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James Taylor

I will use this blog to discuss business challenges and how technologies like analytics, optimization and business rules can meet those challenges.

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James is the CEO of Decision Management Solutions and works with clients to automate and improve the decisions underpinning their business. James is the leading expert in decision management and a passionate advocate of decisioning technologies business rules, predictive analytics and data mining. James helps companies develop smarter and more agile processes and systems and has more than 20 years of experience developing software and solutions for clients. He has led decision management efforts for leading companies in insurance, banking, health management and telecommunications. James is a regular keynote speaker and trainer and he wrote Smart (Enough) Systems (Prentice Hall, 2007) with Neil Raden. James is a faculty member of the International Institute for Analytics.

Predictive Analytics World, February 16-17, 2010 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco is turning into the biggest yet. I am going to be speaking on analytic journeys and giving a workshop on putting predictive analytics to work and there are some great keynotes from Andreas Weigen (ex-amazon.com), Kim Larsen (Charles Schwab) and conference chair Eric Siegel. As usual there are lots of great presentations (besides mine) and I highly recommend it. You can get use the code SPEAKPAW010 to get a 15% discount off a two-day pass and find more details at predictiveanalyticsworld.com. If you come, come by and say hi after my presentation or while I am introducing people in Track 2 on the first day.

And if you are interested in analytics, don't forget the study I am doing with B-Eye Network on business analytics - it will discuss the motivation for adopting business analytics and how you should approach the evaluation of business analytics as well as how business analytics fit within an enterprise and business architecture, risks and issues, benefits and challenges and more. You can help by taking the survey - http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/?p=WEB22A3HRGXRBS.

Posted February 2, 2010 8:52 PM
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