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May 2012 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Business ROI Evaluation: Consumer Entertainment Company Goes from 0 to 60 [Published: 05-02-2012]
In this case study, Leslie Ament and Sue Hildreth describe the challenge and the migration effort that was undertaken to maintain brand presence in the U.S. and foreign markets.

Big Data, Text and Relational Database Management Systems [Published: 05-03-2012]
Bill Inmon explains why textual ETL is necessary in the big data environment in order to make textual data fit for analytical processing.

Workload-Driven Data Warehousing [Published: 05-03-2012]
Krish Krishnan breaks down the types of workloads in a standard data warehouse and then explains how isolating workloads helps you leverage the infrastructure.

Is Inmon's Data Warehouse Definition Still Accurate? [Published: 05-10-2012]
Bin Jiang examines Bill Inmon's definition of data warehouse to see if it is still accurate for data warehousing today.

The Top Myths of Predictive Analytics [Published: 05-14-2012]
Piyanka Jain dispels the top five myths of predictive analytics and explains how avoiding them can help your organization make better business decisions.

The Benefits of Commercial Analytics for Pharma: A Q&A with Peter Harbin of IMS Health [Published: 05-14-2012]
In this Spotlight, Ron Powell talks with Peter Harbin, senior principal at IMS Health, about analytics for the pharma industry. Peter details the changes that pharma companies are experiencing and explains the business benefits of analytics that provide actionable intelligence.

Public Policy and π [Published: 05-15-2012]
Dr. Ramon Barquin explains how π and analytics are related, and encourages us to celebrate March 14 National Pi Day.

Hadoop Education is Vital to Big Data Analysis [Published: 05-15-2012]
Alex Buttery is a guest contributor to Richard Herschel's Education Channel. In this article, he describes the rapidly growing need for skilled individuals in big data analysis and emphasizes that the best way to develop these skills is through higher education - if universities would only supply the necessary classes.

Advanced Analytics, Big Data and the Power of R: A Q&A Spotlight with David Rich, CEO of Revolution Analytics [Published: 05-15-2012]
David Rich, CEO of Revolution Analytics, is interviewed by Ron Powell. They discuss how Revolution Analytics provides the "rules, tools and school" to enable enterprises to gain the analytic power required for analyzing big data.

IT: Information Technology or Independent Thinking ... Interesting Thought! [Published: 05-17-2012]
Frank Buytendijk explains how philosophical thinking can enhance the performance of IT professionals.

Solve Unscheduled Fleet Maintenance with Business Analytics [Published: 05-21-2012]
James Langley explains the various steps you can take to minimize unscheduled fleet maintenance exposure and save money.

Analyze Customer Profiles and Behavior for Better Decision Making [Published: 05-24-2012]
Dave Loshin explains how anaylzing customer behavior and profiles helps you optimize your business decisions.

BI Trends + Strategies: Data Scientists, BI Performance & BI for SMBs [Published: 05-29-2012]
The May edition of BI Trends + Strategies is now available. The issue includes three great articles about data scientists,BI performance and business intelligence for SMBs. login required

NewSQL Provides Power, Scalability and Performance: A Spotlight Q&A with Mark Sarbiewski of Clustrix [Published: 05-30-2012]
Ron Powell interviews Mark Sarbiewski, CMO of Clustrix, to learn about NewSQL, its linear and incremental scalability, its ability to deal with massive amounts of data in real time, and how it differs from legacy SQL and NoSQL.