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Telecommunications: Recovery Driver or Luxury Expense? Summary
John Myers talks about where telecommunications falls on the “hierarchy” of needs in this economy.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by John Myers | 0 comments
“No Guts, No Glory” Product Launches in Telecom Summary
John Myers discusses how business intelligence can help address the challenges of new product/service launches during the current economic downturn.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by John Myers | 0 comments
Different Data Warehouses Summary
Bill Inmon takes a look at data warehousing across a variety of industries.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Governance

by Bill Inmon | 4 comments
Telecom Process Business Intelligence – Doing Things Right? Or the Right Things? Summary
Analytical models and predictive analytics can provide great value in terms of the concept of operational business intelligence and process efficiency, but they must be applied properly.

Topics: Analytics

by John Myers | 0 comments
Legalizing the Spread(marts) of Business Intelligence Summary
Organizations spend a lot of time and resources tracking down analytical applications in the form of spreadmarts to bring them back into the “regulation” of IT under the direction of data governance, yet there always seems to be a market for the things that users think they can’t have.

Topics: Analytics, Data Marts

by John Myers | 0 comments
Telecom Analytics – Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder Summary
Never underestimate the ability to "wow" people by sorting things differently than you have in the past. You can have quick wins without doing super things.

Topics: Analytics

by John Myers | 0 comments
Activity versus Achievement in Telecom Summary
The telecom industry might be the poster child for issues associated with mis-definition of measures and key performance indicators, and the ineffective use of those measures across departmental lines.

Topics: Analytics

by John Myers | 0 comments
Past is Prologue in Telecommunications Summary
Whether focused on a particular market niche or attempting to be a triple- or quad-play provider, long-term dedication to a profitable business plan for particular subscriber markets should be the focus for telecom service providers in 2008.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by John Myers | 0 comments
Narrowing the Telecommunications Field Summary
In 2008, the telecommunications industry will have to navigate the twin challenges of serving increasingly wider corporate strategies with an increasingly narrower, and potentially less innovative, array of tool sets.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by John Myers | 0 comments
David versus Goliath in Telecom Summary
Are the deep pockets and resources of traditional telecoms the driving force for innovation and product development in telecommunications?

Topics: Business Intelligence

by John Myers | 0 comments
Standards and KPIs for Telecommunications Business Intelligence Summary
Individual telecommunications organizations should actively develop their own performance metrics based on the unique conditions of their business and overall goals.

Topics: Business Intelligence, KPI

by John Myers | 0 comments
Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics in Telecom Business Intelligence Summary
Ideally, business intelligence organizations should be immune to decisions relating to ethics, but the reality is that telecom organizations will have to take a harder look at what they do and how they do it.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by John Myers | 0 comments
Telecom Triple Plays Summary
As landline telecommunications providers and cable companies move into new service areas, effective business intelligence will play a critical role in their success.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Wireless/Mobile

by John Myers | 0 comments
Business Intelligence in a Telecom SaaS/ASP Environment Summary
Outsourcing models offer appealing opportunities to help organizations, but there can be hidden issues.

Topics: SaaS (Software as a Service), Business Intelligence, Operational Business Intelligence

by John Myers | 0 comments
New Wall Street Drivers for Business Intelligence in Telecommunications Summary
If Wall Street decides to embrace the concept of profit per employee as an evolution of the metrics assigned to invested capital, telecommunication service providers will be leaning on their business intelligence organizations in two ways.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by John Myers | 0 comments