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Ron Powell

Thanks for visiting my blog. As co-founder of the BeyeNETWORK, acquired by TechTarget in 2010, I am privileged to participate in many industry-related activities as a BeyeNETWORK expert covering business intelligence and analytics. These events provide me with a unique insider perspective into the business intelligence ecosystem, its products and the vendors that provide those products. I'll be sharing that invaluable information with you through this blog, which will also be a reflection my business philosophy. And, just to make this interesting, I'll be sure to include my personal point of view on a wide range of topics and share some of the stories of people I meet in my travels.

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Ron, an independent analyst and consultant, has an extensive technology background in business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing. In 2005, Ron founded the BeyeNETWORK, which was acquired by Tech Target in 2010. Prior to the founding of the BeyeNETWORK, Ron was cofounder, publisher and editorial director of DM Review (now Information Management). Ron also has a wealth of consulting expertise in business intelligence, business management and marketing. He may be contacted by email at

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Recently in Customer Experience Management Category

Attensity just launched its new data grid (Attensity Data Grid) platform that enables Attensity Analyze 5.5 to run up to 180 times faster than standard relational queries. Analysis of the social media stream and other unstructured data sources can provide tremendous benefits for companies today.

For example, there are over 500,000 web forum conversations each month regarding Nokia products. These conversations contain a wealth of information that needs to monitored, analyzed and acted upon. With Attensity, Nokia can now do this in hours rather than days or months.

Attensity allows companies to accumulate, analyze, understand and take actions to respond to problems in minutes to change perception immediately and not allow a problem to explode on a viral basis over the web.
Some of the major trends that Attensity sees for 2011 are:

  • Real-time response to social media will become a top priority for companies
  • Collaboration in the workplace will align with consumer collaboration
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) will be a key part of companies' business processes.

At Teradata Partners, I interviewed Michelle de Haaff from Attensity, and here is what she had to say:


Posted January 31, 2011 9:56 AM
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