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March 2012 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Information Needs: A Single Version of the Truth [Published: 03-01-2012]
Do we need a single version of the truth? Bill Inmon looks at some of the problems that can occur when this foundation of corporate data is not available. login required

Leveraging Social Media [Published: 03-01-2012]
Krish Krishnan uses several example scenarios to explain how to leverage social media and improve customer-business relations.

Big Data – Separating the Hype from Reality [Published: 03-05-2012]
In this article, Barry Devlin explores the “big data” phenomenon and its impact on business intelligence and data warehousing.

Big Data Integration with Hadoop: A Q&A Spotlight with Yves de Montcheuil of Talend [Published: 03-05-2012]
In this Spotlight interview, Yves de Montcheuil, Vice President of Marketing for Talend, talks with Ron Powell about Talend's efforts to enable organizations to extract information and value from big data.

Earned Value Management: Measuring Government Contracts [Published: 03-07-2012]
Dr. Ramon Barquin describes how earned value management (EVM) helps organizations answer the all-important question: What did we get for our money?

The Importance of an Enterprise Analytics Platform: A Spotlight Q&A with Dan Lahl of Sybase [Published: 03-12-2012]
Faced with growing demands for predictive analytics, especially big data analytics, enterprises can benefit from a comprehensive platform strategy. Ron Powell discusses this with Dan Lahl, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Sybase.

Socrates Reloaded: In Search of Wisdom [Published: 03-13-2012]
In this article, the first in a series on the next frontier for business strategy, Frank Buytendijk argues that to become wise, you must first know what wisdom is – and isn't.

Cloud Computing and Open Source [Published: 03-13-2012]
In part 1 of a 2-part series, Lyndsay Wise looks at cloud computing and open source and how these technologies make it easier for mid-market companies to adopt business intelligence and analytics.

Extending the Reach of Business Intelligence: A Q&A Spotlight Interview with Glen Rabie of Yellowfin [Published: 03-14-2012]
For this spotlight interview, Glen Rabie, CEO of Yellowfin, is interviewed by Ron Powell of the BeyeNETWORK. They discuss how and why Yellowfin enables organizations to make business intelligence available to more than a select few power users.

Business Process Improvement – Avoiding the Technology Trap [Published: 03-15-2012]
Why do many business process management initiatives fail to deliver the promised ROI? Richard Shreeve explains why successful process improvement involves much more than workflow design and automation.

Aligning Operations with Real-Time BI & Dashboards: A Spotlight Q&A with John Crupi of JackBe [Published: 03-19-2012]
In this Spotlight interview, Ron Powell and John Crupi, CTO of JackBe, discuss how connecting into data as it's happening provides real-time operational intelligence, and John provides insight into JackBe's unique, browser-based, self-service dashboards.

Getting a Return on Your Data with Cloud-Based Integration: A Q&A Spotlight with Darren Cunningham of Informatica [Published: 03-19-2012]
In this Spotlight interview, Ron Powell and Darren Cunningham, Vice President of Cloud Marketing at Informatica, discuss how Informatica Cloud addresses the range of enterprise needs from getting data in or out of an application to the more complex needs that involve analytics or pure application integration in real time.

Using Data Virtualization to Get Data to Users Faster: A Spotlight Q&A with Sanjay Bhatia of Izenda [Published: 03-20-2012]
In this interview, Ron Powell and Sanjay Bhatia, CEO of Izenda, discuss the role of data virtualization, data quality and the cloud in today's enterprises and also talk about the advantages of self-service reporting and dashboards.

Business Analytics: The Importance of Semantic Metadata Processes [Published: 03-29-2012]
David Loshin explains that business analytics requires careful attention to well-defined processes for soliciting, capturing, and managing semantic and business metadata. Without these processes in place, the analytics results delivered to the organization may be confusing or inaccurate.

Business Drivers for Data Integration [Published: 03-30-2012]
In part 2 of this series, Calla Knopman uses a real-world example to illustrate how one organization cut costs with data integration – and describes how your organization can do the same.