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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a Cofounder & Technical Advisor here at the BeyeNETWORK. Having covered the business intelligence and data warehousing industry for more than 15 years, I'm looking forward to a more interactive form of communication with all of you. Please share your comments and thoughts!



November 2006 Archives

You can't help but laugh at this one. For those of you who love Firefox you will like this.

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Posted November 30, 2006 7:59 AM
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We talk a lot about getting business intelligence into the hands of everyone who needs it. Over the past year or two the vendor community has recognized this need and seems to be tracking toward that goal. But once a technology has been selected who is truly responsible for the adoption? Companies that are successful generally have passionate, creative team leaders who "get it". I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Dean at a Cognos User Conference this year and was struck by her out of the box thinking and attitude. Susan is the Business Intelligence Director at Mölnlycke Health Care US, LLC and she and her team have taken the challenge of business intelligence adoption head on.

Perhaps her best tool is the book her team created titled "Cognos 4 Dummies, The complete guide for using Cognos to make reports, presentations and targeting easier". A 90+ page guide for users to discover Cognos Cheat Sheets, The stuff We Always Forget, Whats Available and Where is it and a bunch more. Its an incredible resource and one that according to Susan was developed out of necessity, her team is small. They needed a way to service the users (100+) without sacrificing their ability to evolve and grow.

From an ROI standpoint Susan's efforts have been rewarded, monthly forecasting has taken huge leaps in time savings up to 75% reduction, they have grown the business intelligence reach into the marketing department and other critical areas of the business. Susan has partnered with Cognos to create a culture that services her business users like clients and Cognos has worked with Susan to match service needs to the business in order to continue the fostering and adoption.

Susan would be mad if I finished this post without sharing the spotlight, she will tell you that this can't be done without a solid and dedicated team and and executive group that gets it as well. Susan also gives credit to Cognos for taking the standard vendor relationship outside the box.

Susan has been known to wear t-shirts promoting BI use at her company and she attends every user group so keep an eye out for her at the next Cognos function.

Keep up the good work Susan!!

UPDATE: 07/24/07 As of today I have sent out 100 copies of the Cognos for Dummies PDF. I am glad you all are enjoying the resource. Again, my thanks to Susan Dean and her team for creating it.

UPDATE: 09/02/07 Follow this link to see an update about distribution - Keep those requests coming!!

UPDATE 11/04/07 Susan Dean the Author of Cognos 4 Dummies stopped by the blog this past week and was stunned to see how many of you are enjoying the resource. She hopes to update it in the near future and will add Cognos 8 information as well. Thanks Susan!!!

UPDATE 1/29/08 File alert the PDF is 5 Meg so if you have requested it and not received it it was probably rejected by your mail server. Feel free to re-request it using a Gmail or Hotmail type account. I've lost track of how many have gone out but as you can see I get 2 -4 requests almost every day.

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Posted November 28, 2006 11:12 AM
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Ok, you want business intelligence but you don't have the resources (people, money) to build out a data warehouse, implement applications and then manage all of it going forward. A scary proposition at best and more than likely the reason many mid market companies are still lost in Excel hell.

LucidEra has launched a hosted business intelligence solution that does many of the chores for you. The company is headed up by Ken Rudin former VP and General Manager of Siebel CRM OnDemand at Siebel Systems. The solution is fully featured and includes Pre-built connectors to common data sources. Data extraction, transformation, and loading technology that transfers source data into the LucidEra database. A data cleansing service that deduplicates, merges, and matches data from multiple sources. The database is optimized for query and reporting and houses the user's combined data. An OLAP server delivers multidimensional views of the data for analysis. The user interface allows the creation of the business reports that the user will access.

The interesting thing about this announcement is where it impacts the market. LucidEra is providing a solution much like Salesforce.com. When many companies couldn't justify the cost of an enterprise CRM system they found a home in on demand hosted solutions and I think the same can happen in the business intelligence space. So the question is....is LucidEra salesforce.com for business intelligence? I've known Ken for a long time and if his past success is an indicator of future results this technology probably is.

A podcast is available if your interested in more information.

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Posted November 15, 2006 10:22 AM
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I'm in Anaheim today with my friend Bill Inmon at the DW 2.0 Conference. This is the inaugural event of what I suspect to be many events to come. Its the first time Bill has taught his DW 2.0 curriculum to a large audience. The event is very well attended and offers participants a 3 day crash course in the next generation data warehouse direct from the father of the original data warehouse.

The event started out this morning with a full day hosted by Bill covering the introduction to the world of DW 2.0 wrapping this evening with a reception and vendor exposition. Tuesday and Wednesday's schedule is full of expert driven break out sessions drilling down into the various niches of how the DW 2.0 will impact your enterprise going forward.

Here is a list of some of the experts who are participating:

  • Bryan Rockoff - A Scorecard for DW 2.0 Readiness
  • John Ladley - Aligning the Business and DW 2.0
  • Maureen Clarry - Great Minds Think...Differently
  • Ronald R. Schrimp, Sr. - Integrating DW 2.0 with Advances in Healthcare BI
  • Daniel E. Linstedt - Application of the Data Vault to the DW 2.0 Architecture
  • Derek Strauss - BI Demand Management Using DW 2.0 Thinking to Collaboratively Draw Up an Architectural Blueprint and Cycle Plan
  • Michael Sedlmayer - DW 2.0 and Storage Technologies
  • Biaggio McPhee - Cost Justification and Return on Investment in Data Warehousing
  • Sid Adelman - Capturing Intellectual Capital in Metadata
  • Ellen Rubin - Data Warehouse Appliances: Empowering Companies to Deliver Unparalleled Business Intelligence
  • Jill DochĂ© - CDI, MDM, and DW 2.0: What to Do, What to Know
  • Stephen Pace - Building Data Warehouses That Fully Support Time Variance … And A Business Case
  • Donald J. Soulsby - Integrating Metadata into the Architecture of DW 2.0
  • Lowell Ferryman - The Center of Excellence for DW 2.0: What is Working, What is Not
  • Joyce Norris-Montanari - Is the ODS and MDM One and the Same?
  • Bonnie O'Neil - Data Unification and Harmonization: the Silver Bullet for Data Integration

    This should be a must event on your calender next year.

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  • Posted November 14, 2006 11:01 AM
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    I'm traveling agin this week and started loading my iPod for the trip on Monday and ended up surfing for accessories. If you are addicted to iPods like I am (I now have 5 in my house) you will want to visit the iLounge 2006 Buyers Guide. It got the hottest stuff for all iPod models.

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    Posted November 12, 2006 12:11 AM
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