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March 2013 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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The Changing Role of IT [Published: 03-07-2013]
Bill Inmon looks at the evolution of technology and the role of the IT department.

Data Warehouse Construction: Generator or Operator? [Published: 03-07-2013]
In this article, Bin Jiang explores the difference between compilers and interpreters or generators and operators from the software administration and operating perspective.

Enabling the Analytic Architecture [Published: 03-14-2013]
William McKnight discusses the tools that are essential for a successful analytic architecture.

How to Make IT a Business Enabler [Published: 03-19-2013]
In this concluding article of his two-part series, Richard Skriletz describes how IT departments need to be reinvented to meet the needs of the business.

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Crisis: What Should We Do? [Published: 03-19-2013]
There is a "silent crisis" facing our country due to the lack of individuals trained in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Steps must be taken to ensure a workforce that is properly trained for the jobs in high demand such as data scientists, social media architects and augmented reality scientists.

How Analytics Beats the Human Mind [Published: 03-21-2013]
Consumers' purchasing choices don't always match up with what they have indicated they would purchase. Analytics can help your organization figure out what your customers will actually do.

Big Data and Business Innovation [Published: 03-25-2013]
This article explores the opportunities presented by big data now that large volumes of data can be processed on affordable commodity platforms.

Understanding the Customer Life Cycle [Published: 03-28-2013]
David Loshin explores the variations in customer life cycles and discusses how that impacts customer lifetime value.