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Six Ways to Lower Costs with Predictive Analytics Summary
Eric Siegel details six ways predictive analytics lowers costs without decreasing business, thus transforming your enterprise into a lean, mean analytical machine.

Topics: Analytics, Predictive Analytics

by Eric Siegel, Ph.D. | 1 comment
Developing Capabilities in Agile Business Intelligence Organizations Summary
If you proactively lead the development of skills in your team by creating challenging work and enhancing skills, you will directly influence retention and job satisfaction.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Management
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by Maureen Clarry | 0 comments
A Modern Gothic Tale Summary
Moving from one release of VB.NET to another can be a huge challenge. Bill Inmon recounts his recent experience.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Bill Inmon | 2 comments
Customer Analytics Summary
The starting point for a customer analytics program, says David Loshin, should focus on four conceptual value areas: decreasing costs, increasing revenue, maximizing productivity and establishing trust.

Topics: Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Customer Data Integration

by David Loshin | 0 comments
Come and Get It! Making Business Intelligence More Consumable, Part 3 Summary
Recent innovations in six areas of technology can significantly impact the overall business intelligence deployments in terms of performance, scalability and low cost. Claudia Imhoff and Colin White provide a guide to help you understand how these advances have changed the face of analytics and information worker support.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, SaaS (Software as a Service), Appliances, Cloud Computing, Data Management
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by Claudia Imhoff, Colin White | 2 comments
Logical Arguments and Business Intelligence Summary
Richard Herschel uses the Toulmin Model of Argumentation (or Toulmin Logic) to frame business intelligence arguments to insure that they are being made in a logical manner.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Richard Herschel | 0 comments
The Last Mile in Data Governance Summary
The effectiveness of every data governance and stewardship initiative rests on the entire organization’s awareness and willingness to help. Frank Dravis explains why every data governance initiative requires a public relations and education component.

Topics: Data Governance, Data Stewardship
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by Frank Dravis | 0 comments
For Text Data Quality, Focus on Sources Summary
Seth Grimes discusses emerging best practices for selection and processing of text sources that can lead to better text data quality.

Topics: Analytics, Text Analytics

by Seth Grimes | 1 comment
Business Performance Management in 2010, Part 1 Summary
Business performance management, which uses business intelligence tools to convert data from transactional systems into meaningful and actionable information, is expanding beyond its core foundation into management reporting, predictive analytics, profitability analysis and optimization, and operational analytics.

Topics: Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Analytics

by Craig Schiff | 2 comments
Five Steps to Keep an Organization from Fumbling Its Analytics Implementation Summary
Royce Bell explains that organizations that can effectively address the five concerns addressed in this article and get to the point of having real-time analytic data drive their decision making will, as a result, make better and more timely decisions.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Quality, Unstructured Data

by Royce Bell | 0 comments
Compliance and the Recession Summary
Basel II, says Bill Inmon, put to proper use, may have alerted banks to the subprime mortgage crisis.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Compliance
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by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Cultural Preparation and Adoption of a New Sales Performance Management System Doesn’t Happen by Chance Summary
The implementation of a new sales performance management system is monumental, and it is best to take some time at the onset of the process to prepare your organization for the change.

Topics: Performance Management, Sales performance management, Management

by Susan Major | 0 comments
The Data Audit Imperative Summary
All data managers need to begin thinking in earnest about data auditing.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Modeling and Design, Business Rules, Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

by Malcolm Chisholm | 0 comments
Data Governance – The Rock on Which MDM is Built Summary
Without the pain and inevitable arguments and wrangling between business staff that are necessary to resolve data ownership, master data management (MDM) initiatives have little chance of success.

Topics: Information Management, Master Data Management (MDM)
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by Andy Hayler | 0 comments
Teradata Transition On Course in Steady Quarter, With Exciting New Offerings Ahead Summary
Merv Adrian provides insightful commentary on Teradata's third quarter, the recent PARTNERS event, their new products and their road map for the future.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Appliances
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by Merv Adrian | 1 comment

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