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A Capability Model for Business Analytics, Part 3 Summary
In this final article of a three-part series, Dave Wells describes how the analytic capability assessment can be used to derive informative and actionable measures of analytic capability.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Operational Business Intelligence, Business Analytics
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by Dave Wells | 0 comments
Building Stronger Customer Relationships with Business Intelligence Summary
With business intelligence, organizations can improve and expand existing relationships and improve customer service using historical information on all previous customer interactions. Chris Colvin provides five steps for using business intelligence to increase customer loyalty.

Topics: Business Intelligence, CRM

by Chris Colvin | 0 comments
Sales and Marketing: Trends in Media Summary
Larry Goldman writes about a recent conference where it was evident that innovative uses of customer information are starting to impress advertisers, and the ability to leverage Web 2.0 and benchmark your content against your competitors is a reality.

Topics: Analytics, Web Analytics, Sales & Marketing Analytics

by Larry Goldman | 0 comments
Book Review of The Data Model Resource Book Summary
Steve Hoberman reviews Volume 3 of The Data Model Resource Book series.

Topics: Information Management, Data Modeling and Design

by Steve Hoberman | 1 comment
Introducing Principles-Based Data Governance Summary
A principles-based data governance approach will seek to replace poor existing principles with better ones and empower stakeholders to implement them without prescribing how it should be done. Malcolm Chisholm explains how this will avoid creating bureaucratic overhead and give the enterprise a reasonable way to implement effective data governance.

Topics: Information Management, Data Quality, Data Governance, Information Quality (IQ)

by Malcolm Chisholm | 3 comments
Data Governance and Playing Whack-a-Mole Summary
Taking inspiration and lessons from the recent Data Governance Conference, Steve Palmer describes a few critical things that can be done to transform the data "mess" that exists in many organizations.

Topics: Information Management, Data Quality, Data Governance, Information Quality (IQ)

by Steve Palmer | 0 comments
Master Data Management Checklist #2: Organizational Preparation Summary
David Loshin's first checklist focused on identifying the business processes whose success was impeded by the absence of a unified view of master data, or that could be significantly improved by master data consolidation. This checklist centers on readying the organization for MDM and socializing the concepts that accompany a transition to centrally managed corporate information resources.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Governance

by David Loshin | 0 comments
Predicting the Future Summary
Bill Inmon reminds us that predicting the future is a very worthwhile activity if it can actually be done with any degree of accuracy, and he reviews the various approaches that can be used.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Database Technology for the Web: Part 1 The MapReduce Debate Summary
Colin White weighs in on the MapReduce debate, reviewing this technology and describing its pros and cons.

Topics: Information Management, Databases/Database Administration, Data Management

by Colin White | 2 comments
Business and IT Communication Stumbling Blocks to Successful Business Intelligence Deployments Summary
Lyndsay Wise explains why the ability to communicate effectively with various departments within the organization is an important aspect to getting the most out of a business intelligence environment.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Lyndsay Wise | 0 comments
Cracking the Code: Capture, Analysis and Utilization of Customer Information Summary
Leslie Ament reminds us that use of marketing science and information analysis services has moved beyond a competitive advantage for companies that seek to grow aggressively. It has become necessary to stay in the game.

Topics: Analytics, CRM, Customer Data Integration

by Leslie Ament | 1 comment
7 Highly Elegant Business Intelligence Applications for Healthcare Payers Summary
Laura Madsen describes 7 ways that healthcare payers can use business intelligence to improve revenue, efficiency and process.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Data Mining and Statistical Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Dashboards, Analytics

by Laura Madsen | 0 comments
Dealing with Addresses in the Data Warehouse Summary
With his 15+ years of related experience, Chuck Kelley discusses different ways to deal with addresses in the data warehouse.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and Design

by Chuck Kelley | 0 comments
What Is So Different About Business Intelligence Today? Summary
Shaku Atre provides insight into why business intelligence is now a necessity, not a luxury.

Topics: Open Source BI, Business Intelligence

by Shaku Atre | 0 comments
Pet Peeves Summary
Bill Inmon shares issues he has with software vendors and network reconfigurations.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments

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