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2009 Vision Award for Business Impact

Category: Business Intelligence (BI)
Implementation Site: Schumacher Group
Solution Provider: Hitachi Consulting

Business driver: The Schumacher Group strives to drive business innovation while maintaining low IT costs. Schumacher wanted to expand BI across the organization to enable informed decision making. They felt the incremental approach would significantly impact profitability.

Business impact: Schumacher Group is making a difference in how healthcare is managed on a national level. The $2.5 million investment has returned more than $40 million in revenue improvements and cost savings in less than 18 months.

Benefits: Data is consolidated from different source systems into a process view called Life of the Chart with specific KPIs to show how each department is performing on a daily basis which impacts resource allocations and staffing and process improvements. This resulted in a 50% reduction in processing time and a $2 million reimbursement recovered in more than 20,000 previously unprocessed charts.

Schumacher Group created peer comparison groups that are instrumental in focused audits used to give employees feedback and in-depth training, resulting in a 10% increase in revenue opportunities. Analysis now exists on the instrumentation of the processes, not just the processes themselves which promotes efficiency and organizational alignment.

Judging comments: "Schumacher has clearly proven that a small, mid-market company can reap huge benefits from a BI investment." "Impressive C-level sponsorship; business optimization in key business process areas resulting in a high ROI in a short amount of time."