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Claudia Imhoff

Welcome to my blog.

This is another means for me to communicate, educate and participate within the Business Intelligence industry. It is a perfect forum for airing opinions, thoughts, vendor and client updates, problems and questions. To maximize the blog's value, it must be a participative venue. This means I will look forward to hearing from you often, since your input is vital to the blog's success. All I ask is that you treat me, the blog, and everyone who uses it with respect.

So...check it out every week to see what is new and exciting in our ever changing BI world.

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A thought leader, visionary, and practitioner, Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert on analytics, business intelligence, and the architectures to support these initiatives. Dr. Imhoff has co-authored five books on these subjects and writes articles (totaling more than 150) for technical and business magazines.

She is also the Founder of the Boulder BI Brain Trust, a consortium of independent analysts and consultants (www.BBBT.us). You can follow them on Twitter at #BBBT

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For my last blog of the year, I want to wish each of you Happy New Year! The year, 2008, promises to be as good a year for Business Intelligence as 20007 was...

Indeed, for 2007, we in BI had a banner year. It started off with all sorts of surveys of CIO's stating the BI was either number 1 or number 2 on their list of must-have initiatives. That stimulated all aspects of our industry from incredible innovations from vendors to job security for consultants to report after report from industry analysts.

Here are some of the highlights I remember from 2007:

1. The stock market took note of two new high profile entrants: Teradata and Netezza. Both became public companies to much fanfare and ringing of the stock exchange bell.

2. This was the year of the major merger -- Hyperion, Business Objects, and Cognos all acquiesced to high ticket bids for them. This opened up room for many of the smaller, privately funded companies to strut their stuff.

3. The Data Warehouse appliance arena got more crowded with the entrance of Dataupia, ParAccel, and InfoBright. These bright new technologies have given BI a shot in the arm in terms of low-cost, highly scalable and performing environments.

4. Open source BI starts to get real traction. Pentaho, JasperSoft, Actuate, Open BI, Talend, and a whole slew of other vendors are making in-roads into the BI mindset (see number 2).

5. Operational BI not only gets attention but also gets good technological underpinnings -- Cognos' Celequest acquisition is a good example of the technology available for this new form of BI.

6. Software as a Service comes to BI. In keeping with the pressure to reduce the costs of BI environments, many new and old vendors turn to SaaS as an alternative pricing model. New entrants here like LucidEra and Xactly sit side by side with older BI companies like Business Objects and Cognos in offering this appealing alternative.

7. HP comes out swinging with its offering of NeoView. With the annoucement of this version of a Data Warehosue Appliance along with the acquisition of Knightsbridge, HP declares it is in the BI business. Mark Hurd and Randy Mott -- both hard core BI executives -- let the world know that they plan to storm the traditional BI beach heads.

These are a few of the outstanding movements in our ever changing world. Please add your own thoughts to this blog on what 2007 meant to you.

Many thanks for your support of me and my blog. I do truly appreciate all your comments and ideas -- please keep them coming.

Have a safe and fun New Year's!

As always, yours in BI success,


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Posted December 27, 2007 8:02 AM
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1 Comment

Happy New Year, Claudia!

I want to point to another emerging trend that you identified at your excellent presentation at Teradata Partners this year -- the convergence between BI and master data management. You made a good point that MDM is being driven by the BI folks, but that is bigger than BI because it needs to be shared across all business operations.

Also, #6 on your list ought to be very interesting to watch -- many companies may find it more effective to turn to the "Cloud" for their BI applications, whether from new or established vendors. I recently spoke with a company that used SAS apps through a SaaS arrangement. Yep, SAS SaaS...

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