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Robert S. Seiner

Welcome to my (Web) log. I look forward to spending time with you here to initiate, precipitate and participate in interesting web conversation addressing data governance, data stewardship, meta-data and data management issues of the day. ;) Comments on my posts are always welcome. Thoughts for new topics? Let me know. Thanks. Bob

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Robert (Bob) S. Seiner is recognized as the publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter, LLC – www.TDAN.com – an award winning electronic publication that focuses on sharing information about data, information, content and knowledge management disciplines. With 2013, TDAN.com enters its 17th year.  Mr. Seiner speaks often at major data management and meta-data management, business intelligence and knowledge management related conferences and user group meetings across the U.S. He can be reached at the newsletter at rseiner@tdan.com or 412-220-9643.

Mr. Seiner is the President and Principal Consultant of KIK Consulting & Educational Services, LLC – www.KIKconsulting.com.  KIK, celebrating its 12th year, is a company that focuses on knowledge transfer and consultative mentoring in the fields of data governance and data stewardship implementations, metadata management, master data management and data architecture. Beyond knowledge-transfer-focused consulting, Mr. Seiner offers two-day in-house and public courses on how to build and implement data governance / stewardship programs and metadata programs. Contact Mr. Seiner at KIK at rseiner@kikconsulting.com.

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August 2009 Archives

Dear Friends, Colleagues, TDAN.com & Blog Readers, Anybody interested in Data Governance,


Please note that the September 2009 issue of TDAN.com will be announced early next week so please keep your eyes open for that posting on BeyeNETWORK.com.


This posting is to make you aware of a GREAT PRICE REDUCTION that I am offering for my next public NON-INVASIVE DATA GOVERNANCE seminar.  The seminar will take place at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US) on Monday & Tuesday, October 12 & 13.  The 12th is the Columbus Day holiday here in the states. 


The cost reduction is 40% off of the price that I have been charging for several years.  The better savings is 2-for-1 (from the same company/organization) at the regular price.  For one person the seminar price is only $779.40 (US) and for two people the seminar price is $1299.00.  That is just ~$520.00 for the second person.  Breakfast and lunch, beverages and snacks are provided for the two days. 


Plus J - I schedule one-on-one consulting time with whoever requests it while they are in town for the seminar.  One more thing ... I now accept American Express as well as MasterCard and Visa for payment.


This price will be in effect until the course has sold out (25 people) or until October 2 (whichever comes sooner).  A reduced blocked room rate at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh is also in effect until October 2.


Please request a short brochure with all of the information you need to attend this seminar by sending me an email though this link.  The brochure includes the complete syllabus, testimonials from recent attendees, instructor (me!) credentials, hotel information, and a registration form.  Also request the 40% discount or 2-for-1 pricing.  Also J request information on how the heck data governance can be Non-Invasive.  Many companies and organizations are following the "Non-Invasive Data Governance"â„¢ approach and finding that the cost of this type of program is extremely low while the effectiveness is extremely high.  Please let me know if you want to arrange a time to talk about this.


Recent Articles on Data Governance

What Does It Mean to 'Govern Data'?

What is "Non-Invasive Data Governance"?

Data Governance and Dancing in the Rain


I hope to see you in Pittsburgh in October.


Thank you for your time.

Bob Seiner





Robert S. Seiner

KIK Consulting & Educational Services, LLC - http://www.KIKconsulting.com

The Data Administration Newsletter, LLC - http://www.TDAN.com

mailto:rseiner@tdan.com / 412.220.9643 / Fax 9644


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KIK Consulting & Robert S. Seiner are proud to announce New On-Line Education focusing on the implementation of "Non-Invasive Data Governance"[tm] Programs.  Has your travel budget been cut or is it non-existent?  Is leaving the office for training / education cumbersome, expensive and time consuming?  Consider On-Line Education in a modular or university-style arrangement that will save you time and money and is structured to fit your schedule.  The next university-style series of education begins early in the fall.  Discounted rates for the On-Line Education are now available. Please contact Mr. Seiner for more information.







Dear TDAN.com Readers,


The new issue (August 2009) of The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN.com) was posted to the internet on August 1st.  June 22nd marked the 12th Anniversary of the TDAN.com publication.  Thank you for being a reader.


The August issue contains New Articles from Scott Ambler (The Cultural Impedance Mismatch), James Luisi & Mary Koch (Architecture Made Easy, Part 5 - Assessing Company Health: The Asset that Investors, Regulators and Legislators Need to Recognize), Sundararajan PA, Anupama Nithyanand and Subrahmanya SV (Insights into the Interplay of Data Architecture Components) and Michael M. David (The Ghost in the Machine: ANSI SQL Inherent Hierarchical Data Processing).  Four Feature Columns have been added including Larry Burns (Conquering the Logical-Physical Divide), Ronald Ross (Business Rules), Loretta Smith (The DAMA Corner) and Adrian Miley (Architecture is Objective, Design is Subjective).  Special Features were added from Robert S. Seiner, Barbara von Halle & Larry Goldberg (Interview with Authors of 'The Decision Model') and David Hay (Review of 'The Decision Model').  Links to blogs from other publications and data-related news stories have been updated as well.



PLEASE send me articles you are interested in having published through this award winning publication.  I am still looking to add one more Feature Column that will run quarterly in March, June, September and December.  Please send me an email with your ideas.



I am always interested in your feedback regarding the new issue.  Please feel free to contact me with suggestions and comments.  A form has been set up through the Contact tab to submit these comments.  Thanks.


NEW Articles Added for August 2009:


-- The Cultural Impedance Mismatch
By Scott Ambler



-- Architecture Made Easy, Part 5
Assessing Company Health: The Asset that Investors, Regulators and Legislators Need to Recognize

By James Luisi & Mary Kotch



-- Insights into the Interplay of Data Architecture Components

by Sundararajan PA, Anupama Nithyanand and Subrahmanya SV



-- The Ghost in the Machine
ANSI SQL Inherent Hierarchical Data Processing

By Michael M. David



NEW Feature Columns Added for August 2009:


-- The DAMA Corner - August 2009
by Loretta Mahon Smith of DAMA International


-- Architecture is Subjective; Design is Objective - August 2009
by Adrian Miley



-- Business Rules - In the Know - August 2009

by Ronald Ross


-- Conquering the Logical/Physical Divide - August 2009
by Larry Burns


Special Features Added Recently:


-- Interview with Barbara von Halle & Larry Goldberg
by Robert S. Seiner with Barbara von Halle & Larry Goldberg on their new book

"The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology"



-- Book Review of Barbara von Halle & Larry Goldberg's "The Decision Model" Book
by David C. Hay



-- Death by Architecture

By Michael Rosen



Also on the Pages of TDAN.com this Month:


-- Book Reviews



-- Updated Conference List



-- Updated Business Resource Section



-- Updated Book List



-- Special Features



-- Updated Company & Product List



Industry Events / TDAN.com Media Sponsor & Speaking Engagements:


Please visit the web sites for these events by clicking through their banners on the TDAN.com site.  TDAN.com promotes the industry leading events through the publishing of papers, banners, links and reviews of the best of the best industry events:



-- Summer World Conference - TDWI

The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)

August 2-7, 2009 - San Diego, California (US)*



-- ECCMA 10th Annual Conference 2009

Electronic Commerce Code Management Association

October 27-29, 2009 - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (US)



-- Fall World Conference - TDWI

The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)

November 1-6, 2009 - Orlando, Florida (US)



-- Data Management & Information Quality Conference Europe 2009

-- Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Conference Europe 2009

IRM UK & DAMA International

November 2-4, 2009 - London, England (UK)



-- FIMA Europe 2009

Financial Information Management Association (FIMA)

November 9-11, 2009 - London, England (UK)



-- Enterprise Data World 2010

DAMA International & Wilshire Conferences

March 14-18, 2010 - San Francisco, California (US)



-- The Annual Data Governance Conference 2010

DebTech International & Wilshire Conferences

June 7-10, 2010 - San Diego, California (US)



* Robert S. Seiner, Publisher of TDAN.com, President of KIK Consulting & Data Governance Specialist, will be speaking at this event.


Thank you very much for your continued interest and support of The Data Administration Newsletter.  The newsletter's success is closely tied to the submissions of excellent articles by industry specialists and practitioners like yourself.  If you are interested in publishing an article, please let me know as soon as possible. The deadlines typically fall monthly before new content is added.  Do you have an article in you?  I hope to hear from you.

Comments on the new issue of TDAN.com are always welcome.
Have a great month.

Robert S. Seiner

President & Principal
KIK Consulting & Educational Services, LLC

The Data Administration Newsletter, LLC

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