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John Myers

Hey all-

Welcome to my blog. The fine folks at the BeyeNETWORK™ have provided me with this forum to offer opinion and insight into the worlds of telcommunications (telecom) and business activity monitoring (BAM). But as with any blog, I am sure that we (yes we... since blogging is a "team sport"...) will explore other tangents that intersect the concepts of telecom and BAM.

In this world of "Crossfire" intellectual engagement (i.e. I yell louder therefore I win the argument), I will try to offer my opinion in a constructive manner. If I truly dislike a concept, I will do my best to offer an alternative as opposed to simply attempting to prove my point by disproving someone else's. I ask that people who post to this blog follow in my lead.

Let the games begin....

About the author >

John Myers, a senior analyst in the business intelligence (BI) practice at  Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). In this role, John delivers comprehensive coverage of the business intelligence and data warehouse industry with a focus on database management, data integration, data visualization, and process management solutions. Prior to joining EMA, John spent over ten years working with business analytics implementations associated with the telecommunications industry.

John may be contacted by email at JMyers@enterprisemanagement.com.

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December 2008 Archives

Remember when ATMs were the “new” thing.  The novelty of using an ATM was fun for “early adopters” and the technology was expensive for the banks.  Sure 24x7 without having to pay a teller, but the hardware was expensive and sometimes with errors.

The following article on Mobile Banking seems to make the case that wireless banking apps are the same as ATMs from the 1970s.  Expensive cost centers for the early adopters.  The interesting slant is that banks can/should generate some type of incentive or advertisement to the handset as an offsetting revenue stream to the expense of Mobile Banking.

Hmmm…. I’m not sure that is the best business case.  Yes, Mobile Banking is a cost center at this point in time.  However, as we move from the early adopters into the early majority to late majority:



Those very same banking IT guys will find that Mobile Banking represents the same operations savings for banks that ATMs do today.  They just need to think 2–3 years down the road and not to the end of Q2 or Q3….

Posted December 5, 2008 8:00 AM
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Most telecoms are currently under pressure to cut costs and to focus on revenue facing activities.  If you are a Call Center Manager/Director, here are some unorthodox strategies (ie jokes) from Greg Levin that you can use the next time that the budget guys come a calling…

However, on a serious note, the Call Center can the center of the Customer Experience concept for a telecom.  Brad Cleveland has a set of principles that will help to establish a successful and profitable customer relationship.

Posted December 3, 2008 8:00 AM
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One of my favorite parts of my iPhone is the screen.  While I wasn’t upset with the quality of the screen on my old Nokia E62, the iPhone screen is much better by comparison.

It looks like we will soon see even bigger screens for mobile devices.  But it begs the question:

Wouldn’t you be better off with a “smaller” laptop with the ability to send voice calls (ie skype or other) than you would with a mobile device that you have to fold out a screen and/or keyboard?

Occam’s Razor says that you should strive for the simple over the complicated.  Perhaps a folding screen is one example of getting too cleaver by half… :)

Posted December 2, 2008 8:00 AM
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For many years, telecom service providers have focused on concepts like customer churn and loyalty using devices like Early Termination Fees and two year contracts.  However, the leading customer satisfaction numbers  in the telecom industry would be 2nd or 3rd class ratings in just about any other industry.  With the changes in the world wide economy, things are going to have to change with the focus of the telecom service providers.

There is going to be a new analyst report out soon that details some of the issues that telecoms will face in 2009 that they haven’t in recent years.  One key area according to Thomas Wehmeier is Quality of Service:

"It's time for operators to get their house in order. Now is not the time for a second rate service experience."

I whole heartedly agree with Wehmeier’s opinion.  It is time for telecoms to understand that customers will become more focused on how their “vendors of choice” treat them and be more detailed in their analysis of the value proposition those organizations provide.  2009 won’t be about what the telecom wants… It will be about what the customer wants and is willing / capable to pay.

Posted December 1, 2008 8:00 AM
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