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July 2012 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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BI & Analytics for Technology Business Management: A Spotlight Q&A with Dave Wilt of Apptio [Published: 07-09-2012]
Ron Powell interviews Dave Wilt, Director of Products at Apptio, to learn how business intelligence and analytics in the Apptio products make it possible for companies to understand their IT spend so they can make more cost-effective decisions.

Exploiting Value via Social Analytics & Intelligence Tools [Published: 07-11-2012]
Leslie Ament provides an overview of Hypatia Research Group's recently completed research report that revealed that the majority of organizations are in the early adopter stage of social analytics.

Whatever Happened to Code Maintenance? [Published: 07-12-2012]
Bill Inmon examines the how code maintenance has evolved over the years.

Refining the Enterprise Data Warehouse Definition by Requirements Categorization [Published: 07-12-2012]
Bin Jiang elaborates on five categories of system requirements for the enterprise data warehouse.

Integrated Data Foundation Improves CPG Analytics: A Spotlight Q&A with Gib Bassett of Teradata [Published: 07-16-2012]
In this interview, Ron Powell and Gib Bassett, Program Director, Consumer Goods at Teradata, discuss how analytics and an integrated data infrastructure help CPG companies understand consumer needs and develop new products to meet those needs.

Traditional Business Intelligence Training Models Must Adapt to Support End-User Adoption [Published: 07-17-2012]
Marty Carney proposes a new model for training business intelligence users. The new model, according to Carney, will result in more effective and efficient users and also increase end-user adoption.

Cybersecurity: The Role for Data Analytics [Published: 07-17-2012]
In this article, Dr. Ramon Barquin and Silka Gonzalez detail how data anlaytics and information security dashboards can provide the business intelligence that is required for any cybersecurity effort.

Business-Driven Solutions for BI and Analytics: A Spotlight Q&A with Michael Corcoran of Information Builders [Published: 07-18-2012]
Michael Corcoran, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Information Builders, talks with Ron Powell about how Information Builders focuses on providing their customers with access to information and increased ability to work with information, thus enabling better business intelligence throughout the enterprise.

Global Business Intelligence Initiatives: 7 Critical Success Factors [Published: 07-19-2012]
Implementing a global business intelligence solution can be a daunting task, but this article describes seven critical success factors to help ensure a successful project.

Where I Stand on Philosophy and IT [Published: 07-24-2012]
Frank Buytendijk explains his position on philosophy and IT.

Accelerating the Adoption of Hadoop: A Spotlight Q&A with Jim Vogt of Zettaset [Published: 07-25-2012]
Ron Powell of the BeyeNETWORK interviews Jim Vogt, CEO of Zettaset, for this Spotlight article. Jim and Ron talk about how Zettaset provides what an enterprise needs to deploy Hadoop in a production environment.

Straightforward Analytics: Finding the Missing Customers [Published: 07-26-2012]
In this article, David Loshin describes how to use analytics to identify potential customers and ensure that marketing and sales processes are more efficient. David also provides suggestions to lessen resistance to this type of analytics.

Deploy Decision Visualizations Like a Lean Startup [Published: 07-30-2012]
As most business intelligence organizations are not set up to be "lean," there are many advantages to using a lean approach for deploying data visualizations. Lee Feinberg explains why business intelligence groups need to rethink the delivery of data visualizations.

Multi-Language Big Data and the Role of Linguistic Technology: A Spotlight Q&A with Jonathan Litchman of SAIC [Published: 07-31-2012]
Ron Powell interviews Jonathan Litchman, SAIC Senior Vice President, for this BeyeNETWORK Spotlight. Jonathan and Ron discuss linguistic technology and how it plays a role in gaining insight from multi-language big data.

BI Collaboration, Location Intelligence and Data Governance [Published: 07-31-2012]
The July issue of BI Trends + Strategies contains a wealth of advice on collaborative business intelligence, location intelligence and data governance.