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The Emerging Leaders in Business Performance Management, Part 1 Summary
Craig Schiff explains that there are a handful of companies that are making a significant impact in the performance management market, and they are doing so in spite of the strong presence of several larger legacy vendors. He looks at the first set of these emerging leaders in this article.

Topics: Performance Management

by Craig Schiff | 0 comments
Sales and Marketing: New Face of Web Analytics Summary
Companies are now able to effectively leverage the vast amounts of information pouring out of their web applications, and Larry Goldman discusses the benefits of web analytics as well as the capabilities of the various vendors in this space.

Topics: Analytics, Sales & Marketing Analytics, Web Analytics

by Larry Goldman | 3 comments
Healthcare Electronic Records Technology and Government Funding: Improving Patient Care? Summary
To be sure, the adoption of electronic health records systems isn't a cure-all for the healthcare industry's ills. The up-front costs of adoption are significant and there is risk of failure. However, Sue Hildreth points out that adoption of this technology does have the potential to significantly reduce paperwork and administrative overhead, as well as the cost of housing massive paper archives, and it can improve the speed and accuracy of medical care.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Outsourcing & Consulting, Customer Data Integration, Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

by Sue Hildreth | 0 comments
Measuring Intangibles: Breaking Down Analytic Barriers Summary
Often, companies measure what is easy to measure rather than what is really needed for effective analytics. Dave Wells provides a comprehensive explanation of why it is necessary to change the focus from measuring outcomes to measuring influences.

Topics: Analytics, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence

by Dave Wells | 0 comments
The 2-Month Data Model Summary
Bill Inmon reminds us that the construction of a data model does not have to be a lengthy and costly process.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and Design

by Bill Inmon | 1 comment
In-Store Video Business Intelligence for Casinos/Resorts Summary
Al Cordoba describes the myriad of ways that an in-store business intelligence and decision support system can provide an open, flexible and future-proof system at a fraction of the cost of in-store observation studies.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Analytics

by Al Cordoba | 0 comments
Business Intelligence: Build or Buy – Considerations for Healthcare Organizations Summary
Laura Madsen looks the important factors that healthcare organizations need to consider as they decide whether their business intelligence will be of the “build” or “buy” variety.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Laura Madsen | 1 comment
Information Quality Management as a Business Management Tool Summary
Larry English reminds us that learning and applying the principles with the proven quality management tools described in this article will enable your enterprise to begin the transformation to an effective and sustainable information quality culture.

Topics: Information Quality (IQ), Data Quality
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by Larry English | 0 comments
Business Intelligence and Decision-Making Issues Summary
Richard Herschel explains that despite the business intelligence goal of evidenced-based decision making, the deck can be stacked against it.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Decision Support Systems
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by Richard Herschel | 1 comment
Database Technology for the Web: Part 3 – Hadoop Summary
In his continuing series on database technology for the Web, Colin White looks at Hadoop, concluding that while it is not an alternative to a relational DBMS for many enterprise applications, it is useful for certain specialized data-intensive applications that relational DBMSs may not be able to handle.

Topics: Information Management, Data Management, Architecture

by Colin White | 1 comment
Business Intelligence Team Structure Phase Alignment Summary
One of the keys to success in delivering a complex business intelligence solution is to have the right people with the right mix of skills, experience and capabilities at the appropriate times in the engagement life cycle. Todd Saunders provides tips for getting the right team in place.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Data Modeling and Design

by Todd Saunders | 2 comments
Specific and Generic Textual References Summary
Bill Inmon explains how with textual data, taxonomies are applied against raw text to create a structuring of data that serves to address the issues of terminology.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Unstructured Data, Text Analytics, Text Mining

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Master Data Management Checklist #4: Data Governance Summary
The issues relating to oversight of data quality, says David Loshin, must be considered as a prerequisite to installing master data management software so that when you have begun to merge data sets, you are not surprised by the results.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM)
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by David Loshin | 0 comments
Incorporating Business Intelligence in the Cloud Summary
With the backdrop of today's tough economy, cloud computing is poised to change the economics of business intelligence.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing

by Mukund Deshpande, Shreekanth Joshi | 1 comment
The Cloud Computing Tsunami Summary
Cyrus Golkar looks at the impact of cloud computing and the associated effects on data centers, IT organizations, cloud computing organizations, software-as-a-service vendors, infrastructure vendors and application software vendors.

Topics: Information Management, Cloud Computing

by Cyrus Golkar | 1 comment

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