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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a Cofounder & Technical Advisor here at the BeyeNETWORK. Having covered the business intelligence and data warehousing industry for more than 15 years, I'm looking forward to a more interactive form of communication with all of you. Please share your comments and thoughts!



Now that's an interesting statement. When we pick up a phone we have an expectation that we can connect to what/who we need. Peter Griffiths Senior Vice President of Cognos believes that BI should be much the same. It should be supported by a single tool/solution, be extremely easy to use and enable collaboration and exchange of information. I have to admit I agree. Cognos is working hard to be the dial tone of business performance and business intelligence. According to Peter over 5 years ago Cognos recognized the need to move toward this level of business service, ReportNet was the cornerstone Cognos 8 now offers a single platform along with a single tool for enterprise wide "pervasive business intelligence".

Our next step is wrap BI around a person....Peter Griffiths, Cognos

Cognos intends to continue their focus in the Global 3500. I asked Peter about the impact of open source and other solutions entering the performance market space and if they will have an effect on Cognos. While these solutions might fit the needs of smaller companies it won't have an effect on who Cognos is serving. Cognos will continue it's dedication to the enterprise and to scalability, along with delivering self service BI to that reaches across the enterprise offering power and simplicity.

Posted June 26, 2006 3:48 PM
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Hmm, well sounds like they already have you drinking the Cognos Kool-Aid. Hope you have deep pockets because Cognos would charge you money to take a dump if they could. A bunch of proprietary bulloney and Microsoft is going to slowly and methodically hand their lunch to them. Look at Microsoft Report Builder... giving away products that Cognos tries to SELL to unsuspecting idiots.

Ouch, Mike tell us how you really feel. The Kool-aid aside I don't debate your position that Cognos and all others in the space will have challenging times ahead as Microsoft flexes it's new found business intelligence muscles. Overall, the user community will be the long term winner. This type of competition generally breeds innovation.

With that said, I have to go check my naughty word filter and tweak the rule for the word "dump"

That's funny, I wasn't trying to get around your filter...

So do you think Cognos can survive the future? I have heard that they are changing the way the do things. Guess what? My bet is they have to do it now because of the competition... they can't keep going on the way they have.


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