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Richard Hackathorn

Welcome to my blog stream. I am focusing on the business value of low latency data, real-time business intelligence (BI), data warehouse (DW) appliances, use of virtual world technology, ethics of business intelligence and globalization of business intelligence. However, my blog entries may range widely depending on current industry events and personal life changes. So, readers beware!

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Dr. Richard Hackathorn is founder and president of Bolder Technology, Inc. He has more than thirty years of experience in the information technology industry as a well-known industry analyst, technology innovator and international educator. He has pioneered many innovations in database management, decision support, client-server computing, database connectivity, associative link analysis, data warehousing, and web farming. Focus areas are: business value of timely data, real-time business intelligence (BI), data warehouse appliances, ethics of business intelligence and globalization of BI.

Richard has published numerous articles in trade and academic publications, presented regularly at leading industry conferences and conducted professional seminars in eighteen countries. He writes regularly for the BeyeNETWORK.com and has a channel for his blog, articles and research studies. He is a member of the IBM Gold Consultants since its inception, the Boulder BI Brain Trust and the Independent Analyst Platform.

Dr. Hackathorn has written three professional texts, entitled Enterprise Database Connectivity, Using the Data Warehouse (with William H. Inmon), and Web Farming for the Data Warehouse.

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Despite the glitter of CES, there is significant news elsewhere. NCR announced that they were spinning off the Teradata Division as an independent publicly-traded company exclusively focusing on Data Warehousing. Wow!

I am not entirely clear on the equity transaction with shareholders. I am clear that this move with clarify the identity and future strategy of Teradata, who is often hidden behind the NCR corporate mystic.

I have seen the full circle. When I first visited Teradata in El Segundo, they were shipping the 'Big One' to K-Mart. Over the years, I have seen friends at Teradata go through merger hell and back. First, they were acquired by NCR and then by AT&T. Then, AT&T spun NCR back out. And now, NCR is spinning Teradata back out. Many good people left the company over those turbulent years.

I wonder... Is this the natural outcome of the DW market maturing? Can pure-play DW vendors now stand independently? Or, is this the prelude to massive consolidation within the DW market? Will Oracle (or your favorite corporate monopoly) buy Teradata? ...Any thoughts?

Whatever happens, I hope that the Teradata folks who endured through the full circle of acquisitions get special recognition. They are the seasoned vets of our IT wars.

Posted January 8, 2007 2:00 PM
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