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Dan Linstedt

Bill Inmon has given me this wonderful opportunity to blog on his behalf. I like to cover everything from DW2.0 to integration to data modeling, including ETL/ELT, SOA, Master Data Management, Unstructured Data, DW and BI. Currently I am working on ways to create dynamic data warehouses, push-button architectures, and automated generation of common data models. You can find me at Denver University where I participate on an academic advisory board for Masters Students in I.T. I can't wait to hear from you in the comments of my blog entries. Thank-you, and all the best; Dan Linstedt,

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Cofounder of Genesee Academy, RapidACE, and, Daniel Linstedt is an internationally known expert in data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics, very large data warehousing (VLDW), OLTP and performance and tuning. He has been the lead technical architect on enterprise-wide data warehouse projects and refinements for many Fortune 500 companies. Linstedt is an instructor of The Data Warehousing Institute and a featured speaker at industry events. He is a Certified DW2.0 Architect. He has worked with companies including: IBM, Informatica, Ipedo, X-Aware, Netezza, Microsoft, Oracle, Silver Creek Systems, and Teradata.  He is trained in SEI / CMMi Level 5, and is the inventor of The Matrix Methodology, and the Data Vault Data modeling architecture. He has built expert training courses, and trained hundreds of industry professionals, and is the voice of Bill Inmons' Blog on

My book on the Business of Data Vault Modeling, approach and archtitecture is finally available after 7 years. If you'd like to purchase it, you can grab a copy from (here: If you'd like a signed copy, please contact me directly with all your information. Bill Inmon has kindly written the forward for the book.

The Data Vault Model and approach to implementation is the next paradigm shift in accordance with DW2.0

It has been a long time coming, but we finally have all the right pieces in place now. The Data Vault model and approach to implementing EDW's for real-time, unstructured data, operational data warehouses, and strategic data warehouses is critical to success moving forward. If you want to find out why (from a business perspective), the book is a great resource to guiding you through the mitigation strategies that exist today.

The Data Vault modeling principles are based on (backed with) SEI/CMMI Level 5, Six Sigma, Lean Initiatives, Cycle Time Reduction, and Business Activity Management components.

Let me know what you think of the book.

I've got new blog entries coming soon.

Dan Linstedt

Posted May 25, 2008 10:01 PM
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1 Comment

Dan, I am really glad to see this book come out. Many thanks for using the pages of to share the success of the Data Vault with my readers over the years. Bob Seiner, Publisher of The Data Administration Newsletter

Note to readers: If you have not read Dan's stuff, visit the archives of or search on 'Data Vault' on those pages to get a taste and then most definitely get the book from Dan for the complete meal.

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