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Big Data at SAS: A Spotlight Q&A with Paul Kent of SAS Summary
Ron Powell had the opportunity to talk with the Vice President of Big Data at SAS – Paul Kent. Paul and Kent talk about the big data phenomenon and how SAS is evolving to address the new world of big data.

Topics: Analytics, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Aligning Business and Information Technology: Some Recommendations for the Coming Administration* Summary
This article looks at the importance of IT-business alignment to ensure IT solutions focus on effectiveness, efficiency and security.

Topics: Information Management

by Dr. Ramon Barquin, Lou Kerestesy | 0 comments
Bridging IT-Business Divide: A Two-Way Street Summary
The eternal gap between IT departments and business units bedevils many organizations. But there’s a way to get them on the same page, and business intelligence has a role to play. (This article was included in a recent issue of our BI Trends + Strategies e-zine.)

Topics: Business Intelligence, Information Management

by Claudia Imhoff | 0 comments
IT Has Become a Business Obstacle Summary
In this first article of a two-part series, Richard Skriletz describes the crisis in IT as well as the drivers of this crisis.

Topics: Information Management

by Richard Skriletz | 0 comments
High-Performance Data Movement Across All Platforms: A Q&A with Barry Thompson of Tervela Summary
In this BeyeNETWORK Spotlight interview, Ron Powell talks with Barry Thompson, Founder and CTO of Tervela. Barry explains their approach for real-time business intelligence and big data analytics.

Topics: Information Management, Business Intelligence, Big data, Data Warehousing

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
5 Steps to Readiness Assessment for Big Data Summary
Calla Knopman outlines 5 steps every organization should take to prepare for the big rewards that big data can provide.

Topics: Analytics, Big data, Data Governance, Information Management

by Calla Knopman | 0 comments
How to Manage the Visualization Content Revolution Summary
Lee Feinberg explains that succeeding with the next generation of business intelligence and visualization software involves a lot more than the software. It requires a new way of thinking and effective communication with team members.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Visualization

by Lee Feinberg | 0 comments
Big Data Technology Does Not Replace a Data Warehouse Summary
Bill Inmon explains the differences between big data technology and data warehousing. He also discusses the functionality of both.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Big data

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Data Warehouse Construction: A Constructional Paradigm Shift? Summary
Bin Jiang discusses a new constructional paradigm for data warehousing. He proposes that the construction would be substantially more effective if the domain-generic knowledge is kept centralized.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Metadata

by Bin Jiang, Ph.D. | 0 comments
Searching for Wisdom: Frank Buytendijk’s Recommended Reading List Summary
Frank Buytendijk provides a suggested reading list to help you frame, contextualize and sharpen your thoughts in your search for wisdom.

Topics: Information Management

by Frank Buytendijk | 0 comments
Metathink: Big Data or Challenging Data? Summary
Bin Jiang explores what "big" data really means and provides questions you should address before implementing a big data initiative.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Big data

by Bin Jiang, Ph.D. | 0 comments
Can Computers Think? Summary
This article from Frank Buytendijk questions whether or not computers can think and what that means for information management. Frank says that once the Semantic Web becomes a reality, information retrieval and processing in general will become a bit more intelligent.

Topics: Information Management

by Frank Buytendijk | 0 comments
Data Integration That’s One Step Ahead: A Q&A with Ash Parikh of Informatica Summary
Ron Powell of the BeyeNETWORK interviews Ash Parikh, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Informatica, about the evolution of business intelligence and how Informatica is addressing the new requirements of their customers.

Topics: Data Integration, Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Social Analytics: Your Organization (and Society) as a Collective Intelligence Summary
In this article, Frank Buytendijk explores the area of social analytics, emphasizing how business needs to get it right from a social responsibility point of view.

Topics: Analytics, Social Media

by Frank Buytendijk | 0 comments
Aristotle and Enterprise Architecture Summary
Frank Buytendijk looks at the evolution of enterprise architecture, relating it to philosophy and Aristotle's four causes.

Topics: Information Management, Architecture

by Frank Buytendijk | 0 comments

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