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February 2012 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Textual Data A Brief Sojourn [Published: 02-02-2012]
Bill Inmon looks at textual data, explaining that the addition of text opens a new world of analytical processing.

Healthcare and Big Data Drive Insights, Optimize Costs, Innovate Care [Published: 02-02-2012]
Krish Krishnan discusses the various ways big data can form a solid foundation to help fix the issues facing the healthcare industry.

Predictive Analytics, Operational BI and Data Warehousing on the Mainframe: A Spotlight Q&A with Alan Meyer of IBM [Published: 02-06-2012]
In this Spotlight, Ron Powell talks with Alan Meyer, Marketing Manager of Data Warehousing on System z, IBM Software Group, about the DB2 Analytics Accelerator, data federation, and why people are returning to the mainframe for operational business analytics.

Preparing Yourself for the Analytics Job Tsunami [Published: 02-06-2012]
There is a rapidly growing job market for analytics professionals, due in part to the big data explosion. In this article, Piyanka Jain explores how business intelligence professionals can prepare themselves to take on new analytics roles.

Machiavelli and Sun Tzu on IT Governance [Published: 02-08-2012]
In Part 2 of his series on philosophy and IT governance, Frank Buytendijk explains how Machiavelli and Sun Tzu pioneered IT governance along with their rules of war and leadership.

Extending Business Intelligence: A Spotlight Q&A with Rony Ross of Panorama Software [Published: 02-13-2012]
In this Spotlight, Ron Powell interviews Rony Ross, CEO of Panorama Software. Rony explains the benefits of social business intelligence that is complemented by collaboration and contextual search.

GPRA Modernization Act: Improving Performance in the Federal Government [Published: 02-14-2012]
Ramon Barquin explains how the GPRA Modernization Act and its focus on performance management is introducing an analytics culture into the federal government.

Managing Multiple BI Tools Doesnt Have to be So Hard [Published: 02-14-2012]
Most enterprises today have multi-tool business intelligence environments. Nancy Williams provides steps that can be taken to reduce that complexity and increase the effectiveness of the business intelligence environment.

Scalable Predictive Analytics for Big Data: A Q&A Spotlight with Clint Johnson of Alpine Data [Published: 02-15-2012]
In this Spotlight interview, Ron Powell talks with Clint Johnson, Vice President of Customers Solutions for Alpine Data Labs, about how organizations can extract value from big data with scalable predictive analytics and data mining.

Data Virtualization [Published: 02-16-2012]
In part 4 of this series, William McKnight explores how data virtualization can be a long-term or short-term solution in the data warehouse.

Data Virtualization Now Mainstream: A Q&A Spotlight with Suresh Chandrasekaran of Denodo [Published: 02-20-2012]
In this Spotlight interview, Ron Powell and Suresh Chandrasekaran, Senior Vice President of Denodo, talk about how data virtualization is being adopted by today's enterprises.

Business Benefits from Interactive Gaming and Big Data Analytics [Published: 02-23-2012]
As interactive and/or collaborative gaming environments expand so do the opportunities for big data analytics that can provide business benefits. In this article, David Loshin describes 10 of these business opportunities.

MDM Decisions Made by the DGO [Published: 02-27-2012]
In this white paper from First San Francisco Partners, Kelle O'Neal explains that one of the most important factors in preparing for a master data management (MDM )implementation is setting up the Data Governance Organization to facilitate the critical decisions that must be made when data is shared at an enterprise level.

Creating a Big Data Platform: A Q&A with Billy Bosworth of DataStax [Published: 02-27-2012]
In this Spotlight interview, Ron Powell and Billy Bosworth, CEO of DataStax, discuss how DataStax provides a stable, fully supported version of Apache Cassandra and enable companies to successfully address the velocity and variety components of big data analytics.

IT Governance Redefined [Published: 02-28-2012]
In the third part of this series, Frank Buytendijk explains why human behavior is as important to IT governance as the right strategy, organization or mechanisms.

Data Replication for Improved BI and Analytics: A Spotlight Q&A with Matt Benati of Attunity [Published: 02-29-2012]
In this Spotlight, Ron Powell and Matt Benati, Vice President of Global Marketing at Attunity, discuss the evolution and benefits of high performance data replication.