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Unstructured Data Processing – Why Textual ETL? Summary
Can MapReduce solve the unstructured data integration problems? Krish Krishnan answers that question as he explains the benefits of textual ETL.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Krish Krishnan | 0 comments
The Growing Importance of Master Data Management - A Spotlight Q&A with Software AG's Jignesh Shah Summary
In this interview, Ron Powell and Jignesh talk about what is driving the growing adoption of master data management, how MDM relates to data quality and data governance, and the benefits of managing the dimensions of the master data needed by business intelligence (BI) systems.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Management

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Open Source Master Data Management - a Q&A with Jim Walker and Yves de Montcheuil of Talend Summary
Ron Powell interviews Jim Walker, Director of Product Marketing, and Yves de Montcheuil, Vice President of Marketing, for insight into open source, Talend MDM and the cloud.

Topics: Data Integration, Open Source BI, Master Data Management (MDM), Cloud Computing

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
The Myth of the One Version of the Truth Summary
To find "one version of the truth," Frank Buytendijk says we first have to figure out if "truth" actually exists.

Topics: Information Management, Business Intelligence

by Frank Buytendijk | 2 comments
Innovation, Mobility and Trust Summary
Dr. Ramon Barquin recaps the recent ACT-IAC Executive Leadership Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, and describes the role of business intelligence in innovation.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Information Management, Analytics

by Dr. Ramon Barquin | 0 comments
Master Data Management Summary
While the data warehouse is not the end of the line for master data, it is where master data management begins. William McKnight explains that master data is a corporate resource that does not have to be limited to the post-operational data warehouse analytical environment.

Topics: Information Management, Business Intelligence, Master Data Management (MDM)

by William McKnight | 0 comments
The Changing Face of Business Intelligence – a Q&A Spotlight with Jeff Boehm of QlikTech Summary
This BeyeNetwork spotlight features Ron Powell’s interview with Jeff Boehm,Vice President of Global Marketing at QlikTech. Ron and Jeff discuss collaboration and platform independence, two growing trends in business intelligence.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Big Data and Text Summary
How does Hadoop handle text? In this article, Bill Inmon provides insight on Hadoop and textual big data.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Bill Inmon | 3 comments
Talent Analytics: Another Business Intelligence Research Opportunity Summary
Rick Herschel explains how talent analytics differs from typical workforce measures and describes how companies are using this form of analytics.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Analytics

by Richard Herschel | 0 comments
Business Intelligence without Complexity - A Spotlight Q&A with Scott Opitz, CEO of Altosoft Summary
This BeyeNetwork spotlight features Ron Powell’s interview with Scott Opitz, President and CEO of Altosoft. Ron and Scott discuss Altosoft’s business intelligence philosophy and touch upon Active Intelligence, an Altosoft offering to be announced in 2012.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Preparing Data for Business Analytics Summary
David Loshin examines structural organization and conceptual organization, two important aspects of information organization that can help ease the implementation of reporting and analytics systems.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Management

by David Loshin | 0 comments
Organizing Data Governance - And Many Ways to Mess it Up Again Summary
In this conclusion of a series of articles on data governance, Frank Buytendijk describes a less traditional way of organizing data governance and explains why "messing it up again" can protect your interests.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Data Governance

by Frank Buytendijk | 0 comments
Incorporating Big Data into an Enterprise Information Architecture - A Q&A Spotlight with Oracle's George Lumpkin Summary
According to George Lumpkin, Oracle's Vice President of Product Management, Data Warehousing, big data isn't just about "big." In this spotlight interview, he talks with Ron Powell about building an enterprise infrastructure that accommodates the variety of new data types and makes that data available for analysis.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Social Community Investment and ROI Often a Negotiation Summary
The authors discuss how Psion turned to social media as a potential solution to the issues surrounding successful collaboration between partners located around the world.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Social Media

by Leslie Ament, Sue Hildreth | 0 comments
Seven Things Every Government Agency Should Know about Taxonomies and Business Intelligence Summary
In this article, the authors explain why taxonomies are necessary for the effective operation of any enterprise in the information age.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Content Management

by Tatiana Baquero, Dr. Ramon Barquin | 0 comments

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