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Ron Powell

Thanks for visiting my blog. As co-founder of the BeyeNETWORK, acquired by TechTarget in 2010, I am privileged to participate in many industry-related activities as a BeyeNETWORK expert covering business intelligence and analytics. These events provide me with a unique insider perspective into the business intelligence ecosystem, its products and the vendors that provide those products. I'll be sharing that invaluable information with you through this blog, which will also be a reflection my business philosophy. And, just to make this interesting, I'll be sure to include my personal point of view on a wide range of topics and share some of the stories of people I meet in my travels.

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Ron, an independent analyst and consultant, has an extensive technology background in business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing. In 2005, Ron founded the BeyeNETWORK, which was acquired by Tech Target in 2010. Prior to the founding of the BeyeNETWORK, Ron was cofounder, publisher and editorial director of DM Review (now Information Management). Ron also has a wealth of consulting expertise in business intelligence, business management and marketing. He may be contacted by email at

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October 2012 Archives

Okay, this post isn't really about ghosts and goblins, but I bet I got your attention. I couldn't resist sharing a big data infographic from Actian. This Halloween-themed infographic shows the results of a survey of CIOs and their perceptions, challenges and expectations for big data solutions.

ActianHalloween495.jpgHappy Halloween!

Posted October 31, 2012 7:00 AM
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With election day just a week away, we're all evaluating our choices so we'll be prepared to cast our ballots on November 6. In the spirit of educated decision making, Information Builders' Jake Freivald, Vice President of Corporate Marketing provides a guest post and infographic for my blog -- this time focusing on education. (If you didn't see his Decision 2012 healthcare blog, click here.

Here's Jake's guest post:

Everyone believes that higher education should be a priority for America, but they differ on the ways in which it should be addressed. President Obama has pushed plans for student loan forgiveness and consolidation, hoping that by providing the funding that families need, more people will be able to afford the education needed to stay competitive. Governor Romney says that "a flood of federal dollars is driving up tuition and burdening too many young Americans with substantial debt and too few opportunities." (See:
Regardless of our individual opinions on the situation, it's clear that the federal government is investing large amounts of money in loans and grants that will help students get a college education. Since that's unlikely to change immediately, we can focus narrowly on the question: What is that investment getting us?
The infographic below highlights some of the questions and a few answers that we should be asking to determine where this money should go, regardless of who the President is in the next four years.
It also shows why business intelligence -- and predictive analytics in particular, probably using big data stores that collect information on millions of student loan recipients -- will be important for institutions and the government in the next five years.
Feel free to share this infographic with your friends and colleagues. And I'll be back a little later in the week with one more post, this time on financial regulations. Stay tuned!

IB_Election-Infographic_ED_FINAL copy495.png

Posted October 30, 2012 9:30 AM
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With the presidential election fast approaching, I'm pleased to provide a guest post and great infographic from Information Builders' Jake Freivald, Vice President of Corporate Marketing. I think you'll agree that no matter which candidate we support, we will all want to vote for the Business Intelligence Ticket (found below)!

Here's Jake's post:

"I don't think a working mom in Denver should have to wait to get a mammogram just because money is tight. I don't think a college student in Colorado Springs should have to choose between textbooks and the preventive care she needs. That's why we have this law. It was the right thing to do."
President Barack Obama: Campaign Speech, Denver, 8/8/12
"The reason health care is so expensive... [is] not just because of insurance, it's because of the cost of providing care. And one reason for that is the person who receives care in America generally doesn't care how much it costs, because once they've paid their deductible, it's free. And the provider, the more they do, the more they get paid.... What we have to do is make sure that individuals have a concern and care about how much something costs."
Governor Mitt Romney: 2011 Tea Party Express Debate, Tampa, FL, 9/12/11
The presidential candidates have stark differences over healthcare. Governor Romney thinks costs are going up because consumers aren't focused on them enough; President Obama thinks costs are high enough that we need to relieve people from thinking about them too much.
There's no question, though, that business intelligence will play a large part in containing the dramatic costs that threaten to overwhelm our personal and governmental budgets. Whether it helps healthcare providers achieve greater efficiencies and attain meaningful use of electronic health records, or whether it helps government agencies eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicaid and Medicare, we'll need business intelligence and analytics to help us make smarter decisions about where our money goes.
Perhaps we'll even see some business intelligence delivered to us end consumers to help us make choices about our own healthcare. The question is: Will it help us choose plans in a governmental exchange, or will it help us choose which plan to spend our vouchers on? Stay tuned for November 6 and check back next week for related posts on more hot button election topics!


Posted October 26, 2012 7:00 AM
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