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January 2012 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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10 IT Recommendations for the New Year [Published: 01-05-2012]
What better way to start the new year than to make resolutions for improving your IT department? In this article, Bill Inmon provides 10 helpful suggestions that would make great resolutions for 2012. login required

Plato and the Art of IT Governance [Published: 01-05-2012]
Frank Buytendijk discusses the similarities between modern IT governance and Plato's philosophy of education.

The Shifting Landscape of Analytics and Business Intelligence - A Spotlight Q&A with George Mathew of Alteryx [Published: 01-09-2012]
George Mathew, CEO of Alteryx, talks with Ron Powell about agile business intelligence and the significant shift in analytics and business intelligence. George explains how Alteryx Strategic Analytics enables business owners to make decisions with confidence and with limited IT involvement.

The Health Care Innovation Challenge: An Opportunity for Business Intelligence to Shine [Published: 01-10-2012]
Ramon Barquin describes the upcoming national Health Care Innovation Challenge and explains the important role business intelligence has in the scope of the project.

Business Intelligence Agility - A Q&A Spotlight with Ken Chow of LogiXML [Published: 01-11-2012]
In this spotlight interview, Ron Powell talks with Ken Chow about the hurdles companies face as they attempt to make business intelligence available to more users within their organizations.

What is the Importance and Value of Big Data? [Published: 01-12-2012]
In part 2 of a series on big data, Barry Devlin discusses the various business circumstances in which big data can drive real value.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Data Warehousing: A Spotlight Q&A with Gertjan Vlug and Steve Aspris of BIReady [Published: 01-16-2012]
In this spotlight interview, Gertjan Vlug and Steve Aspris discuss the BIReady value proposition for data warehousing. They explain that while the cost savings are a major advantage, the greatest advantage is time to market of the solution.

Making Information Management Operational [Published: 01-17-2012]
This article marks the launch of the BeyeNETWORK's newest expert channel featuring Richard Skriletz. In this article, he explains that deriving the most value from information management means making it operational, but to do so requires a significant shift in thought and approach.

Best Practices in Performance Management: Consider a Broader Field of Vendors [Published: 01-17-2012]
Before you select a vendor for your performance management initiative, it is important to be sure the vendor and product are the right fit for your organization. Craig Schiff provides helpful summaries of several performance management vendors that have unique capabilities and proven track records.

Business Intelligence Reality: A Q&A Spotlight with Jake Freivald of Information Builders [Published: 01-23-2012]
Ron Powell and Jake Freivald, Vice President of Marketing at Information Builders, discuss the current state of business intelligence as reported in a recent study that was conducted by Vanson Bourne for Information Builders.

Use Business Analytics for Effective Fuel Management [Published: 01-24-2012]
James Langley discusses how business analytics is an effective tool that can help lower fuel consumption and cost.

Applying Agile Methods to Data Warehouse Projects [Published: 01-25-2012]
James Gallo compares the Agile approach to the traditional waterfall methods used for business intelligence and data warehousing projects. He explains that the application of Agile methods reduces risk and results in solutions with high user adoption rates.

Use Analytical Results to Drive Specific Process Improvement [Published: 01-25-2012]
David Loshin explains how to use business analytics results to improve business processes and reap more benefits for your company.

Ten Lessons from Business Intelligence and Performance Management Programs [Published: 01-25-2012]
To help improve your business decisions and create value, Donn DiNunno outlines ten lessons learned from implementing business intelligence and performance management programs.

Collaborative Analytics: A Q&A Spotlight with Lou Bajuk of TIBCO Spotfire [Published: 01-26-2012]
Ron Powell conducts this Spotlight inteview with Lou Bajuk, Senior Director of Product Management at TIBCO Spotfire. They discuss how analytics, dashboards and collaboration can be used to make effective data-driven decisions.

Create a Great Healthcare Analytics Team [Published: 01-31-2012]
Scott Wanless describes how to create an exceptional healthcare analytics team, using real-world experiences and examples.