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November 2016 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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The Hard Part of Hadoop: Getting Data In [Published: 11-08-2016]
William McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group, and Ron Powell, independent analyst and expert, discuss William's new book, Integrating Hadoop, which he co-wrote with Dr. Jake Dolezal. Through work with clients, they learned that the hard part of Hadoop – for most companies – is getting data into Hadoop. Having overcome that challenge for their clients, they share their insights and lessons learned in this book.

Claudia Imhoff Discusses the Evolution of Analytics [Published: 11-09-2016]
Claudia Imhoff, renowned expert, author and founder of the BBBT, talks with Ron Powell, independent expert and analyst, about the evolution of analytics and how companies using descriptive analytics are starting to add diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics to their analytics efforts. She explains that although descriptive analytics is the most widely used type of analytics, it is the least valuable to the enterprise.

Data Scientists: A Hybrid Team [Published: 11-10-2016]
Mike Upchurch, COO for Fuzzy Logix, shares with Ron Powell, independent analyst and expert, his views on the “citizen data scientist.” Mike believes the concept of a citizen data scientist is a myth, and that successful data science requires a team approach.

Eliminating Stovepipe BI and Empowering Business Users [Published: 11-14-2016]
In this article, Ron Powell, independent analyst and expert with the BeyeNETWORK and Business Analytics Collaborative, talks with Matthew March, CIO for Colony American Finance, about why Colony American Finance business users no longer require IT assistance to access data consolidated in the cloud from 27 different sources.

Tackle MDM with an Agile and Iterative Approach [Published: 11-23-2016]
Ron Powell, industry analyst and expert and with the BeyeNETWORK and the Business Analytics Collaborative, interviews Salah Kamel, CEO for Semarchy. They discuss the benefits of an iterative approach to master data management.

Evolutionary MDM: A Framework for Success [Published: 11-23-2016]
Salah Kamel, CEO of Semarchy, talks with Ron Powell, industry expert and analyst with the BeyeNETWORK and the Business Analytics Collaborative. Salah describes their unique approach to MDM and explains how it benefits customers.