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Robert S. Seiner

Welcome to my (Web) log. I look forward to spending time with you here to initiate, precipitate and participate in interesting web conversation addressing data governance, data stewardship, meta-data and data management issues of the day. ;) Comments on my posts are always welcome. Thoughts for new topics? Let me know. Thanks. Bob

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Robert (Bob) S. Seiner is recognized as the publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter, LLC – www.TDAN.com – an award winning electronic publication that focuses on sharing information about data, information, content and knowledge management disciplines. With 2013, TDAN.com enters its 17th year.  Mr. Seiner speaks often at major data management and meta-data management, business intelligence and knowledge management related conferences and user group meetings across the U.S. He can be reached at the newsletter at rseiner@tdan.com or 412-220-9643.

Mr. Seiner is the President and Principal Consultant of KIK Consulting & Educational Services, LLC – www.KIKconsulting.com.  KIK, celebrating its 12th year, is a company that focuses on knowledge transfer and consultative mentoring in the fields of data governance and data stewardship implementations, metadata management, master data management and data architecture. Beyond knowledge-transfer-focused consulting, Mr. Seiner offers two-day in-house and public courses on how to build and implement data governance / stewardship programs and metadata programs. Contact Mr. Seiner at KIK at rseiner@kikconsulting.com.

Editor's Note: View his blog, more articles and resources in Bob's BeyeNETWORK Expert Channel.

July 2007 Archives

Ten years and eight months ago, my younger daughter was born. Five months after that, I attended my first data-focused conference. Three months later The Data Administration Newsletter, now known as http://www.TDAN.com, was introduced to the world. The world is not nearly the same now as it was ten years ago. The world is a rougher, tougher, meaner, definitely not greener, place.

Ten years ago Clinton the first was president of the United States. His legacy is well documented ... nudge, nudge. Bush the second is President now and we all know what his legacy will be. Is ten years long enough to develop a legacy? I never expected this newsletter to be mine. The Data Administration Newsletter is celebrating its 10th Anniversary so pardon me if I get sentimental here for just a moment.

Ten years … Back then I hardly imagined that the newsletter would last this long. And now look at it – a brand spanking new look, more content, more articles, and way more exposure. The 10th Anniversary issue marks the first recognizable aspect of my affiliation with the Business Intelligence Network (B-Eye). B-Eye and I expect that there will be an adjustment period for long time readers to get used to the new look. One thing is for certain. TDAN.com will continue to provide all of the previous and older content and the relationship with B-Eye will allow TDAN.com to flourish with new and improved ways of sharing information about successful data, information, and knowledge management. So look at it this way. TDAN.com is ten years old and it is being injected with a lot of new energy. Thank you to everybody that has been a reader over the years. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Ten years … Back then I hardly imagined that the newsletter would connect me with so many incredible people and take me so many incredible places. Without TDAN.com I strongly believe that I would not have had the opportunity to start KIK Consulting. Without TDAN.com I would not have connected with the most respected individuals in the data management industry, become associated with the best known and most respected industry events, publishers, authors and meet so many practitioners that are passionate about their trade. I wish that I could list you all here but that would be a boring read. You know who you are and I thank you for enhancing my data administration experience thus far.

To wrap up this quick blog – Thank you everybody that has contributed to the TEN YEARS of TDAN.com. New energy, new media and technologies, renewed passion, and certainly the need for disciplined data management will drive me and the publication forward. I hope you will stick around for many more years. With any luck, The Data Administration Newsletter will continue to grow and thrive for many years to come. Thank you.

Posted July 13, 2007 1:02 PM
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2-Day Course: How to Build & Implement Data Governance & Data Stewardship Programs
September 10-11, 2007 - Sheraton Station Square in Pittsburgh, Pa
Instructed by Robert S. Seiner of KIK Consulting & TDAN.com
Please visit http://www.kikconsulting.com. Space is limited!
- - - - -

July 10, 2007 - The Data Administration Newsletter, LLC - http://www.TDAN.com & Publisher, Robert S. Seiner, proudly announce the 10TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE (Issue 41 Volume 1) dating back to June 1997. Over the past ten years, the publication has grown to become one of the most recognized, rewarded and noted sources of information for data management professionals. Thank you for your continued interest in the publication. Comments on the Anniversary Issue and new format are welcome! If you come across items that may need to be adjusted, please let me know.
- - - - -

With the Anniversary Issue comes a lot of changes -- all for the better. TDAN.com is now affiliated with BeyeNETWORK -- http://www.b-eye-network.com. TDAN.com is leveraging their web design team, content and site management system. This change brings with it many advantages. The biggest advantage is that I will now add content more regularly (monthly or
more often) rather than continuing with the 'big bang' approach of delivering issues on a quarterly basis. The issues will now be labeled Issue 41 Volume 1 in July -- Vol 2 in Aug 07 -- Vol 3 in Sep 07 -- then on to Issue 42 Volume 1 in October.

Most importantly, ALL, and I mean ALL, of the content from the past ten years is still here.

Many thanks to the authors that sent me articles for the Anniversary Issue. As this transition unfolds, I will be adding articles throughout the issue. Today, the new issue includes articles from Seiner (me), Silverston, Redman, Newton, Hay, McGilvray, Lewis, and Simsion. There are articles queued up from Chisholm, O'Neil, Gorman, Perkins, Benson, ... many others, that will be appearing over the coming weeks. More content, more quality, and more often. That is the plan.

In this issue you will also find that ALL of the Feature Columns are back and in tact. I am hoping that TDAN.com's new look, increased visibility, and ease of use will encourage some of the TDAN.com readers to become regular contributors to the TDAN.com pages, and perhaps start a column of your own.

If you haven't already done this, please register on-line if you are interested in receiving monthly email updates from The Data Administration Newsletter. Thank you. http://www.tdan.com/registration.htm

Issue 41 Volume 1 includes NEW ARTICLES from many of the industry's most recognized names, past authors and practitioners.

-- Robert S. Seiner - The Data Governance Council: Chapter 6
-- Len Silverston - Data Integration Requires Trust
-- Thomas C. Redman - What Does Manage Data & Info Assets Mean?
-- Judith Newton - Terminology, Semantics and the Meanings of Names
-- David C. Hay - Data Structure: Data Modeling or XML?
-- Danette McGilvray - Data Quality and the Project Lifecycle
-- Bill Lewis - Data-Driven and Agile Methods: Can We Get Along?
-- Graeme Simsion - The Soft Stuff is the Hard Stuff: Consulting 101

This issue welcomes back FEATURE COLUMNS from ...

-- Steve Hoberman - The Data Modeling Addict
-- David Loshin - New Way of Thinking
-- Craig Mullins - The Database Report
-- Jeff Canter - The Small Business Market
-- Robert S. Dominko - Unwired Tap
-- DAMA Intl Board - The DAMA Corner

If you are interested in writing a column for TDAN.com, please let me know by clicking here.

ALL of the following sections are now being managed through the new content management system. New information for these sections will be added and updated regularly.

All articles from all previous issues of TDAN.com are posted, by issue, in the ARTICLE ARCHIVE. In addition, the TDAN.com SEARCH ENGINE is directed to search the archive and the present issue to bring you the results you need to find the information you need. The SEARCH ENGINE may not be operable until later this week. I apologize for the inconvenience.

The BOOK CENTER is now separated into two lists - a list of books and a list of book reviews. In these sections you will find over 350 books listed. New books were recently added on the subject of Data Modeling, Data Interoperability, Business Rules and more. New Listings include newly published books from present and former authors on the TDAN.com web-site, "Data Modeling Theory and Practice" (Simsion), recently published "Data Interoperability Community of Interest Workbook" (Gorman), and "The Business Rule Revolution" (Ward & Masanga - Edited by Von Halle) and others.

Several categories, companies and their products updated for the COMPANY & PRODUCT CENTER. This section continues to grow monthly and remains a challenge. The industry and the vendors/products change much too quickly. :). Send your company name, product name,
appropriate category to TDAN.com and I will do my best to get your information posted as quickly as possible.

The CONFERENCE CENTER was updated and now has events throughout 2007 and into 2008. The list contains the TDWI conferences, Wilshire Conferences, TCDII CDI-MDM summits, RMUK conferences, Shared Insight events, and many more. Conferences where I am scheduled to speak are noted as well as conference with TDAN.com media associations.

The BUSINESS RESOURCES SECTION contains more than 100 lists of links to data-related subjects ... recently added - Information Quality Government-Wide Initiatives, Institutes & Associations and Computer Security. In all, this section contains close to 1500 links to
relevant and interesting web-sites.

This section includes links to a data-related quote of the week, recommended data-related news stories and recommended articles from past issues of other on-line publications.

The PUBLISHER'S PERSPECTIVE section of TDAN.com provides, from time-to-time, interesting perspectives from some of the industry's most out-spoken individuals. TDAN.com is always looking for perspective columns to publish in upcoming issues.

TDAN.com proudly associates itself with many of the industries top conferences. Please visit these conference web-sites by clicking on their TDAN.com banners or clicking on the links below.

-- August 19-24, 2007 - The Data Warehousing Institute World Conference, San Diego, CA

-- September 24-27, 2007 - Information Data Quality (IDQ) - Las Vegas, NV

-- October 21-25, 2007 - The Business Rules Forum - Orlando, FL

-- October 28-November 2, 2007 - The Data Warehousing Institute World Conf, Orlando, FL

-- October 29-November 1, 2007 - Data Mgmt and Info Quality Conference, London, UK

-- November 17-19, 2007 - The CDI-MDM Summit Fall 2007, New York City, NY

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