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Articles by Lou Agosta

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Data Warehouses Must Learn New Tricks in Big Data Era Summary
These databases, mammoth by definition, are evolving to accommodate the influx of new big data types, technical innovations and increasing volumes brought on by the rise of “big data.” (This article was included in a recent issue of our BI Trends + Strategies e-zine.)

Topics: Data Warehousing
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by Lou Agosta | 0 comments
An Interview with Malcolm Gladwell Summary
In this interview with Lou Agosta, Malcolm Gladwell shares his views on Enron, the Wall Street meltdown and what it takes to get really good at something.

Topics: Information Management, Compliance
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by Lou Agosta | 1 comment
An Interview with John Sall, Co-Founder of SAS Summary
At the recent Discovery 2009 / Innovators’ Summit in Chicago, Lou Agosta and John Sall discussed a variety of subjects including the recession and interactive visualization.

Topics: Analytics, Visualization

by Lou Agosta | 0 comments
The Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) Market is Poised for Growth Summary
Lou Agosta dives into the healthcare information technology market with a market overview, drivers and inhibitors to adoption, and market recommendations.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Analytics

by Lou Agosta | 2 comments
News and Analysis: SOA Reengineers Healthcare Summary
Lou Agosta reports on the recent SOA in Healthcare Conference and the perfect storm of factors converging to rekindle productive SOA problem-solving in the healthcare market vertical.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

by Lou Agosta | 0 comments
Reengineering Healthcare: Healthcare Information Technology Trends Get Traction Summary
Lou Agosta explains why healthcare analytics will be an essential part of healthcare reform.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence

by Lou Agosta | 4 comments
Trends in SAP Business Warehousing Summary
Lou Agosta looks at firms with highly heterogeneous data, only a fraction of which is in SAP; at global firms with dozens and dozens of SAP instances; and at data warehouse appliance opportunities. His article discusses how these three trends play out in a SAP context.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Appliances

by Lou Agosta | 1 comment
Book Review of The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life Summary
Given the ongoing economic dynamics, the series of scandals coming out of the business community, and the always tenuous level of integrity (in any sense of the word) in Congress, Lou Agosta's recommendation is to run, not walk, to get this book.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Lou Agosta | 0 comments
Nonlinear Data Warehousing Summary
Metadata, master data, and correlation of data warehousing information are on the critical path to transforming data warehousing into a nonlinear approach to business intelligence.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Metadata

by Lou Agosta | 0 comments
Book Review: Listening to the Future: Why It’s Everybody’s Business Summary
Lou Agosta reviews Listening to the Future: Why It’s Everybody’s Business by Dan Rasmus with Rob Salkowitz. (Wiley Press, 2009)

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Lou Agosta | 0 comments
Data Warehousing Between a Rock and a Hard Place Summary
The position of this article is a skeptical one that data warehousing, e-discovery (email) and enterprise content (document) management will not converge.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Lou Agosta | 0 comments
Data Warehousing in the Corporate Takeover, Merger or “Shotgun” Wedding Summary
Lou Agosta looks at how to leverage data warehousing in instances of corporate mergers.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Lou Agosta | 0 comments
Data Warehousing After the Bubble Summary
Lou Agosta describes how the current economic and political dynamics reinforce several trends in data warehousing.

Topics: Open Source BI, Data Marts, Data Warehousing

by Lou Agosta | 0 comments
Data Warehousing Roundup Summary
In this article, Lou Agosta explores more trends in data warehousing, focusing on Aster Data Systems, SGI and Dataupia. Lou also looks at entry-level database alternatives for those who don’t want to get involved in data management.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Lou Agosta | 0 comments
Data Warehousing in the Clouds Summary
Data warehousing in the clouds has the potential to enable business executives and IT departments to do more with less, work around organizational latency and compete with agility in the digital economy.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Cloud Computing

by Lou Agosta | 0 comments