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Jill Dyché

There you are! What took you so long? This is my blog and it's about YOU.

Yes, you. Or at least it's about your company. Or people you work with in your company. Or people at other companies that are a lot like you. Or people at other companies that you'd rather not resemble at all. Or it's about your competitors and what they're doing, and whether you're doing it better. You get the idea. There's a swarm of swamis, shrinks, and gurus out there already, but I'm just a consultant who works with lots of clients, and the dirty little secret - shhh! - is my clients share a lot of the same challenges around data management, data governance, and data integration. Many of their stories are universal, and that's where you come in.

I'm hoping you'll pour a cup of tea (if this were another Web site, it would be a tumbler of single-malt, but never mind), open the blog, read a little bit and go, "Jeez, that sounds just like me." Or not. Either way, welcome on in. It really is all about you.

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Jill is a partner co-founder of Baseline Consulting, a technology and management consulting firm specializing in data integration and business analytics. Jill is the author of three acclaimed business books, the latest of which is Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth, co-authored with Evan Levy. Her blog, Inside the Biz, focuses on the business value of IT.

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In which what happened in Vegas used to stay in Vegas--'til this blog.

Figured a few games of craps would be part of my agenda at DataFlux IDEAS (International Data Event and Symposium) 2008. But I actually attended some sessions at IDEAS. The sessions represented a great blend of current best practices and new, er...ideas. Instead of simply reviewing highlights, I've noted some of the more quote-able quotes from the conference:

--Kelly Williams, ex-Baseline colleague and current software company executive, talked about vetting all of the major data quality vendors and choosing DataFlux, and how his team's data-enabling architecture impacted the business. Quote-able quote: "Sales no longer complains about the quality of its data. They can now worry about other things."

--Jean-Marc Brusson at global water treatment concern Nalco reviewed how his company took data quality global and discussed the role that data governance played in that expansion. Nalco is now using DataFlux as a core component of a global MDM infrastructure. Quote-able quote: "IT facilitates--and sometimes serves as the gatekeeper for--our company's data governance effort. In doing this we increase the productivity of the entire company."

--In her talk, "Data Quality at the Roots," Susan Herrmann from Berkshire Life covered how data quality was bigger than just the company's BI systems. Quote-able quote: "We're not fixing data in the data warehouse just so it can be inconsistent with our source systems--we're not limiting it to ETL. We're fixing the data in our source systems."

--In his panel discussion with DataFlux CEO Tony Fisher and Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies, Baseline Senior Consultant Frank Dravis discussed the differences between Enterprise Information Management, data quality, and data governance. Quote-able quote: "EIM is a practice, and data governance is an overarching framework. Data governance feeds EIM, and better data is just one of the results."

--Want to see a dry sense of humor in action? Talk to Daniel Teachey or Dan Soceanu from DataFlux. Both are hilarious and flat-smart about their company's value proposition, so it was no surprise to see them cover customer innovations, focusing on developments with product master data, impressive ROI statistics, unstructured data, and the business impact of data quality. Quote-able quote from Daniel: "Our best customers are companies that may have had DataFlux products for a while but keep doing new stuff with us."

The presenters were buzzworthy in their own right, but the big news was the Project Unity announcement. Unity gives DataFlux end-to-end data management functionality, encompassing the areas of data quality, data integration, and MDM. The initiative means that parent company SAS will be transferring key data-skilled personnel over to DataFlux, in effect circumscribing the parent company as the BI and analytics powerhouse, and DataFlux as the information-enabling "engine."

This has tremendous market implications for both companies, letting each do what it does best, the result a sensible gestalt. Project Unity does nothing less than elucidate the gamut of each company's delivery capabilities. In DataFlux's case, it will propel them forward. I'd bet on it.

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Posted October 10, 2008 7:28 PM
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