether it's possible and/or practical to move business intelligence to the cloud.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
SPOTLIGHT: Commercial Open Source Business Intelligence - A Q&A with Richard Daley of Pentaho Summary
In this Spotlight, Ron Powell and Richard Daley discuss the benefits of open source business intelligence.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Open Source BI

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
SPOTLIGHT: Columnar Databases and Big Data Q&A with Don DeLoach, CEO of Infobright Summary
In this spotlight, Ron Powell asks Don DeLoach to talk about big data, columnar databases and Infobright's Rough Query capability.

Topics: Analytics, Columnar Databases

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
The State of Healthcare Business Intelligence Summary
Laura Madsen explains why healthcare business intelligence is unique and shares ten tips to successfully build your healthcare business intelligence organization.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Data Modeling and Design, ETL, Data Governance

by Laura Madsen | 4 comments
Self-Service Key to Creating Enterprise Business Intelligence HEROes Summary
Organizations are increasingly turning to tools and technologies that allow them to reduce dependence on IT and enable business intelligence self-service by business users. This article presents a three-step approach to ensure that your business intelligence environment, platform, architecture, and applications can support broad self-service requirements.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Collaboration, SaaS (Software as a Service)

by Boris Evelson | 0 comments
Analyst Perspectives – A General Look at Business Intelligence for the Mid-Market Summary
When SMBs look to business intelligence to achieve value, they are faced with a market that is constantly changing. Lyndsay Wise explains why this may be good news for them.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Lyndsay Wise | 0 comments
Business Intelligence for the Masses Summary
This article examines how "BI for the masses" connects to more specific market trends and reviews results published in The BI Survey 9. Based on over 3000 responses, these survey results provide interesting data on the state of the business intelligence market.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Barney Finucane | 0 comments
Navigating Cultural Considerations in Business Intelligence Deployments Summary
Organizations that have yet to adapt to the reality of business intelligence (BI) can have a difficult time navigating the change to “the new thing.” Even though their present reality may be difficult, with inefficient and non-scalable processes to get the most basic of reporting completed, it’s known and comfortable. How can you help your company see the potential in BI?

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Laura Madsen | 0 comments

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