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Robert S. Seiner

Welcome to my (Web) log. I look forward to spending time with you here to initiate, precipitate and participate in interesting web conversation addressing data governance, data stewardship, meta-data and data management issues of the day. ;) Comments on my posts are always welcome. Thoughts for new topics? Let me know. Thanks. Bob

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Robert (Bob) S. Seiner is recognized as the publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter, LLC www.TDAN.com an award winning electronic publication that focuses on sharing information about data, information, contentand knowledge management disciplines. With 2013, TDAN.com enters its 17th year. Mr. Seiner speaks often at major data management and meta-data management, business intelligence and knowledge management related conferences and user group meetings across the U.S. He can be reached at the newsletter at rseiner@tdan.com or 412-220-9643.

Mr. Seiner is the President and Principal Consultant of KIK Consulting & Educational Services, LLC www.KIKconsulting.com. KIK, celebrating its 12th year, is a company that focuses on knowledge transfer and consultative mentoring in the fields of data governance and data stewardship implementations, metadata management, master data management and data architecture. Beyond knowledge-transfer-focused consulting, Mr. Seiner offers two-day in-house and public courses on how to build and implement data governance / stewardship programs and metadata programs. Contact Mr. Seiner at KIK at rseiner@kikconsulting.com.

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August 2008 Archives

Day One of Reading

Not since the early days of The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN.com) have I written a review of a book that had a lot of meaning to me. Even then, most of the books I reviewed (and most of the books reviewed in general on TDAN.com) were about the data management industry and specific disciplines therein. Never did I review a book about the bright side of life (whistle with me now). And never did I publish or blog about a book that I had not read yet. Well this is a review of both.

Maybe you have heard of the book I am reading. I am reading The Last Lecture, a powerful book written by a Computer Science Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, a school where I grew up literally blocks away. In the early seventies when hippies roamed the campus and there were small kids skateboarding amongst the students, well I was the kid on the skateboard. The sad part of this review is that the author, Randy Pausch, just recently passed away at the age of 47 from pancreatic cancer. Both of my parents shared his same fate. My father was a Carnegie Tech grad (before Mellon came along) and both of my brothers received their Masters at CMU. My father stayed very active in chemical engineering programs at CMU all the way up to his death. As far as I know, my father and brothers did not know or have any association with Professor Pausch when they were active with the university.

As I read the book I am being led to believe that Pausch’s death had everything but nothing to do with this book. This book is literally his last lecture but it is clear that the lecture itself is not about dying. This book and lecture has made big news this summer and presently the book sits at the top of several best seller lists. This book already has meaning to me and I want to share that with you as I read the book.

You see …, When Pausch wrote the lecture, he knew that he was going to die. His immediate reaction upon learning that news was the realization that he would not be around to share with his young children all the things he had to share. He could not share his wisdom, his courage, his advice, his fatherhood, his opinions, and more. He knew that he could, but that his children would be too young to understand. Pausch wanted to leave a legacy for his small children ages 5, 2 & 1. I can understand that. My daughters are a bit older but I still have a lot of life lessons to share.

Early in the book (the part I have read thus far) Pausch described his upbringing and family life. He talked about his father and his mother. I saw a lot of my mom and dad in what he wrote and how he thought about them every day and all the time. We had similar upbringings in several ways in different locations. Very similar in fact. He was 46 when he wrote the book. I am that age right now. He lectured all the time as part of his job. I do the same.

Family values were very important to Pausch but work had a similar importance and was a constant demand. In the book he wrote about his struggle to spend his dying days with his wife and children while also putting together his legacy in the form of his last lecture. He wrote about using the last few months of his life to uproot his family from my hometown (and his) of Pittsburgh and moving his family to a place where extended family and friends would help his wife Jai to raise the children. Life was not easy for Pausch in those last months leading up to his book. And then it got worse. He was told he had less time on this planet. The plan became to jam six months into two.

“Last Lectures” at universities, as described in the earliest part of the book, are fairly commonplace. Universities often allow their esteemed professors to provide commentary on their life, how their life has led them to that day, and the direction that their life is pointing. The last lectures typically are not lectured by a person who knows their life is coming to a close.

I am just now starting into the actual lecture. I have heard from several people that the lecture itself is humorous, serious, reflective, inspirational, … all of the things that make it an absolute must read. Stay tuned … I am getting there. Please come back for more.

Join In

This blog/review will also appear as a Special Feature in the September 2008 issue of The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN.com). If you have read this book, or if you are in the process of reading the book, please share your thoughts with me and with the other readers of my publication, TDAN.com, and the Business Intelligence Network. Thanks.

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Dear Friends of TDAN.com, KIK Consulting, and the B-Eye Network,

TDAN.com and KIK Consulting & Educational Services, LLC are proud to announce our next public course on Data Governance & Data Stewardship. The course titled ‘How to Build & Implement “Non-Invasive Data Governance”™ & Data Stewardship Programs’ will be offered on September 22nd & 23rd at the Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The course always receives very positive reviews and has sold out often in the past.

Students of this class will learn how to implement effective “Non-Invasive Data Governance”™ & Data Stewardship programs and how to immediately formulate a strategy & plan that will deliver measurable results with minimal investment.


The agenda for the course is as follows:

A. Day One – Morning (~3-3.5 hours)
• Moving from Informal Data Governance to Formal Data Governance: Business Value Statements
• Defining Data Governance, Data Stewardship & Master Data Management
• Defining the Key Concepts & Best Practices of the “Non-Invasive Data Governance”™ Approach
• Defining the Core Components & Pivotal Roles of a Data Governance Program
• Building and/or Enhancing Data (Governance) Policy, Directives, Guidelines
• Framing & Selling the Data Governance & Data Stewardship Program in Your Organizational Context
• Defining Data Governance & Data Stewardship Program Business & Technical Goals & Objectives
• Defining Measurements & Metrics of Data Governance & Data Stewardship Success

B. Day One – Afternoon (~3-3.5 hours)
• Defining Data Governance/Stewardship Program Critical Success Factors
• Contending with Organizational (In)Tolerance for Change
• Defining Typical Data Stewardship Program Roles, Responsibilities, Time Commitments
• Developing a “Non-Invasive Data Governance”™ Re-Usable Framework of Roles & Responsibilities
• Defining Active & Participating Data Steward Roles & Responsibilities, Time Commitments and Tasks
• Managing Data by Domains, Master Data and Subject Area
• Developing a Common Data Matrix to Identify “De Facto” Data Stewards & Cross-Business Responsibility
• Identifying Vs. Assigning Appropriate Data Stewards, Steward Criteria and Traits

C. Day Two – Morning (~3-3.5 hours)
• Applying Data Governance Activities to Existing Methodologies, Processes, Standard Operating Procedures
• Applying Data Governance to Manageable Activities Through Proactive and Reactive Data Governance
• Developing Data Governance Activity Matrices & Communications/Awareness Matrices
• Developing Conflict Resolution Paths – Design, Production, Usage Conflicts
• Developing Conceptual Meta-Models & Repositories to Support Governance/Stewardship Programs
• Identifying Sources of Data Steward Meta-Data, Recording & Managing Steward Meta-Data
• Developing Data Stewardship Change Management Procedures and Notification

D. Day Two – Afternoon (~2-2.5 hours)
• Implementing a Common Data Matrix, Data Governance Activity Matrix, DQ & Issue Log, Steward Repository
• Understanding Data Governance & Data Stewardship Beyond Structured Data
• Identifying the “Best” Place to Start a Data Governance & Data Stewardship Program (if necessary)
• Developing Next Steps/Action Plan to Build Data Governance & Data Stewardship Program
• Developing a Plan to Market Data Governance/Stewardship

The instructor, Robert S. Seiner of KIK Consulting & Educational Services, LLC (yours truly) has been implementing successful data governance and data stewardship programs for more than twelve years and has been transferring “how-to” knowledge to corporate, government and education entities via consulting, consultative mentoring & education for more than a dozen years. A significant amount of the Seminar relates to Mr. Seiner’s experiences with many notable companies, government organizations and institutions of higher learning.

Mr. Seiner has offered this Seminar for corporate, government and education entities on site at their locations for many years and began providing the course in a public setting a few years ago due to overwhelming interest. By providing public classes, Mr. Seiner hopes to reach a broader audience and those companies that are interested in learning about successful stewardship & governance implementations but that don’t have the numbers of interested individuals to bring the Seminar on-site.

$1175 if paid on or before August 27th, 2008
$1275 if paid after August 27th, 2008 and before September 22nd, 2008.
Prices include the 2 day Seminar, Seminar materials, breakfast and lunch both days - Also includes one-on-one consultation time with the instructor (available times will be announced to registrants).

Seminar Location:
Sheraton Station Square Pittsburgh (A Starwood Hotel)
300 W Station Square Dr – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219 – US
Mention “KIK Consulting” When Registering to Get Blocked Room Rate.
Call the Sheraton directly for reservations at (412) 261-2000

Space is limited to the first thirty paid registrations. The class is filling up. Register today! Please contact me directly with any questions you may have. I hope to see you in Pittsburgh.

Best Regards,
Bob Seiner

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Dear TDAN.com Readers,

The new issue (August 2008) of The Data Administration Newsletter (TDAN.com) is now available on-line at http://www.TDAN.com. TDAN.com is in its 12th year of publication with the reader-base and the content-base growing tremendously with your support and interest. Read on to learn about all of the new content included in the August issue.

MORE CONTENT MORE OFTEN” means more opportunity for you to get your articles published in this popular e-publication for Data Management Professionals.

The August issue contains New Articles from me, Robert S. Seiner (Stewardship Approach to Data Governance: Part 9 - The Operational Data Steward), Scott Benson (The 10-Minute Data Model Review Part 2), Bill Lewis (Data Lineage) and Mike Gorman (Function Points). Four Feature Columns were added – Bob Dominko's Unwired Tap is being run a month late (sorry Bob!), DAMA's Deborah Henderson has written about the DMBOK, Ron Ross's new Feature Column on Business Rules and Adrian Miley focuses on Design and Architecture.

Two Special Features have been added for August inclduing one from Larry P. English (in cooperation with the IRM UK's Data Management and Information Quality Conference Europe 2008) and one from quarterly columnist Craig S. Mullins on Database Auditing for Security and Compliance. Links to new articles on the Business Intelligence Network have been added as well.

Please let me know if you are interested in publishing a quarterly feature columns on the pages of TDAN.com. All ideas will be strongly considered. I am looking columnists interested in contributing a new column for every three months (Feb/May/Aug/Nov or Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec). I have added several new columns recently (Adrian Miley, Diby Malakar and Ron Ross). Joe Celko is coming soon! Feature columns are a very popular piece of TDAN.com content.

The rest of the publication continues to be updated regularly including new book reviews, an updated list of data-oriented conferences through 2008, updates to the book list of several top books published in late ’07 and in ’08, business resource list, companies and products list and more. The quote of the week (Winston Churchill) and 5 data oriented news stories (TDANews) continue to be updated weekly.

I am always interested in your feedback regarding the new issue and the (not so) new look of TDAN.com. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions and comments. A form has been set up through the Contact tab to submit these comments. Thanks.

NEW Articles Added for August 2008:

-- Robert S. Seiner – The Stewardship Approach to Data Governance: Part 9
The Operational Data Stewards

-- Scott Benson – The 10-Minute Data Model Review, Part 2

-- Bill Lewis – Data Lineage: The Next Generation

-- Michael G. Gorman – Function Points: A Strategy to Determine
the Size and Cost of Database-Centric Business Information Systems

NEW Feature Columns Added for August 2008:

-- Robert Dominko – Unwired Tap – Smart Phones Vs. MIDs (July’s column)

-- Adrian Wiley – Architecture is Subjective, Design is Objective
Defining Architectural Terms and Principles

-- Ronald G. Ross – Business Rules: In the Know:
New Ideas on the ROI of Data and Business Rules, Part 2 - The Latency of Decisions

-- Deborah Henderson – The DAMA Corner – The DAMA DMBOK Guide:
The Whys and Wherefores

NEW Special Features Added for August 2008:

-- Craig S. Mullins – Database Auditing Capabilities for Compliance and Security

-- Larry P. English – Grounding Your IQ Management in Sound Quality Management Systems

Also on the Pages of TDAN.com this Month:

-- Book Reviews

-- Updated Conference List

-- Updated Business Resource Section

-- Updated Book List

-- Special Features

-- Updated Company & Product List

TDAN.com Media Sponsored and Speaking Events:

Please visit the web sites for these events by clicking through their banners on the TDAN.com site. TDAN.com promotes the industry leading events through the publishing of papers, banners, links and reviews of the best of the best industry events:

-- The Data Warehousing Institute – Summer World Conference - TDWI
August 11-16, 2008 – San Diego, California

-- DAMA New York – 2008 DAMA Day
September 18, 2008 – New York City, New York *

-- DAMA New Jersey - September DAMA Meeting
September 19, 2008 – Site TBD *

-- Information & Data Quality (IDQ) Conference 2008 – IAIDQ & Wilshire Conferences
September 22-25, 2008 – San Antonio, Texas

-- Web 3.0 Conference & Expo – JupiterMedia Events
October 16-17, 2008 – Santa Clara, California

-- 11th Annual International Business Rules Forum & Expo – Business Rules Forum
October 26-30, 2008 – Orlando, Florida

-- The Data Warehousing Institute – Fall World Conference – TDWI
November 2-7, 2008 – New Orleans, Louisiana *

-- Data Management & Information Quality Conference Europe 2008 – IRM UK
November 3-6, 2008 – London, UK

* I will be speaking at this event.

Thank you very much for your continued interest and support of The Data Administration Newsletter. The newsletter’s success is closely tied to the submissions of excellent articles by industry specialists and practitioners like yourself. If you are interested in publishing an article, please let me know as soon as possible. The deadlines typically fall monthly before new content is added. Do you have an article in you? I hope to hear from you.

Comments on the new issue of TDAN.com are always welcome.
Have a great month.

Robert S. Seiner
President & Principal - KIK Consulting & Educational Services, LLC - www.KIKconsulting.com
Publisher - The Data Administration Newsletter, LLC - www.TDAN.com
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