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June 2012 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Revolutionary Approach to Big Data: A Spotlight Q&A with Gary Nakamura of Terracotta [Published: 06-04-2012]
In this spotlight interview, Gary Nakamura, General Manager of Terracotta, talks with Ron Powell about Terracotta's BigMemory solution and how their in-memory approach solves the "big data" velocity problem that many companies are experiencing today.

Preparing Text for Analytics [Published: 06-07-2012]
Only 20% of corporate data is structured. Bill Inmon discusses the process of textual disambiguation that readies text for analytical processing.

1001 Data Warehouse Definitions: Is This One Accurate? [Published: 06-07-2012]
Bin Jiang closely examines the definition of data warehouse and determines three functionalities should always be included.

The Convergence of Social Media, Business Intelligence and Big Data [Published: 06-12-2012]
In part one of a three-part series on industry trends and their effects on midmarket companies, Lyndsay Wise explores how social media has impacted business intelligence and big data.

Agile Data Governance to Harness Enterprise Big Data [Published: 06-19-2012]
This article defines agile data government, describes its impact on data management and explains why it's here to stay.

Why is IT Philosophy Important Now? [Published: 06-19-2012]
Frank Buytendijk explains the similarities of philosophy and IT, and why it is important for IT professionals to understand how philosophy can improve their performances.

Making Hadoop Part of the Enterprise Data Ecosystem: A Spotlight Q&A with Alex Gorelik of Informatica [Published: 06-20-2012]
In this Spotlight Q&A interview, Alex Gorelik, Senior Vice President of Research at Informatica, talks with Ron Powell about the importance of ensuring that data in Hadoop is trusted data that meets enterprise standards. Alex also details how Informatica is helping their customers mainstream Hadoop.

Defining Data Warehouse Variants by Classification [Published: 06-25-2012]
Bin Jiang discusses how having a well-designed classification system to define data warehousing terms is beneficial and shares the four classifications he thinks are most accurate.

Accelerating “Big Data” Analytics: A Spotlight Q&A with Roger Gaskell of Kognitio [Published: 06-25-2012]
Roger Gaskell, CTO of Kognitio, talks with Ron Powell about the challenges facing today's enterprises as they deal with big data, Hadoop, and the complexity of analytical operations required to glean insight from the rapidly increasing data volumes. Roger explains how analytic accelerators provide the solution many companies need.

New Tricks for Data Warehouses, Coping with Excel, The Shortage of Analytical Talent [Published: 06-26-2012]
Read the June issue of BI Trends + Strategies to discover the far-reach effects of big data on data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. login required

The Impact of the Mobile Wave: A Spotlight Q&A with Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy [Published: 06-26-2012]
The fifth wave is here, according to Michael Saylor, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of MicroStrategy, following the mainframe wave, the mini-computer wave, the PC wave and the Internet wave. In this Spotlight interview with Ron Powell of the BeyeNETWORK, Michael shares his perspective on how the mobile wave will dramatically alter almost everything that we do.

Enterprise Search or Text Analysis: Approaches for Unstructured Data Integration [Published: 06-27-2012]
In this article, Krish Krishnan compares search and text analysis, and discusses their usefulness when integrating unstructured data.

Straightforward Analytics Visualization: Charts, Graphs, Widgets [Published: 06-28-2012]
David Loshin looks at the importance of information presentation methods and provides an overview of various ways to can present actionable knowledge.