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Mark Madsen

Open source is becoming a required option for consideration in many enterprise software evaluations, and business intelligence (BI) isn't exempt. This blog is the interactive part of my Open Source expert channel for the Business Intelligence Network where you can suggest and discuss news and events. The focus is on open source as it relates to analytics, business intelligence, data integration and data warehousing. If you would like to suggest an article or link, send an e-mail to me at open_source_links@ThirdNature.net.

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Mark, President of Third Nature, is a former CTO and CIO with experience working in both IT and vendors, including a stint at a company used as a Harvard Business School case study. Over the past decade, Mark has received awards for his work in data warehousing, business intelligence and data integration from the American Productivity & Quality Center, the Smithsonian Institute and TDWI. He is co-author of Clickstream Data Warehousing and lectures and writes about data integration, business intelligence and emerging technology.

March 2008 Archives

I like to read a little reality injection to counter the open source hype. Open source isn't going to go away, but neither is it a monumental change that will make the Microsofts and SAPs of the world dry up and blow away. It will change some businesses in good ways, others in bad ways, and provide some new opportunities. I enjoyed Fake Steve skewering the more religious side, though I disagree with some of his conclusions in there. His new term to add to the open source lexicon is "freetard".

Posted March 7, 2008 6:11 PM
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Seth Grimes has a writeup on Greenplum's commitment to Bizgres, which is something I've looked at a couple times myself. Rather than repeat saying what he already wrote up, I suggest checking it out at the IE blog. I've talked with them more recently so I added a couple comments to his post.

Bottom line: I'd think twice about using Bizgres in a production environment simply because of the apparently small community of users, and the minimal emphasis on Bizgres by Greenplum. If they follow through with more community support, that would alleviate my concerns.

I'm not really sure why they wanted to put this out there as a supported project, other than for research input and testing of desired features. They have a lot on their hands building the Greenplum database, let alone distracting from their core business on what, by their own admission, is a seed project that is the single-node database you scale out of with the Greenplum database.

Posted March 6, 2008 4:55 PM
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