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John Myers

Hey all-

Welcome to my blog. The fine folks at the BeyeNETWORK™ have provided me with this forum to offer opinion and insight into the worlds of telcommunications (telecom) and business activity monitoring (BAM). But as with any blog, I am sure that we (yes we... since blogging is a "team sport"...) will explore other tangents that intersect the concepts of telecom and BAM.

In this world of "Crossfire" intellectual engagement (i.e. I yell louder therefore I win the argument), I will try to offer my opinion in a constructive manner. If I truly dislike a concept, I will do my best to offer an alternative as opposed to simply attempting to prove my point by disproving someone else's. I ask that people who post to this blog follow in my lead.

Let the games begin....

About the author >

John Myers, a senior analyst in the business intelligence (BI) practice at  Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). In this role, John delivers comprehensive coverage of the business intelligence and data warehouse industry with a focus on database management, data integration, data visualization, and process management solutions. Prior to joining EMA, John spent over ten years working with business analytics implementations associated with the telecommunications industry.

John may be contacted by email at JMyers@enterprisemanagement.com.

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I saw the following note from Andrew LaValee (thank you @tamaradull on Twitter) and nearly fell off my chair...

"A bill forcing cellphone cameras to make a sound when taking shots has been introduced in Congress, with its sponsor citing voyeuristic and exploitative picture-taking as the reason behind it."

While I am all for preventing the types of activities that this regulation/legislation is attempting to curb, it is really solving the root cause or merely attempting to put a band-aid on the symptom?

Like "hands-free" mobile device regulation/legislation, the government is attempting to keep people from behaving in a certain way by removing one avenue for the behavior ( ie less than chivalrous character or driving stupidly... ).  Perhaps legislators should focus their efforts on education programs and enforcing existing laws/regulations rather than increasing the costs and complexity of commercial offerings.

I would have thought that regulation/legislative experiments like ... ohh... say Prohibition... would have given a clue that correcting a "symptom" isn't the solution to the root cause.

NOTE - For anyone interested, the new version of "Horton Hears a Who" gives a great example of what I am talking about.  Dr. Suess was a wise man well beyond his medium of children's books....


Posted February 4, 2009 8:00 AM
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