Blog: Shawn Rogers Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a Cofounder & Technical Advisor here at the BeyeNETWORK. Having covered the business intelligence and data warehousing industry for more than 15 years, I'm looking forward to a more interactive form of communication with all of you. Please share your comments and thoughts! Copyright 2018 Fri, 12 Mar 2010 11:40:39 -0700 Is Google getting into business intelligence? Google Public Data Explorer they are now dipping their toe into the world of data analysis and visualization. Coupled with the recent surge of freely available online databases like OECD Factbook, Un-Employment in the US from the Bureau of Labor and a dozen or so others. Google is truly delivering easy to use and somewhat powerful analytics tools to the masses.

The interface is easy and simple to use includes lots of sliders and click boxes. They have even integrated Google maps into the application to supply simple Geo based features. Its clear that Google could step into the Enterprise Software space pretty easily and with the SaaS and Cloud foundation they already have in place they are well positioned to be a disruptor in the business intelligence arena.

google profiler.jpg

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Excellent Research - Managing, Budgeting and Benefits of BI Initiatives

A great opportunity to share your experiences with the community and to receive a free copy of some great research on the "Organization of Business Intelligence - Managing, Budgeting and Benefits of Business Intelligence Initiatives".

This research is provided by the BeyeNETWORK partners in Germany and will provide a global perspective on the topics. 

Business Intelligence is usually strongly focused on the technical implementation and challenges involved. However, organizational challenges need to be addressed as well.

This research examines how business intelligence initiatives are managed and budgeted and what the benefits of such initiatives are.

Get your free copy of the results and win $50 Amazon vouchers by taking part in the survey here:


Thank you for your support!

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Business Intelligence, Data warehouse Technology Trends

Sometimes I feel like I live in an echo chamber this can be good or bad depending. The business intelligence and data warehouse community has been my home for over 15 years. So I guess that I shouldn't be surprised that from time to time I make assumptions based on my experiences. The other day a client asked me how popular the search term Business Intelligence was compared to Data Warehouse. My assumption.....BI would beat DW but they were both popular. According to the Google index over 54 million web pages contain at least one of these terms. I was half right. Business Intelligence did beat data warehouse but both are far from popular.

As you can see the two terms collided in late 2005 and business intelligence has held the top position ever since. The interesting thing is the decline. Its clear these terms are on their way out so it makes you wonder what term is leading the way.

I tried Performance management, MDM, Balanced Scorecard, Decision Support, Operational Data, even Enterprise 2.0 but none of them surpassed Business Intelligence. And then......

Yep, Analytics is hot, very hot and it got hot two full years before Tom Davenport published "Competing on Analytics".

So here's my last data tidbit of the day you can file this under things that make you go hmmmmmm. US based technology professionals have made up a very small percentage of users who search for these terms.

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The Best of Performance Management Performance Management delivers some of the best ROI from your business intelligence systems. The ability to act upon your information or to be proactive is really what business intelligence is all about. Every year the smart folks over at BPM Partners do a comprehensive survey on the state of the market. It only takes about 15 minutes to participate and when the research is completed you will receive a copy of the results.

Take the Survey

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The Verdict is in....

In the interest of being transparent I have to saw that I partner with the company who produces this product but for years prior we have had access to the research and found it to be some of the best in the business. The BI Verdict is produced by BARC's team of experienced business intelligence software analysts and industry guru Nigel Pendse.

The new version of the site offers a low-priced starter-level subscription -- entitled The BI Market Guide -- giving you access to an exclusive area of The BI Verdict Web site.

The BI Market Guide is designed to steer you through the early stages of your tool selection project. With an overview of the BI market, advice on selecting BI software and product strategy guides to some of the major vendors, it will help you:

  • Get your BI software selection project up and running in the right direction
  • Gain an understanding of the flavors of BI software available
  • Find out which products are suited to your requirements
  • Benefit from proven advice on how to run a successful project
  • Save time and money by taking the advice of vendor-independent experts
If you decide to upgrade to a full subscription of The BI Verdict, you will benefit from a special upgrade price.

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HP Upgrades Neoview Neoview today. The HP Neoview Advantage has been upgraded on both the software and hardware fronts. The hardware change is to the HP Integrity BladeSystem giving the solution a more modular design and allowing for a smaller footprint especially on larger configurations. HP has added more power to address real-time demands coming from their customer base by using the Neoview Transporter product to supply the appliance with a streaming real-time information feed. Improvements in I/O have provided for faster scans and higher performance on complex queries.

The best part of the offering is that the system is designed to allow for mixed work loads and can handle both transactional and analytical demands at the same time. Its a true appliance solution as its a pre-configured hardware and software bundled solution.

I'm glad to see an announcement from HP on Neoview the industry is hearing a lot from the competition in this space Oracle, Teradata, Netezza and IBM have all had large user conferences in the past 6 weeks unveiling new strategies around appliance style solutions. The competition is getting fast and furious in the 4th quarter of 2009.

]]> Hewlett Packard (HP) Wed, 04 Nov 2009 05:47:17 -0700
SaaS BI Birst-ing forward Birst is moving faster than most. With only a year on the market they are launching Version 4.0 and adding features to their system that will make the enterprise IT guys stand up and take notice.

SaaS BI is a great way for many companies to address analytic needs but since the beginning security, data integration, governance and control have made many tentative to embrace the technology. Birst's latest upgrade addresses all of these hurdles. The parts I liked most are Birst Live Access it allows you to access your own data from behind the firewall and include it in your SaaS based analysis. They have also built out connectors that will allow you to integrate data from other applications like SalesForce and Google Analytics and even connectivity to desktop Access DB's and Excel to bring together a federated view of your business data.Your data stays where you have it but at the same time you benefit from a SaaS hosted BI application. The other exciting feature here is if the data you own is configured in a real-time model you can leverage that performance on Birst so real-time in the cloud becomes much simpler too.

Version 4 also has added Birst Advanced ETL this upgraded feature gives you the ability to customize the ETL to meet special corporate and analytical requirements.

There are many other feature upgrades in this version including newly enhanced dashboards and administration that now includes Flash Flex providing a more rich and interactive experience with the solution. On the Dashboard front the Flex Flash provides the business user with a more discovery rich interface allowing for easier drill downs, views and even drag and drop features to make getting answers from the data easier.

SaaS continues to be a leading area of interest with our audience at the NETWORK and these types of product announcements are proof that the segment is evolving fast to meet the needs of the growing user base.
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Free is good.
For more information visit
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Free Conference Pass!!
In a couple weeks the Network is helping to sponsor a very unique event in Boulder Colorado called the Defrag. The event focuses on topics such as:


Business Intelligence
Business Process Management
Social Computing and Analytics
Next-level Discovery


Enterprise 2.0
Next-Gen Email
The Semantic Web
Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

The list of topics and speakers is fantastic and I have 1 Free Conference Pass to give away. So.....if you are interested and can guarantee that you are available to attend send me an email and I will do a random drawing on Friday of this week. (This pass doesn't include airfare or hotel) The event is November 11th and 12th and the free pass is valued at $1,495

Email me and I'll see you at Defrag 2009!!!
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Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Coverage oracleworld.jpg
Wow! the day just blew by and I didn't manage to get anything online so brace for a string of news updates because the information flowing from Oracle OpenWorld is streaming at high speed.  Lots of great announcements. I have four interviews scheduled for the morning so look for coverage there as well.

I have to say my favorite announcement this week was the $10 Million Dollar Challenge issued by Oracle to IBM. Here's the deal:

Your Company Could Win $10 Million!

If your Oracle database application doesn't run at least twice as fast on SUN hardware as on IBM's fastest computer, your company could win $10 million from Oracle. Even IBM is welcome to enter the $10 Million Challenge!

oracle ad2.jpg

My favorite part is the where they say IBM can enter too. Larry Ellison gets knocked around a lot for being aggressive and ultra competitive but I have to admit I am really liking it. I'm tired of the same old tired CEO speak littered with phrases like "we have our heads down and are riding out the tough economy" or giving guidance to Wall Street on expected soft performance etc. Ellison has the attitude of GAME ON!! lets be competitive and do battle, the heck with the economy I'm buying Sun and GoldenGate and I'm getting in to the hardware business too. Leadership like this is what makes winners and Mr. Ellison doesn't like to lose.

I think the attitude is well timed, and has added a level of energy to an event like OpenWorld that can only come from a charismatic CEO. It will be entertaining to see what the responses are from Oracle competitors especially IBM.
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Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Coverage oracleworld.jpgI am happy to be at another Oracle OpenWorld event in San Francisco. Hanging out with 37,000+ customers and partners. The morning session was kicked off by the Co-Presidents Charles Phillips and Safra Catz. The theme today was two fold and focused on reminding people that over the years Oracle has acquired over 50 companies and has a positive track record of keeping the technology and improving it. They spend 3 Billion a year on R&D updating and improving the stack of technology they have brought together. The message was clearly aimed at the SUN deal that has become bogged down over concerns around the MySQL database product and community and weather it competes with the Oracle database.

The team then demonstrated how well integrated and "open" the solution stack is. Safra Catz said "We are slavishly devoted to open standards..." and the team showed off how well the various stack components work together starting out with project planning jumping to integrated budgeting with the PeopleSoft and Hyperion technology then to the Retail solutions and CRM.

Overall a nice beginning to the day. I am off to sessions....

The Twitter tag for the event is #OOW09 its a lot to consume but many good items are coming through. @Merv Merv Adrian is also here and he's doing a great job covering things.

]]> Oracle Mon, 12 Oct 2009 11:26:45 -0700
Trick Your Boss into Using Twitter dilbert.jpg

]]> Friday Funny Fri, 09 Oct 2009 05:17:37 -0700
Larry Ellison - MySQL and Oracle never compete Churchill Club in CA discusses the lack of competition between Oracle and MySQL.


Watch the entire interview here.

]]> Oracle Wed, 07 Oct 2009 05:11:50 -0700
Top 10 articles, White papers and News for September 2009 ReTweet this Blog Post

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White Papers
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  6. Guide to Evaluating Two-Factor Solutions for Healthcare Environments
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  10. Business Analytics for the CIO

  1. SAP AG Aquires Majority Shareholding in SAF Simulation, Analysis and Forecasting AG
  2. Pink OTC Markets Inc. Cuts Reporting Time, Hardware and Programming Costs with Vertica and Syncsort
  3. Medical Mutual of Ohio Selects Callidus Software's Insurance Suite
  4. Maasstad Hospital in Rotterdam Uses BI and Performance Management Solutions from Information Builders
  5. BeyeNETWORK Discusses how SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Brings Business Intelligence to All Business Users
  6. Recombinant Data Corp. Implements a Translational Research Solution at the University of Massachusetts Medical School
  7. Kalido to Directly Sell a Custom-Built Netezza TwinFin Data Warehouse Appliance
  8. EYC Selects Netezza
  9. InetSoft Technology Announces Style Intelligence for Salesforce
  10. SAP Named Leader of the Software Sector of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes
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Business Intelligence Cloud Project - Journal Its not always about the technology....
As we continue to work with Steve Dine and his group at Datasource Consulting I have identified a trait that is critical to a successful project. If you had asked me prior to beginning this I would have provided a standard answer like the technology or the platform or the data quality and while all of these play a key role in the success of the project none of them is as important as the ability to listen. Steve and his group have this skill and their ability to understand our data and its traits is very compelling. As they have utilized Talend to populate our cloud based architecture the Q and A between his team and mine is growing at a fever pitch and the questions illustrate just how seriously they take our data. Today's call included a quick conversation about 290 records that didn't have the required attributes we determined that a process issue in our session variable for the sites was partially to blame and if Steve didn't have a firm grasp of the data this may have gone completely unnoticed. The by product of good listening has been the leadership that comes from it. It insures we can move forward at the highest possible speed towards what I believe is going to be a very strong solution. Bringing together cloud technology, JasperSoft and Talend is a highly technical undertaking but as mentioned above its clear that listening can over shadow the technology at least in the early execution stages of the project.

For all of you out there looking to start a business intelligence project be sure you have a serious comfort level when it comes to explaining your business and the data that supports it. If you even think for a moment that the consultant doesn't understand or care deeply about your business or data run the other way!

Congratulations to Steve and his team for executing on this critical skill.
]]> BI Cloud Project Wed, 23 Sep 2009 05:21:15 -0700