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Seth Grimes

Welcome to my BeyeNETWORK Blog, which will focus on text analytics and other matters related to making sense of unstructured information sources in support of better enterprise decision making.

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Seth is a business intelligence and decision systems expert. He is founding chair of the Text Analytics Summit and principal consultant at Washington, D.C., based Alta Plana Corporation. Seth consults, writes, and speaks on information-systems strategy, data management and analysis systems, IT industry trends, and emerging analytical technologies. Seth chairs the Sentiment Analysis Symposium and the Text Analytics Summit.

Editor’s Note: More articles and resources are available in Seth's BeyeNETWORK Expert Channel. Be sure to visit today!

June 2009 Archives

I recently gave a series of talks -- two live presentations and a webinar -- on Text Mining, Web 3.0 & the Semantic Web.  They were sponsored by a software publisher, Nstein, but other than focusing on Nstein's media & publishing sweet spot, my talks were vendor neutral and editorially independent.

I'm thrilled that a couple of attendees have blogged my talk, in particular, my June 18, 2009 London presentation.  John Welsh posted "Seth Grimes on the semantic web - but is B2B media ready to benefit?" and Peter Thomas's write-up was titled "Literary calculus?"  (I don't know why these two Brits are so enamored of question marks.) 

As an aside -- Peter had earlier posted a blog article, "A first for me...," noting that he "received my invitation to the event through Seth himself after having made contact with him on twitter.com."  I'm the first person Peter has met "IRL" -- you can surely guess what those letters stand for -- post our twitter contact.  I similarly met analyst Merv Adrian that way.  We became twitter friends through mutual real-life contacts.  Then one May morning he tweeted that he was in New York City for a meeting, near Penn Station.  It so happens that I was in New York to attend a different meeting, and I was staying near Penn Station.  Forty-five minutes later, Merv and I were sitting down to breakfast.  (For you foodies: We met at the Tick-Tock Diner at the corner of 34th St. and 8th Ave and both had the excellent corned-beef hash.)

Back to Text Mining, Web 3.0 & the Semantic Web -- If you'd like to listen to a recording of my Nstein webinar, please visit http://www.nstein.com/en/ondemand_webinars.php .  Let me know what you think!

Posted June 26, 2009 3:13 PM
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Text analytics New and Noteworthy -- May-June, 2009 -- covering text analytics software, market, conference, and other news and developments to help readers better understand advances in Knowledge Discovery in Text...


OASIS, the international open standards consortium, announced on March 19 approval of the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) version 1.0 as an OASIS Standard. Visit the OASIS UIMA Technical Committee page for information.

Product Releases and Announcements

Provalis Research released version 3.2 of QDA Miner on March 30. The company characterizes QDA Miner as "an easy-to-use qualitative analysis software tool or coding, annotating, retrieving and analyzing small and large collections of documents."

The Univ of Sheffield released GATE 5.0 on May 29th, offering JAPE pattern-language improvements, GUI improvements, and new ontology-based gazetteer, inter-annotator agreement, and other plug-ins. GATE, the General Architecture for Text Engineering, provides an open-source information extraction framework with many extensions. Release details can be found in the changelog, and the software may be downloaded at http://www.gate.ac.uk/download/.

Attensity announced the latest version of its Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Market Voice applications, Attensity 5, on June 1. A part of Attensity Group's suite of business applications for unstructured data, Attensity 5 offers integrated Automated Response for Customer Experience Management (CEM).

Teragram, a division of SAS, launched Sentiment Analysis Manager (SAM), a social media analysis tool, slated for late-July availability.

Nstein has announced TME 5, a next-generation Text Mining Engine, with fall 2009 availability. The new release will offer enhanced content enrichment, faceted sentiment analysis, full W3C compliant, and a RESTful interface.

Reports and Publications

My study report, Text Analytics 2009: User Perspectives on Solutions and Providers, is out. It reports findings of a survey I recently conducted and also provides an introduction to text analytics that is targeted to BI, data mining, and data warehousing practitioners and business analysts. The report is free. Download it via http://altaplana.com/TA2009.

The April issue of the quarterly newsletter of the (UK) National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) is now available. (http://www.nactem.ac.uk/newsletter/)


DEFT'09, fifth edition of the Defi Fouille de Texte evaluation campaign in text mining, will address this year multilingual opinion analysis. The challenge, now under way, will culminate in a one-day workshop, June 22, 2009, near Paris.

SIGIR 2009, the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval, will convene July 19-23, 2009 in Boston.

The 2009 annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) will be combined with the International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP), taking place August 2-7, 2009 in Singapore.

The European Summer School in Information Retrieval (ESSIR) is slated for August 31-September 4, 2009 at the University of Padua, Italy. Closing date for registration is June 30.

The ACM Eighteenth Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2009) will take place in Hong Kong, November 2-6, 2009. The conference is sponsored by ACM SIGIR and SIGWEB.

Posted June 10, 2009 11:17 AM
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A quick note to let everyone know --

My study report, "Text Analytics 2009: User Perspectives on Solutions and Providers," is out.  It reports findings of a survey I recently conducted and also provides an introduction to text analytics that is targeted to BI and data warehousing practitioners and business analysts. The report is free.  Download it via http://altaplana.com/TA2009 .

I'm running another survey, topic "Continuous Intelligence: BI Beyond Real Time."  I'd very much welcome your participation: http://altaplana.com/CIsurvey .  To explain: Continuous Intelligence drives faster decisions and actions across the enterprise.  A more usual term for CI is Complex Event Processing. It's software that can analyze and transform "data in flight" without requiring data to be loaded to a data warehouse.  So CI takes BI beyond real time to deliver intelligence on demand.  I'm working with a sponsoring company, Aleri, to understand the needs of data users.  You can respond anonymously.  We will send the first 200 respondents a $5 Amazon gift card in thanks!

Posted June 4, 2009 12:31 PM
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