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April 2014 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Classification of Corporate Data [Published: 04-03-2014]
Bill Inmon explains why it is critical to understand the types of data within a corporation in order to gain value from that data through analysis.

Analytics: Detect the Expected Discover the Unexpected [Published: 04-04-2014]
Traditional business intelligence typically delivers answers to a set of known questions while data discovery and visual analytics focuses on drawing inferences and conclusions from data.

Extracting Business Intelligence from Social Media [Published: 04-22-2014]
Ashley Cruz and Ramon Barquin advise that creativity and innovation must be employed in order to obtain business intelligence from social media, particularly in countries that censor Internet data.

Data Modeling in the Big Data Age: A Q&A with Neil Buchwalter of ERwin [Published: 04-24-2014]
Neil Buchwalter, senior principal product manager for ERwin, talks with Ron Powell, independent consultant/analyst and BeyeNETWORK expert, about data modeling and big data.

Big Data and Data Modeling with ERwin [Published: 04-28-2014]
Ron Powell, independent consultant/analyst and BeyeNETWORK expert, talks with Neil Buchwalter about ERwin's latest release, particularly the metadata exchange bridges that go out to big data sources, which are primarily managed in Apache Hadoop Hive and Google BigQuery, and bring that information into ERwin.