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April 2013 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Providing Real Business Value [Published: 04-04-2013]
Bill Inmon reminds us the importance of adopting proven technologies that provide true business value.

Data Warehouse Construction: Constructional Efficiency [Published: 04-04-2013]
In this article, Bin Jiang discusses the constructional efficiencies that can be realized by using a metadata-driven generic operator approach when building a data warehouse.

Technology Adoption Success: Subtle Differences [Published: 04-12-2013]
Bill Inmon discusses why some organizations succeed with new technologies and others fail.

Federal Conferences and Business Intelligence [Published: 04-16-2013]
Dr. Barquin looks at the benefits of in-person conferences and suggests that analytics and business intelligence should be used to develop best practices for government conferences.

Emerging Cloud Appliances for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing [Published: 04-16-2013]
Cloud-based appliances for business intelligence and data warehousing provide significant benefits. John Bair explores these benefits as well as the challenges and opportunities involved in this type of architecture.

Customer Categorization Tips for Identifying “Good” Customers [Published: 04-25-2013]
David Loshin provides helpful suggestions for categorizing your customers in order to identify your organization's best customers.