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Articles by Derick Jose

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Use Advanced Analytics to Dig Deeper into Word-of-Mouth Behavior Summary
Derick Jose describes 3 analytical scenarios for quantifying and analyzing word-of-mouth behavior using advanced analytics.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence

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Is Data The Next Oil? An Information Monetization Framework Summary
Derick Jose reviews 4 factors organizations should consider so they can recognize emerging opportunities for information products and potentially monetize their data.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Information Management

by Derick Jose | 0 comments
Pinpointing Customer Behavior Predictors — A Step-By-Step Deconstruction Process Summary
In a step-by-step process, Derick Jose explains how to accurately predict customer behavior.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics

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5 Advanced Analytical Constructs for Optimizing Trade Promotion Fund Allocation in the CPG Industry Summary
Advanced analytical constructs like optimization, regression, “what if” analysis, geospatial modeling and text mining can provide significant visibility into the effectiveness of trade promotion spends, which often is the second largest expense for CPG companies.

Topics: Analytics

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Segmentation + Scoring Model + Text Mining + Social Network Analysis = Force Multiplier! Summary
Using the telecom industry as an example, this article explores combining multiple techniques to deliver a complete predictive model.

Topics: Analytics, Data Modeling and Design, Text Analytics, Text Mining, Social Media

by Derick Jose | 0 comments
Demystifying Digital Analytics Summary
Analyzing the content generated when consumers perform multiple tasks on digital platforms offers huge potential to gain insight into the consumer’s psyche.

Topics: Analytics, Campaign Management, CRM, Customer Data Integration

by Derick Jose | 0 comments
10 Best Practices in Customer Behavior Segmentation Summary
The best practices detailed here can serve as the guiding light to navigate a first-time customer segmentation initiative through the perilous land mines that are inherent in a customer segmentation project.

Topics: Analytics, CRM, Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

by Derick Jose | 0 comments
Three Real-World Applications of Text Mining to Solve Specific Business Problems Summary
New BeyeNETWORK channel expert, Derick Jose takes a look at the business drivers for text mining in three industries: auto, healthcare and credit cards in his inaugural article.

Topics: Analytics, Text Mining

by Derick Jose | 0 comments