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Bill Inmon has given me this wonderful opportunity to blog on his behalf. I like to cover everything from DW2.0 to integration to data modeling, including ETL/ELT, SOA, Master Data Management, Unstructured Data, DW and BI. Currently I am working on ways to create dynamic data warehouses, push-button architectures, and automated generation of common data models. You can find me at Denver University where I participate on an academic advisory board for Masters Students in I.T. I can't wait to hear from you in the comments of my blog entries. Thank-you, and all the best; Dan Linstedt,

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Cofounder of Genesee Academy, RapidACE, and, Daniel Linstedt is an internationally known expert in data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics, very large data warehousing (VLDW), OLTP and performance and tuning. He has been the lead technical architect on enterprise-wide data warehouse projects and refinements for many Fortune 500 companies. Linstedt is an instructor of The Data Warehousing Institute and a featured speaker at industry events. He is a Certified DW2.0 Architect. He has worked with companies including: IBM, Informatica, Ipedo, X-Aware, Netezza, Microsoft, Oracle, Silver Creek Systems, and Teradata.  He is trained in SEI / CMMi Level 5, and is the inventor of The Matrix Methodology, and the Data Vault Data modeling architecture. He has built expert training courses, and trained hundreds of industry professionals, and is the voice of Bill Inmons' Blog on

Warning: this is a rant! (my appologies to my readers)
RFIDs are causing quite a stir, they have a multitude of problems, none of which seem to matter to Government officials. At least that's a part of what this report says. I'm a believer in using technology for the right task, and I do see value in RFID for specific things, but please - don't invade my personal space with RFID tags, and please - don't force it on me. Unfortunately whether we like it or not Governments around the world are heading this way, dictating the use of RFID in pass-ports, drivers licenses, and medical ID cards. I fear that in the future we may be subjected to RFID implants (as I blogged before) in order to receive service, shop for groceries, go through the airport, and so on. It's a sad day to see that ethical and privacy problems with RFID are so well documented, and so well ignored by governments.

RFID Chip in Passports - Hacked into by Security Expert, Shows flaws of information, discusses the serious nature of release of private information, and one of the surprising things they wrote about is the RFID has no "stop-gap" measures to shut-down, self-destruct, or ward off attacks. I vote for Hitting it with a blunt object so as to smash the chip.

Here's another one that raises questions about the privacy and protection of top-secret personell, top secret locations, and so on...
RFID Spy chip implanted in "hollow coin" appears in Canada

I don't know how you feel about this, but I'm certainly upset.
1. As people in a free country where the government is elected by votes, shouldn't the government be asking rather than telling us that they will implement something this invasive, without a vote, and all in the name of "security".
2. What exactly does it mean to compromise "ethics and privacy" in the name of "security"?
3. By having an RFID tag in my drivers license or passport, how much more "secure" am I really?

Here's a great report from a University on the Privacy Enhancing Technology claims for RFID, and what some of the ethical problems are:

I hope someone comes up with a device called "RFID Jammer" that can be embedded into your own clothing, placed into your wallet or stuck to your cell phone, a device that silences the radio waves or burns out the chip electronically.

Anyone can buy an RFID reader on-line, no background checks, no security, no questions asked, for about $921.00

These are questions I have, but alas, no answers. If you have articles on RFID that you'd like to share, I'd like to hear about them.

Dan L
CTO, Myers-Holum, Inc

Posted January 12, 2007 3:52 PM
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I think you (and Claudia) need to get the product I referenced in this post:

Also check out my channel for some interesting RFID news I keep up:

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