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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a Cofounder & Technical Advisor here at the BeyeNETWORK. Having covered the business intelligence and data warehousing industry for more than 15 years, I'm looking forward to a more interactive form of communication with all of you. Please share your comments and thoughts!



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I had a great meeting today with Don Whitehead Director of Marketing and Tim Butchart VP - Worldwide Data Management & Storage Sales for SGI. SGI and Oracle have teamed up by introducing a scalable Oracle Optimized Warehouse. The new offering consists of a 1.25 TB building block that scales to 5TB and takes advantage of Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL). The pre-configured and pre-built SGI® Adaptive Data Warehouse Solution integrates Oracle Database software, SGI® Altix® servers and SGI® Infinite Storage systems.

SGI is partnering with open source leader Pentaho as well as Vero Insight to broaden the solution with reporting and data mining feature sets. SGI is finding growth opportunities within large and small companies and presently has a dozen projects that are over a petabyte in size. The niche for them is in the area of helping companies grow existing data warehouse installations that are growing rapidly and supporting heavy analytic job loads.

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Posted September 23, 2008 5:35 AM
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I get invited to this meeting every year and it's always worth the time (thanks Kim). Teradata does a great job making the two day event engaging and informative. The executive team makes the event a priority and we get briefed by everyone.

Elizabeth Corley - VP of Communications and Infrastructure
Randy Lea - VP of Products and Service
Ed White - Director of Product Marketing
Dave Schrader - Director of Marketing and Strategy
Dan Graham - Enterprise Integration Program Manager
Dave Klumb - VP of Global Field Operations
Todd Walter - CTO
Tom Russell - Data Architecture and Modeling Solutions
Michael Goul - Teradata University
Mark Shainman - Senior Product Manager
Sam Gragg - VP CRM Solutions
Arlene Zaima - Strategic Analytics Program Manager
Sam Tawfik - Program Manager

I wanted to list the group to say thank you for your time but to also highlight how serious Teradata is when it comes to educating professionals. The opportunity to deep dive into a solution like Teradata for two days in invaluable.

I am taking away a ton of product information but at the same time a refreshed view of how they are approaching the industry. Their new family of products and features is making it easier for Teradata to embrace the challenges of their clients and prospects. In the past Teradata has been a bit inflexible around its methodologies and for good reason many of them have proven out to be Best Practice solutions. They are now taking a more agile approach to working with their clients and I think it will broaden their success in the marketplace. This isn't good news for the companies that compete with them. Much of what I saw this week was innovative, cutting edge and as I said above agile.

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Posted July 22, 2008 1:23 PM
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IAP%20Small.jpg kalido%20logo.jpg

Bill Hewitt, President and CEO, Kalido started his presentation with a quote that he said in October 2006. It sets the stage for the core value proposition that Kalido is delivering in the industry.

“In the future, information will be delivered as a service, where information producers, information consumers, and information managers will create, consume and distribute information in near real-time.”

The Kalido Information Engine:
Kalido Business Information Modeler
• Patent-pending, gesture-based modeling speeds model development
• Multiple interface layers for business, data architects and operations
Kalido Universal Information Director
Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse

• Robust enterprise functionality automates and streamlines warehouse deployment
• Flexible business model-driven warehouse manages and tracks all changes to data
• Seamless integration to multiple Business Intelligence Platforms
• 100% wizard-driven, allows report changes in hours instead of days
Kalido Master Data Management
• Business-model-driven, subject-area-independent MDM
• Customizable work flow, web-services based API and reporting tables for easy integration

Kalido delivers a shared business model that can be understood by all sides, the information providers, consumers and the administrators/managers in between.

They are showing how the MDM system works, its nice that they have distilled a mission critical function to a simple and intuitive UI, being that I am more a business person if I get it then it must be simple.

This is my first time seeing Kalido in action. I am impressed.

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Posted July 2, 2008 10:45 AM
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One of the best parts about the Network's growing presence in Europe is I get to meet companies that are providing great value in regional markets that may not be on your radar. illuminate is a new type of data warehouse that provides greater flexibility than other solutions. The way illuminate organizes data allows it to provide the following to its clients.


Advantages of illuminate
With illuminate it is simple to ask new questions or to build new reports. There will be no need to restructure the data warehouse.


With illuminate it is easy to add new data, data sources, or fields. Again, there will be no need to restructure the data warehouse.


Using illuminate speeds up the entire process:

The business analysis phase becomes very short. There is no need to anticipate queries and reports in advance.

The logical design phase is also short. There is no need for dimensions or other structures.

The physical design phase is highly simplified. There is no need for optimizations or clustered storage on disk.

The build phase is easy and highly automated. All decomposition and value-indexing is done automatically during load-time.

Complex queries can be built very fast with the special exploration tool. There is no need for complex SQL statements for these queries.

All searches and queries are executed very fast because they always use indexed data.

illuminate has passionate employees and is poised for great things check them out here

Posted January 23, 2008 6:13 AM
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I'm in Anaheim today with my friend Bill Inmon at the DW 2.0 Conference. This is the inaugural event of what I suspect to be many events to come. Its the first time Bill has taught his DW 2.0 curriculum to a large audience. The event is very well attended and offers participants a 3 day crash course in the next generation data warehouse direct from the father of the original data warehouse.

The event started out this morning with a full day hosted by Bill covering the introduction to the world of DW 2.0 wrapping this evening with a reception and vendor exposition. Tuesday and Wednesday's schedule is full of expert driven break out sessions drilling down into the various niches of how the DW 2.0 will impact your enterprise going forward.

Here is a list of some of the experts who are participating:

  • Bryan Rockoff - A Scorecard for DW 2.0 Readiness
  • John Ladley - Aligning the Business and DW 2.0
  • Maureen Clarry - Great Minds Think...Differently
  • Ronald R. Schrimp, Sr. - Integrating DW 2.0 with Advances in Healthcare BI
  • Daniel E. Linstedt - Application of the Data Vault to the DW 2.0 Architecture
  • Derek Strauss - BI Demand Management Using DW 2.0 Thinking to Collaboratively Draw Up an Architectural Blueprint and Cycle Plan
  • Michael Sedlmayer - DW 2.0 and Storage Technologies
  • Biaggio McPhee - Cost Justification and Return on Investment in Data Warehousing
  • Sid Adelman - Capturing Intellectual Capital in Metadata
  • Ellen Rubin - Data Warehouse Appliances: Empowering Companies to Deliver Unparalleled Business Intelligence
  • Jill Doché - CDI, MDM, and DW 2.0: What to Do, What to Know
  • Stephen Pace - Building Data Warehouses That Fully Support Time Variance … And A Business Case
  • Donald J. Soulsby - Integrating Metadata into the Architecture of DW 2.0
  • Lowell Ferryman - The Center of Excellence for DW 2.0: What is Working, What is Not
  • Joyce Norris-Montanari - Is the ODS and MDM One and the Same?
  • Bonnie O'Neil - Data Unification and Harmonization: the Silver Bullet for Data Integration

    This should be a must event on your calender next year.

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  • Posted November 14, 2006 11:01 AM
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