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Claudia Imhoff

Welcome to my blog.

This is another means for me to communicate, educate and participate within the Business Intelligence industry. It is a perfect forum for airing opinions, thoughts, vendor and client updates, problems and questions. To maximize the blog's value, it must be a participative venue. This means I will look forward to hearing from you often, since your input is vital to the blog's success. All I ask is that you treat me, the blog, and everyone who uses it with respect.

So...check it out every week to see what is new and exciting in our ever changing BI world.

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A thought leader, visionary, and practitioner, Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized expert on analytics, business intelligence, and the architectures to support these initiatives. Dr. Imhoff has co-authored five books on these subjects and writes articles (totaling more than 150) for technical and business magazines.

She is also the Founder of the Boulder BI Brain Trust, a consortium of independent analysts and consultants ( You can follow them on Twitter at #BBBT

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You seemed to like the exploding snake story so much that I have decided to include a few of the strange and weird news stories that I run across every now and then. I even have a new category for them: Weird News Stories. They will most likely have nothing to do with BI or data warehousing but should give you reason to pause and consider how lucky you are... Let me know what you think.

Here goes another one.

Visualize this: Darlington, SC police say that they caught a would-be burglar apparently attired in only his grimace. Police think that he dropped from the ceiling of the cash advance business and was caught when he tried to open the door and leave. Guess he wanted to do an early withdrawal...

Where the heck did he think he could go? Like no one would notice?

When investigators arrived at the Check 'n Go, they noticed tiles, insulation, wires and metal braces hanging from the ceiling and on the floor. They surmised that the suspected burglar took off his clothes so he could squeeze through an air vent in the ceiling. Seems to me he was darn lucky that he was the only thing to get caught...

And the ultimate irony? Police said he was wasting his time -- the cash advance business doesn't even keep money on the premises!

Posted October 13, 2005 2:40 PM
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No photos?

Yeah but I just couldn't publish those.

I have my standards.

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