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Text Analytics: Deriving Meaning from the Deluge of Documents and Purging Content Chaos Summary
Text analytics technologies allow new, numeric representations of text to be embedded into traditional statistical and forecasting models. From there, results of this new, previously unknown insight are delivered to the end user/information consumer within the reporting capabilities of the framework.

Topics: Analytics, Text Analytics

by Fiona McNeill | 0 comments
Federal Government Grant Facilitates Development of Health Information Exchanges Summary
Lorraine Fernandes looks at the issues surrounding the recent federal announcement of its $547 million grant release to facilitate health information exchanges.

Topics: Information Management

by Lorraine Fernandes | 0 comments
Electronic Health Records: A New Road Leading to the Bridge to Nowhere? Summary
Much ado has been made over electronic health records (EHRs) and the role they will play in achieving President Obama’s objectives of lowering cost and improving delivery of healthcare. But there is a serious lack of understanding about the impact this technology will or, more to the point, won’t have in achieving the stated priorities.

Topics: Information Management

by Lorraine Fernandes | 1 comment
Health Information Technologies: Building a Road Map for Meaningful Use Summary
Lorraine Fernandes explains that meaningful use of health information technologies seeks to achieve improvements in patient safety, reduce the cost of care delivery, prevent disease, better coordinate care and improve population health while ensuring that patient privacy is protected. She provides guidelines for evaluating a patient registry for your organization to enable health information exchange and trusted use of patient information across systems.

Topics: Information Management, Data Management

by Lorraine Fernandes | 0 comments
Governance Should Lead the Healthcare Data Dance Summary
Lorraine Fernandes and Michele O’Connor recommend a clear, concise data governance model to avoid conflicting governance and stewardship paths.

Topics: Information Management, Data Governance, Data Stewardship

by Lorraine Fernandes, Michele O'Connor | 0 comments
Bridging the Gap between the Promise of EMR and Today Summary
Alan Eisman explains how business intelligence and performance management can help healthcare providers maximize quality and minimize costs.

Topics: Performance Management, Business Intelligence

by Alan Eisman | 0 comments
“Age of Interoperability” in Healthcare Requires a Patient-Centric Data Foundation Summary
Lorraine Fernandes explains that modern healthcare systems have realized the need for “interoperable” data to transform business processes and achieve patient and provider intelligence.

Topics: Performance Management, Business Intelligence

by Lorraine Fernandes | 0 comments
Boundary Free Data Sharing for Acute and Ambulatory Facilities Summary
Lorraine Fernandes explains why integrating patient data between facilities – hospitals, clinics, labs, physician practices, etc. – is becoming a top priority.

Topics: Data Integration

by Lorraine Fernandes | 0 comments