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Is it me or shouldn't every city have a business intelligence and performance management system like the one just rolled out in New York? The new Citywide Performance Reporting (CPR) system powered by Oracle and designed to give every citizen insight into 40 agencies and 100's of KPI's is a very cool idea.

Any citizen logged into the system can quickly have a dashboard view of just about any city agencies performance. If your interested in street cleaning, potholes or the trend this past year on firefighter response time its all at your fingertips. The performance indicators provide insight into critical agency measures and performance comparisons over time. It's graphical and very easy to use.

So does this mean that the 8.2 million residents of New York are part of the worlds most pervasive Performance Management system? I'm not sure but I really wish my city offered this type of insight.

Did you know that murder is down 18% in New York this year? The citizens of NY do.


Here a couple interesting links to the story.

Mayor Bloomberg Unveils Citywide Performance Reporting (CPR)

Frank Buytendijk Blog at Oracle

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Posted February 21, 2008 2:08 PM
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Terrific example of how BI is changing the way business works. BI is imperative with some of the popular initiatives such as six sigma and lean manufacturing. Without BI and PM sustainability will be less than stellar.

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