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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a Cofounder & Technical Advisor here at the BeyeNETWORK. Having covered the business intelligence and data warehousing industry for more than 15 years, I'm looking forward to a more interactive form of communication with all of you. Please share your comments and thoughts!



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A great opportunity to share your experiences with the community and to receive a free copy of some great research on the "Organization of Business Intelligence - Managing, Budgeting and Benefits of Business Intelligence Initiatives".

This research is provided by the BeyeNETWORK partners in Germany and will provide a global perspective on the topics. 

Business Intelligence is usually strongly focused on the technical implementation and challenges involved. However, organizational challenges need to be addressed as well.

This research examines how business intelligence initiatives are managed and budgeted and what the benefits of such initiatives are.

Get your free copy of the results and win $50 Amazon vouchers by taking part in the survey here:https://digiumenterprise.com/answer/?sid=416955&chk=ZCJHHU97


Thank you for your support!

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Posted February 5, 2010 3:51 PM
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Many of you have utilized the highly respected OLAP Report over the past 15 years when making vendor selections or researching the market. Keeping with the times The OLAP Report has a new name -- The BI Verdict -- and has now moved to a new Web site at www.bi-verdict.com

In the interest of being transparent I have to saw that I partner with the company who produces this product but for years prior we have had access to the research and found it to be some of the best in the business. The BI Verdict is produced by BARC's team of experienced business intelligence software analysts and industry guru Nigel Pendse.

The new version of the site offers a low-priced starter-level subscription -- entitled The BI Market Guide -- giving you access to an exclusive area of The BI Verdict Web site.

The BI Market Guide is designed to steer you through the early stages of your tool selection project. With an overview of the BI market, advice on selecting BI software and product strategy guides to some of the major vendors, it will help you:

  • Get your BI software selection project up and running in the right direction
  • Gain an understanding of the flavors of BI software available
  • Find out which products are suited to your requirements
  • Benefit from proven advice on how to run a successful project
  • Save time and money by taking the advice of vendor-independent experts
If you decide to upgrade to a full subscription of The BI Verdict, you will benefit from a special upgrade price.

Posted November 5, 2009 12:41 PM
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Intrinsic Executive Search  has recently released a survey of CXO and VP Level Executives who work in the European Enterprise Software markets for their opinions on the performance of various technology areas in 2009

A total of 134 participants took part in the survey.

Section 1: Risk Management Software - The Number One Prediced Software Area in 2009, whilst 75% believe Business Intelligence will achieve big or small growth

Section 2: Most Difficult European Country to Hire Quality Staff:

Section 3: Opinion on the European Market for 2009

Section 4: Levels of Enterprise Software Spending for 2009

For better details download the PDF found here.

Posted March 31, 2009 5:18 AM
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Ouch that's a tough title isn't?

But it is part of the insights that BARC found in its latest version of The BI Survey 8 by Nigel Pendse. 2622 professionals took part in the survey this year creating an incredible pool of insight into the business intelligence market.

"BI vendors have a much rosier view of their offerings than their customers," said Nigel Pendse, author of The BI Survey 8. "This discrepancy is particularly evident in the perception of support quality provided by vendors. More than 51% of vendors claimed they delivered excellent product support, but only 27% of users and 24% of implementation consultants agreed."

"But it doesn't end there," Pendse continued. "While vendors do not believe slow query performance is a significant issue, it is the most commonly-reported problem by users. Instead, vendors blame BI deployment problems on customer issues, such as poor quality data and company politics. Vendors are unlikely to fix product problems that they don't even acknowledge."

The Survey provides detailed information on 23 BI products from vendors including IBM, Microsoft (MSFT), Oracle (ORCL) and SAP, BARC is a partner of the Network so I get to see the entire report and I have to admit its one of the strongest I've seen. If your looking into a new BI solution you eally need to get a copy of this report.

You can get a free preview along with a free chapter here at this link.

Posted March 27, 2009 4:22 AM
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I thought I'd do a bit of a recap on the event so far. Its my first visit to London so everything here is a bit new. I can saw however that there is a certain element of comfort in that I have gotten to see many of my friends at the event. The attendance is great over 600+ and the content is reasonably solid as well. I say reasonably only because they are forced to span the advanced to the elementary in many of the talks so its difficult to keep all of us happy all the time.

Andreas Bitterer kicked things off yesterday and shared his latest research: Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, 1Q07. The leaders quadrant continues to contain Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, Oracle and SAS. New comer to the report is Spotfire who was included due to it's "innovative analysis capabilities and positioning".


Microsoft's Alex Payne spoke in a session yesterday to a standing room only audience as he presented the importance of pervasive business intelligence. An interesting point was discussed during the session concerning pricing. The bottom line being that low cost or "cheap pricing" doesn't always mean that a product isn't enterprise quality or feature rich. Alex drove the point home by unveiling the new pricing options available and it caused a few gasps in the room. In short, enterprise ready business intelligence at extremely aggressive pricing has officially arrived.

Several people left the room in a rush after the slide went up, its possible not everyone in the space is pleased with the new pricing?

I hope to have more on the Microsoft piece today.

Posted January 31, 2007 6:51 AM
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