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An Enterprise Platform for Strategy Automation: A Spotlight Q&A with Wayne Simmons, CEO of The Growth Strategy Company Summary
Wayne Simmons, CEO of The Growth Company, talks with Ron Powell, BeyeNETWORK expert, about how strategy automation can put enterprises on the path to sustainable business growth.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Text Exploration: Analyzing Text without the Hassle Summary
Textual data holds a wealth of information, but most organizations aren't doing anything to obtain value from that data. This article discusses text exploration technology, the latest technology for analyzing text.

Topics: Analytics, Text Analytics

by Rick van der Lans | 0 comments
Accelerating BI Deployments: A Spotlight Q&A with Steffen Kleinmanns of Cubeware Summary
Cubeware's Steffen Kleinmanns talks with Ron Powell, BeyeNETWORK expert and channel leader, about how Cubeware's business intelligence applications provide immediate value for their customers.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Corporate Technology Adoption Summary
Bill Inmon explains that as computer technology was introduced to corporations, the technology vendors played a dual role.

Topics: Information Management

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Data Lineage: An Important First Step for Data Governance Summary
Effective data governance requires continuous information about existing data. This article explains why a visual representation of data lineage should be the first step for solving the information quality and data governance challenges in today's organizations.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Metadata, Data Governance

by Saurabh Jain, Binu Thomson | 0 comments
People and Technology Give NextGear Capital a Competitive Edge: A Spotlight Q&A with Chris Brady of NextGear Capital Summary
Ron Powell, BeyeNETWORK expert and channel leader, talks with Chris Brady, CIO of NextGear Capital about their business intelligence, analytics, reporting and data migration efforts.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Mobile BI

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Two Models for Analyzing Location Profiles Summary
David Loshin suggests that a new model for context analysis be more effective. He describes how the two approaches, the survey model and the crowdsourced model, differ.

Topics: Analytics

by David Loshin | 0 comments
Big Data: Is the Hype Over Yet? Summary
In his first article for his BeyeNETWORK expert channel, David Torres reminds us that big data is not a new problem.

Topics: Analytics, Big data

by David Torres | 0 comments
Business Intelligence, Secret Surveillance and Privacy Summary
The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board has finally held its first meeting with the full Board, almost 10 years after it was created. In this article, Dr. Barquin states that the Board members should have direct knowledge about privacy preserving tools and techniques, the use of encryption, approaches to de-identification and re-identification of data, theory of trusted systems, anonymization methodologies and other similar disciplines.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Dr. Ramon Barquin | 0 comments
Managing the Business with BI: A Spotlight Q&A with Michael Hegarty and Joe Beydoun of Lipari Foods Summary
In this spotlight interview, Ron Powell, BeyeNETWORK expert and channel leader, talks with Michael Hegarty and Joe Beydoun about how they meet their business intelligence needs with Information Builders products.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Data Virtualization: Where Do We Stand Today? Summary
Is data virtualization hype or reality? Is data virtualization suitable for enterprise deployment? Rick van der Lans answers these questions and more as he reviews the current state of the data virtualization market and provides insight into its future.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Data Virtualization

by Rick van der Lans | 0 comments
Big Data and Textual Analytics Summary
In this article, Bill Inmon discusses some of the aspects of textual disambiguation that enable analytical processing of unstructured big data.

Topics: Analytics, Unstructured Data, Text Analytics, Big data
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by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Uniquely Positioned for the Challenges of Big Data: A Spotlight Q&A with Steve Shine of Actian Summary
In this spotlight interview conducted by Ron Powell, Steve Shine, CEO and President of Actian, provides insight into the company's acquisition strategy and explains their strategy for helping their customers gain business value from data.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Databases/Database Administration, Cloud Computing, Data Management, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Making Customer Centricity Pervasive Summary
David Loshin explains why technology is only one part of becoming a customer-centric organization.

Topics: Analytics

by David Loshin | 0 comments
Not Every Big Data Problem Requires a Big Data Solution Summary
Mark Turner provides useful suggestions for getting value from your big data initiatives.

Topics: Information Management, Big data

by Mark Turner | 0 comments

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